Dranto: Rising Dawn

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Aight, here's the gist. Dranto is a plane primarily ruled by Demons. A few Millenia ago, Humans and Angels and other beings of light ruled dominate, but after an unknown planeswalker invited an Elder Demon to the plane, Demons began to run rampant. After a long and bloody war, Humans were forced into hiding and Angels made a deal with a Demon known as Franjekknul. In return for their own private sanctuary, the Angels would not aid the humans in regaining the plane. Without the Angel's support, the humans were helpless. Or so the Demons thought. Thousands of years later, a Human man named Figgeri Adan found a way to forge a material that would harm demons. He started the underground rebellion known as the Lightbringers and began searching for members. During this time, an Angel known as Ardraina made a mistake and broke the Angel code of Grace, a system of rules that allowed for Angels to retain their holy power. Because of this, she was stripped of her wings and immortality. She was forced to hide in old human ruins. Ardraina's older sister, Meldraina, thought this to be an injustice, and after the Angel's leaders refused to correct this wrong, she sought help from Franjekknul, the Demon who made the original deal to provide sanctuary. Franjekknul agreed to restore Ardraina's power, but for a cost. Meldraina would have to give up her Angelic nature and become a Demon herself. Meldraina agreed, and Ardraina was given her immortality and wings back. The Angels couldn't do much, but they did blame Ardraina for her sister's betrayal. Ardraina got in a fight with an Angel soldier and was blinded by a cut to the eyes. Ardraina fled the sanctuary and went to the human rebellion to speak to Figgeri. Figgeri agreed to help Ardraina kill Franjekknul to void Meldraina of her contract and as a consequence, the Demon's promise of sanctuary for the Angels was broken, and open war broke out. 

So, thoughts? Opinions? Clarifications? Questions? Ideas? Shoot 'em at me. 


  • A deep delve into the Demonic Population: 

    The Demons occupy the ground level of the plane Dranto. While you might think that their society would be chaotic, it's really not. It's very structured, actually. Demons have territories, kind of like cities. These territories are often the sizes of large towns or small cities. Demons have ranks based on heritage and power, with the most powerful Demon in each area being a sort of dictator. Lesser Demons do the bidding of the lesser Demons. There is a major Demon territory, named Krentio, where the Elder Demon Dereguul and his most trusted advisor, Franjeknuul reside. Demons are often brutal to their subjects, and murder and crime are commonplace. There are very few Demon laws. The typical Dranto Demon is around 9-11 feet tall, and black, although the more powerful demons have magma-like markings or open fire on their bodies. Demons often carry weapons, with short sword-like jagged knives being more common. Bigger Demons carry bigger weapons. The biggest demons can reach upwards of 60 feet tall and are usually the oldest as well. 
  • A deep delve into the Angelic Population:

    The Angels occupy the mountainous region of Dranto. Their society is highly structured with strict rules and regulations. Angelic society is governed by a council of four speakers and one overseer. The overseer acts as the "final say" and the speakers debate over any given issue. As the angels of Dranto are immortal, the current council is mostly made up of council members that agreed to the original contract with Franjekknul. The contract is very complicated, and as a result, the Angel's laws are based largely on its specifics. This is the basis of The Angel Code of Grace, a set of standards that all Angels have to follow. If an Angel breaks this code, they are stripped of their wings and immortality. The Angel fortress, called Meridain, is a large city where virtually all the Angels reside. 
  • A deep delve into the Human Population: 

    The Humans were forced underground after losing the war with the Demons, into caverns that Humans slowly carved into cities. The Humans do occasionally have to go aboveground to hunt for food, but only when livestock is scarce. Humans are mostly content in their cavernous undercities, but most want to regain what they've lost. There are a few different rebellions, but the most prominent are the Lightbringers. Under the leadership of Figgeri, the Lightbringers consist of roughly 80-120 Humans who go on reconnaissance missions to target and kill the more prominent Demons. Their ultimate goal is to kill Franjekknul and Dereguul, in hopes that the Demons will be thrown into chaos, making it easier for the Lightbringers to regain their land. Their current goal is to seek aid, namely in the Angels. However, since the Angels made the contract, communicating with them has become almost impossible. Another rebellion called the Reclaimers focuses on politics, framing Demons for crimes punishable by death, ruining water supplies and food, and all the while keeping hidden from sight. The main cavern city, called Sarelia, is made of a vast network of caverns that stretches miles upon miles, and it is here that the king, named Weltin, resides and watches over his people. The king actually supports the work of the Lightbringers but scorns the Reclaimers. His interest is in his dignity, and he disagrees with the idea of hiding in the shadows. 
  • And now I need some help. What are some additional races that could fit on this plane?
  • You got humans, demons, angels.

    Maybe imps and orcs. Orcs can be demonic shamans but used rarely.
  • You could have a kind of 'wild' area with beastmen sorta things (eg. minotaurs, manticores, centaurs) that have been warped by the demons influence
  • @Tonysparks @CrimsonFox Both are very good ideas. I'll work out both of them. 
  • Alright, so-

    On Dranto, there is a tribe of savage Demon-Worshipping monsters, consisting mainly of Orcs, Goblins, Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Viashino. They call themselves the Followers and view the Demons as gods from another world. They are radical, to say the least. 

    Imps are like servants to Demons, but more like butlers than slaves. 
  • Sounds great! 


  • If you have imps and demons, why not devils too?
  • @feralitator Fair, Fair. THEY can be the slaves. 
  • You ain't looking to shabby either. I didn't even notice that your card sacrifices permanents haha.
  • I was made the first ability because of the line that says Weltin hates being a coward, bit looks like it works out perfectly.
  • This is really good @Tonysparks, I like that you paid attention to what it said. You're hired, hAH.
  • Glad you like it
  • Haha, the full version of the art I used almost looks like it has Weltin facing off with him. 

  • That makes it 50 times cooler, I can already see it.
  • Our cards are surprisingly in sync with one another, considering no collaboration occurred between us
  • The more I look at them the more I realize how perfectly they match up. Looks like we both read our parts well
  • That makes it 50 times cooler, I can already see it.

    Yea, it really does
  • Even in Weltin's art, you can see a slight red/orange glow coming from in front of him. This is epic!
  • Environments kinda match up together too, maybe Dereguul is causing some mayhem or they invaded Dereguul's fortress.
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    Yea, or perhaps Dereguul decided to try and wipe out the humans once and for all...
  • You guys both did really well. You were definitely the right people to ask. This does point towards the main story, where Weltin joins the Lightbringers and rides with Figgeri and his troops to take on the- hold on, how tall was Dereguul? Oh, yeah, about 60 feet tall. That's gonna be a tough challenge ever for the Lightbringer's magic swords. 
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