Cardsmithing Cardsmiths 2022 with a twist (pre-contest)

I was curious if anyway wanted to make some more cards for cardsmiths like in past years.  However, I plan to add a bit of a challenge by not allowing cards for Cardsmiths who have had cards created for them in previous cardsmith card contests.  Let me know what you all would think of this kind of challenge and if it seems promising I'll create another thread for the contest itself.


  • I would like feedback on this idea otherwise the contest can be more normal like past years.  I also won't start the actual contest until June or July.
  • I feel as though this would result in either an influx of cards for a select few people or cards that are largely inaccurate to the subject's personality. But maybe I'm just being pessimistic. 
  • @Ranshi   True, but I want to avoid the influx of cards towards cardsmiths who have already had numerous cards made, look at Corwinnn for example and the number of cards made for him, but to address issues about inaccurate portrayals, I'll likely include a rule about themeing the cards around what the individual makes if their personality isn't well known or by creating a card around their username (something I did for a secret santa style contest some years ago).
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    Honestly, as someone who successfully hosted and judged an yearlong card of cardsmiths contest, I’d say that it should still be open to everyone, though you can have special challenges to spread the love to newer cardsmiths or older ones without cards as well. But that’s just my take. Whatever you do, I’ll be happy to participate!!
  • That was part of the plan.  Figure out how to get some newer/ unknown cardsmiths some love while also allowing older cardsmiths to be featured.  Likely within two different categories to promote looking for new or uncarded cardsmiths.
  • @shadow123 I've considered doing a selected group of lesser known cardsmiths that are randomly assigned and have to be posted before the contest is over to all cardsmiths.  Another option is for one well known cardsmith, one lesser known cardsmith has to be done
  • The first part sounds good, I would highly advise against restrictions, but promote getting cards for newer cardsmiths through separate categories/awards.
  • yeah.  that's a good idea to help promote it if the one old and one new is rejected for the contest
  • I guess we can start to do a sign up of sorts to see how many people want to do this contest
  • We have to sign up for these in advance now? I thought it was more of a 'drop in and surprise others with cards of them' sort of vibe. Either way, I'm in.
  • well i want to make sure this won't flop.  If I get under 10 I likely would either ask Corrwinn to make an announcement about it.  However, thanks for respondding @cadstar369
  • I'd do it. I've made a few cards for other people, and I've had (I think) 2 cards made for me. I like cardsmith cards. Sounds like good fun :>
  • thanks.  The "sign up" is really to make sure the actual contest doesn't fall short or not be as exciting as it could be if only a small number of people participate.
  • I'm interested, though I only briefly glanced at the previous competition, so I'm not very familiar with it.
  • that's okay.  I'll do a more in depth breakdown for the actual contest with links to the previous threads
  • As a reminder, I'm currently looking to see if people are interested in a version of the cardsmithing contests that will also feature some lesser known cardsmiths.  The contest will officially start in June.  Even if you don't "sign up" here, you are still allowed to participate.
  • The contest will officially start in June and I'll let it run to December so as many people can participate.
  • I'm definitely interested, going to have to look at some newer smiths cards though. All the ones I'm currently following are either already popular or haven't posted in at least 6 months lol.
  • I'd gladly participate as well. I like that ''spotlight'' idea for lesser known cardsmiths a lot, but as it has been said that may be more interesting if that wasn't a due restriction. Where do we share the cards made for the contest, on this post or on the other one? :)
  • @Abu_Jafar I'm  not too concerned about how active they are considering I had way too many accounts personally and while it would seem I'm not active if you follow my main account, I'm likely just on my newest account.

    @Shelko ; Most of the cardsmith cards are various versions of the well known cardsmiths and focusing on a lesser known one, maybe for their card quality, design ideas or just to give them a spotlight/ make their day to get some creative designs made that aren't just of the well known cardsmiths.  Also, here is the link to the actual contest.  I'm gonna let it run until December so don't feel rushed to submit cards.
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