Custom card set: Devonia

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So I've had this idea for a while. A Holmes-esque plane, focused on Investigate, one of my favorite mechanics. It will be kind of like New Capenna, but less noire and more light-hearted. It will focus on one character and his partner (representing Sherlock and Watson) working solve bizarre mysteries. The plane is quite chaotic, but in a humorous way. Most of the creatures will be either victims or perpetrators. The setting is based on old London, and the city is named Devonia, after the plane. More on story later.


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    Okay, so the story focuses on a man named Herrod Dans, A man who woke up one day with no memory of who or where he was. So he works on solving this one big mystery, in this world of a ridiculous amount of petty crime. He is constantly asked for help in the solving of petty mysteries, because of his talent for observation. Little does he know that there's a bigger scheme behind the enigma of the plane, and a mysterious cult that may be behind Herrod's amnesia. Herrod discovers signs everywhere, and realises that all of the mysteries he's solved are part of one big scheme, and no one is who they appear to be.
  • How does he know his name of he has no memory of who he is? 
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    @KorandAngels he doesn't. It's a made-up pseudonym. It's what he called himself when he was speaking to Jensen, the "Watson" of the story.
  • Oh, and feel free to ask for clarification and make suggestions. If I inadvertently write in a plot hole, it helps me out to mention it. Thank you @KorandAngels.
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