Monster Mash

Hi, everyone.

This is a contest focused on classic Halloween monsters. The rules are pretty simple; create up to five cards focusing on Halloween monsters. You’ll get a better standing if they’re a little diverse, but you can make five monsters of the same type. This contest will continue until Halloween, October 31st, after which I will be judging, ideally swiftly. An addendum: double-faced cards such as werewolves count as one entry, but you'll have to say if it's a double-faced card.


1st: 5 favorites and a follow

2nd: 4 favorites

3rd: 3 favorites

Runner-ups: 1 favorite

Everyone: Feedback for all your entries (hopefully)



  • Here be three oldies for now! I might create two new ones later, we'll see:

    Helheim ExecutionerEnslaving SuccubusDevil's Hand
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    Here's brand new one from me, a double-facing card:

    Restless Hunter Loose Killer

    @SpellPiper2213 - Since this is a transforming card, do you count this as one entry?
  • @TenebrisNemo yeah, I'll count that as one entry. I'll put that down in the rules section.
  • Five seems like a bit too much for me, but here's three Halloween monster-themed cards.

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    Blight Mummy Midnight Abductor Eaubion Flesh Flayer
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    Another new one

    Grimmer Reaper

    Edit: Adjusted the additional cost of the activated ability.
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    Here are two pretty weird Vampire-themed entries.

    Eldritch Legacy

    The second one is a double-faced card with Nightbound/Daybound from the recent Innistrad set.

    ...and here is Witch-themed card.

    Seasoned Witch

    I'll probably update this post if ever other ideas come to my head.

    A last Vampire entry for celebrating Halloween:

  • I've been on an undead kick lately, so here's two more cards from me to hit my 5:

  • Here's one.  Hopefully I'll be able to make some more before Halloween.

    Transparent Torrementor
  • @StuffnSuch no problem if you only get around to the one
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    Well, I managed to make another before calling it a night, though it's double sided, so, bonus points?

    Jekyll Dichotomous ChemistHyde Uninhibited Monster
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    Got a little showcase of cards from my rework of Umbra that I think would fit the contest well!

  • Second Entry: 

    Bathshebas Apothecary
  • I'll start with a card made for another contest.

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    Bump before the last day
  • @everyone the contest is now closed for judging. I'll do my best to finish judging within one week (November 8)
  • First up, feedback

    @TenebrisNemo ;

    Helheim Executioner - I think this is an interesting concept, but I also think that it’s a bit overpowered, since there’s likely a good number of ways to get this exponential. Maybe having it generate black 4/4 Zombie tokens would be better.

    Enslaving Succubus - I think this is pretty overpowered. I understand the concept, but having an easily repeatable effect, especially on a fairly cheap (for the effect) creature, seems overpowered. Maybe having it as an activated ability might work better as a way to represent what you’re going for.

    Devil’s Hand This is actually a pretty fun card. It’s a little high on the power/toughness, but I think that balances with its effects. I could see this being reflavored as an efreet, but I like it being a devil 

    Relentless Killer/Loose Hunter - The way the ability subtly changes between its sides is really interesting to me, especially with how Relentless Hunter’s ability gradually ramps up with the +1/+1 counters. I don’t think I have much feedback.

    Grimmer Reaper - I actually think this card could cost 1 mana less than it does. It does have indestructible, but I think that compared with its other abilities, that might be alright. I also think it’s interesting that the activated ability implies that the first target is its controller.


    Bedsheet Ghost - Aww, that’s cute. Personally, I’d have it enter with a menace counter rather than a fear counter, but that’s my only thing. I also like that something like this could definitely appear in a Halloween unset.

    Witch’s Brew - This is definitely a great seasonal card. I think it’s a little overpowered for its cost, but that could definitely be fixed by having it cost maybe 2B.

    The Child King’s Return - This is a really fun mummy card. I really like how it’s about King Tut while also being an interesting Saga. It makes me sad that Sagas weren’t a thing in Amonkhet.

