A Bad Excuse is Better than None

edited October 2022 in Just for Fun Contests

Art credit: Joshua Esmerelda

Good morrow fellow scholars, sages, and wisemen. 

I come to thee today with a most auspicious desire. Let us put our collective heads together, and divine an answer to the common folk saying:

A Bad Excuse is Better than None

The goal of this contest is to create the everyday citizen, as well as daily events, and tools of the trade.

There will be three categories for this contest:
- Creatures -
- Instants and Sorceries -
- Artifacts and Enchantments -

Each category will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as a Revan's Pick.
1st place will receive 4 likes and a follow
2nd place will receive 3 likes
3rd place will receive 2 likes
Revan's Pick will receive 1 like.

Cards in all categories may be any color, or color combinations, with each category having specific requirements:
- Creatures -
Must have either the Advisor, Artificer, Bard, Citizen, Coward, Knight, Noble, Peasant, or Soldier class type. They may be any race you wish.

- Instants and Sorceries -
Mechanic wise, there is no stipulation for Instants and Sorceries. However, these cards do have to portray an event or aspect of daily life.

- Artifacts and Enchantments -
For artifacts, they must be some sort of tool used by the common folk. They may be normal artifact, an equipment, a vehicle, or an artifact creature, as long as it would be used by a common profession, such as a blacksmith, a merchant, or a farmer.
Enchantments may be normal world enchantments or auras. They follow a similar rule to artifacts, but are more like years of experience or a hard-learned lesson.

Below are a couple examples:

Smiths are limited to 4 entries per category. Old cards are allowed.
Entries will be accepted until October 18th.
Happy smithing.



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