Arabian Nights Remake (Retro Set Design)



  • @Rayne-Lord It is a valid strategy but, like other resource denial decks, it thrives off of preventing your opponent from doing anything in the first place.  At least against permission decks, you can actually cast spells and try to bait out a counter.  There's actually an opportunity for interaction/skillful play and a sense of being in the game, even if that play is neutralized immediately.

    Pricing the land destruction starting at 4 is reasonable, at least it's tougher to ramp into repeatedly taking away your opponent's first or second land drop.
  • An ability that could be used for caravans through the desert.
    Caravans — this creature gains +0 / +1 for each card with the same name in play.
    Or vary it a bit.
    -for each creature with whom it shares a subtype.
    -for each creature it shares the ability with.
  • Ah! Something to defend against spells that penalize for having a lot of lands.

    Mirage: This land does not count as land for spell or ability effects.

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    @Rayne-Lord I'm not familiar with hardly any previous sets to 2018, but I'd be happy to help in anyway I can.

    • Are Zombies and Skeletons gonna be in the set?

    • How many mechanics are gonna be featured in the set?
  • @ShadowReign Hey thats cool, its not necessary to know a bunch of old cards, though it may help.

    To answer your first question - I haven’t ruled it out, but they havent been a huge part of the plan. If i were to include them, I’d opt for skeletons as they’be always played second fiddle to zombies, and it’d be nice to change that. I like skeletons.

    As to the second- That’s the process we’re actually trying to determine right now. My ordain mechanic will be heavily featured though. And because of that, a subtle “tap interaction” and “color-sharing matters” themes will be evident. 

    I’m still not sure how big the set is gonna be, which influences the number of mechanics and/or themes. My intitial thought was 179 using Rivals of Ixalan as the structure of the set.
  • @Rayne-Lord Yeah, Skeletons don't get as much love as Zombies. Probably wanna have three or four mechanics for this particular set.
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    Usually a set has three to five mechanics, depending the set theme
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    Ok, I’ve got two so far. Tell me what y’all think of the second as I just came up with it.

    Ordain functions similarly to Kicker and can be on any type of spell. I’ve updated the wording to be slightly more economical in letter count.

    Ordain (As you cast this spell you may tap an untapped Human you control that shares a color with it. If you do, this spell is ordained.)

    Prophesy is a Keyword Action that can be on any type of spell or permanent, with nearly any type of trigger. I’m undecided if Prophesying a card should only be from the graveyard, or if we can leave it open ended to interact with any of the below listed game-zones.

     Prophesy a nonland card from your [hand/graveyard/top of library] (Exile it. The next spell you cast that shares a card type with it costs {1} less to cast can’t be countered.)


    So just one more mechanic would be needed. Does it need to be keyworded? Or can it be a functional theme? Like Desert interaction in a general sense? Also, it could be a returning mechanic. Maybe Adamant? 

  • @Rayne-Lord Prophesy seems like a really cool mechanic. I'd suggest it reading as:
    Prophesy a nonland card from your hand or graveyard.
    Seems more rounded out, to me. Mainly because you could exile a land from the top of your library, and therefore would require different wording. This way it retains versatility, and will always be worded the same. Again, I really like this mechanic, it works really well.

    As for another mechanic, you could probably just use an existing mechanic from Magic's history. Usually, sets have one to two old mechanics, and one to two new mechanics.
  • I agree. Here’s my first attempt at it. A card that also has some ordain synergy. But I think this ability could be on instants, sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, hell even a land maybe.

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    @Rayne-Lord Sweet!! I think maybe it should say: "The next spell you cast this turn that...", otherwise it could be pretty complicated to keep track of.
  • @ShadowReign Word, I tried that and I didn’t really like how it affected the line breaks. It was visually unappealing. So if you click on the card, you’ll see that I opted for “Exile it. Until end of turn, the next spell you cast that shares…”
  • But also, that does push it closer to just being like Impulse drawing. Which i was trying to avoid. I don’t know how it would be any more confusing to track than say, foretell. 
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    So funny enough.... I have recently actually completed a 1st draft of my own set based around the Arabian nights theme recently on planesculptors... If you would like, I can share the link and you might be able to use it for some inspiration.
  • @Abu_Jafar by all means, I’d love to see it. This is also like the third time I’ve decided to work on this theme over the past couple years. Each time it gets a little more refined
  • Ok then! Here is the link to the newest version. Most of the cards are still missing artwork, and some designs will likely need to be altered, but this is what I have currently gotten to.
  • @Abu_Jafar Wow! What an awesome set! There’s a lot there that I really, really love. Also, its interesting to see some of the similarities we’ve come up with separately. 

    I really love the Wanderlust ability! Also, love all the tribes! If you’re down to collaborate, or willing to allow me to experiment with some of your designs in my own direction I’d love that, and would of course give you credit!
  • @Abu_Jafar Simply spectacular!!
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    Yeah sure if you want to expirement with some of the mechanics and designs by all means do so! I might be able to help out/collaborate with some card ideas or other stuff if need be as well.
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