    Stitch to Life - This reminds me of similar cards such as The Mimeoplasm. I think that the cost could be a little less and that the wording could be reworked a little, but I enjoy this card. I also like how you used the art for Dr. Mordenheim (I think that’s her name) from the recent D&D Guide to Ravenloft book for this card. It fits.

    Army of the Burning Dead - The way you use fire as a way to explain the X +1/+1 counters is interesting (spreading fire). I also think that enlisted creatures turning into Skeletons is interesting, since I’m sure there are skeleton decks making use of this.

    @12SidedGuy ;

    Crow Startler - I think this is actually pretty interesting as a Scarecrow, since it both makes birds and taps them. I don’t think it should cost black mana, but I think that the Bird tokens should stay black.

    Decadent Bloodlord - I like how this supports Vampires and blood tokens, but I also think this is pretty overpowered. Sure, it costs three black, but having the last two abilities on top of a 3/3 first strike and lifelink is very strong. I’d put it as a 1/1 to start off or have it cost a bit more.

    @FireOfGolden ;

    Sans comic/judger - It’s interesting how this focuses on having legendary creatures in the graveyard, especially as a white/blue flip creature. My feedback would, for the front, the first ability end with “ can’t be countered” (I’m not sure on this), and for the back, maybe rework the protection abilities, since those seem a bit powerful.

    @Corwinn ;

    Blight Mummy - The first ability seems a little overpowered, but I’m not quite sure. It could be that this is good for a rare card. Still, I enjoy the use of -1/-1 counters, and maybe that could be a focus of the card.

    Midnight Abductor - I think this is an interesting card, especially since the abilities depend on having two blessings for more power. I think for the second ability, you could delete it and have “This costs 3 less if you have the crypt’s blessing.” 

    Eaubion - Personally, I’d rather this card’s first ability read “Each player creates a 1/1 black Skeleton creature token with for each creature in their graveyard” rather than what it has now, since it seems a little clunky as is. I understand denying recursion, but maybe Eaubion could have a “Players can’t target graveyards" effect.


    Eldritch Legacy - This is actually pretty interesting, since it’s a day/night card focusing on Vampires. I like that it makes other creatures Vampires, although I think the first ability is a little strong. Maybe getting rid of the “lose 2 life” would work better.

    Forsaken Mausoleum/Arisen Bloodlord - I honestly like this card. I think Arisen Bloodlord is a little strong for the backside of a turn one play, but other than that this is a pretty good card.

    Seasoned Witch - I don’t actually have too much feedback for this card. I’d say maybe having both effects as instantaneous effects rather than being connected to artifacts, but that’s a very minor thing.

    Wul’Zekh - I do like the Kheru vampires, I do, and I like that you made a legendary for them. That being said, I think this card is doing a little much. I’d cut the activated ability, and maybe the third ability could be “Whenever a creature card enters an opponent’s graveyard, put a +1/+1 counter on Wul’Zekh. Whenever a planeswalker card enters an opponent’s graveyard, you draw a card.”

    @StuffnSuch ;

    Transparent Torrementer - This isn’t a bad card. I think you could get away with changing Shadow to “can’t be blocked”, deleting the proliferate, and have the cost be 1UB. 

    Jekyll/Hyde - I actually like this card’s mechanics. It seems to fit with the themes of Jekyll and Hyde, as far as I know. What I’d do is mostly working on fitting the text into the main card frame, as well as making it cheaper and both stats a little smaller. I’d also take a look at Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute from Innistrad, since I think that’s a different take on a similar theme.

    @Arceus8523 ;

    Hushpoppet - Interesting. It reminds me of Godhead of Awe. 

    Dream Lurker - That’s fun. I normally wouldn’t think of Freddy Krueger as Blue, but this interpretation is cool. I’d personally make this card Blue/Black, but this also works well just being Blue.

    Say the Name/Awoken Miscreant - Let me just say that this is a very fun way to interpret Beetlejuice and speaking his name. I’d personally make the creature a Spirit Warlock instead of a Demon Spirit, but that’s a very small thing.

