My current proto-set: Hamsters, of might and magic!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to show you my current ongoing proto-set (is proto because it doesn't has a solid lore to follow yet), as this is an idea that was born because I play commander with a cousin, he told me the idea about making MTG cards about hamsters, those little fellas that i like so much. So, i wanted to put the link so you can tell me about something you want me to balance, add or remove things, ideas for hamster cards like instants, enchantments or sorceries, etc.


  • This reminds me of Tribbetherium, a thing I haven't read. People don't tend to like cards with photos, but you have at least put work into it. 
  • @KorandAngels ; Got it, although i must do the illustrations myself or pay someone else, which is easier to me in therms of creativity, because doing it with photos is easier in therms of quickness, but it lacks the inmersion. Thanks anyways.
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