    Scream Harvester - This is really interesting. It of course reminds me of Odric flavored differently. I’m not sure whether this is more red or black, but I think it’s fine as is. I also think its activated ability could give it +2/+0 instead of first strike, since it might already have first strike. 

    Venus Mantrap - Huh. This could be featured in a lot of decks in interesting ways. I don’t really have that much feedback on this card.


    Entangler Husk - This is a cool concept. However, I think you could change its ability to be reconfigure from the recent Kamigawa, or otherwise remove the equipment affects and instead have an activated ability turning other creatures into defenders (maybe a defender counter).

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    Finally, the results.

    1st - Arceus8523. You’ll get 5 favorites and a follow.

    2nd - Korora12. You’ll get 4 favorites and a follow.

    3rd - Shelko. You’ll get 3 favorites and a follow.

    Runner-Ups - TenebrisNemo and StuffnSuch. You guys get 1 favorite each.

    If I'm following any of you already, you guys will get an extra 2 likes.

    Thanks for taking part in this contest, @everyone! It was really great seeing what everyone submitted for the contest.

    Monster Mash
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    Thanks @SpellPiper2213 for hosting the contest and for taking the time to give feedback on everyone's entries.  The original intention for Entangler Husk was to use reconfigure but reconfigure only allows you to attach the equipment to your own creatures.  Since the Husk has a negative effect, I chose to take the Bloodthirsty Blade approach and blend it with a reconfigure-style walking equipment.  I could've also made it a non-equip ability but I thought the idea of equipping for a negative effect captured the flavour of grappling with a living straightjacket.  It's also less permanent than giving a counter to a creature (i.e., it can jump back and forth between targets) and limits the Husk to incapacitating one creature at a time and doing nothing else once it's engaged doing that, which make sense logically.

    Congratulations to the winners!
  • That's too bad, I didn't even get feedback :(
  • @Faiths_Guide Whoops, didn't see your entries. I'll get right on that.
  • @SpellPiper2213
    Thought so! Drat, foiled again XD
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    Congrats to winners and runner ups! Thank you for hosting this fun contest and for providing valuable feedback @SpellPiper2213! I'd like you to favorite this card of mine:

    If you're following me already (and I just checked that you are) then feel free to give two additional favorites to any cards you like from my profile!
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    Thank you so much @SpellPiper2213 for hosting this nice contest and for all those very nice feedbacks! It helps me a lot to think more wisely about ways to balance those ideas for custom cards around. I really like your suggestion regarding Wul’Zekh, especially for the third ability and I think that restricting it in order to have it granting +1/+1 for creatures hit / card advantage for planeswalkers hit would make it much better in terms of power level. For the favorites, I'd like to let you choose any cards you like.

    Congrats to the everyone!
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    Knight of the Damned - Interesting. I like the activated ability, since it gives off a feeling of an older horror story. I’m not sure if this should be typed as a Scarecrow or a Skeleton, but I like that you run with the Scarecrow theme for the card’s abilities.
    Mother Diana - My biggest thing with this card is that I don’t think it should have deathtouch. A 1-4 with its ability for two Black is pretty strong, and I think that it’s pretty good without it. Or you could increase the cost a bit to include it.
    Tatterwing Glutton - It’s a really interesting concept. I’m not sure if I would have it exile the creature cards, but other than that it’s not bad.
    Doubt Feeder - This is an interesting take on Theros Demons. I’m not sure whether it should focus on decreasing devotion or increasing devotion, but it’s an interesting take all the same. Cemetery Pursuer - To be honest, this feels like it could be an uncommon instead of a rare. The abilities are fairly strong, but I think they’d work just as well as an uncommon. I’m not sure if haste is completely in color, but other than that, I don’t think this card’s bad.
    As a consolation for not seeing your cards until now, I'll give you a favorite.
  • @SpellPiper2213 Thanks so much for this, it was a lot of fun!  I appreciate the feedback too; all too often I'll revisit a card a week after making it and notice some tiny mistake in the wording, but as long as I get the idea across successfully, I'm happy, and it seems like I did.
    Favorite any cards of mine you like; I've got my personal faves in their own set, so you're welcome to start there
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