- Vote for the Next Batch of Most Popular Menu Items -

I present another set of the most popular recipes on The Menu in the history of The Restaurant!


Would all patrons, and everyone else, please Vote For their Top 3 out of these recipes? They will comprise 1st-3rd place in the order of my choosing, the rest will be HMs for Season One. Voting will take place from now until the end of October! As it so happens, I, Gaith Fuide, was among the most popular items to be found at my tavern *shrug* I guess I'm honorary "recipe" number eleven *GUFFAW*

Here are the prompts and patrons of each:
  • Palm Flare: "A card that deals damage to its controller" for AustinSmith (15)
  • Rakshasa Essence-Gorger: "A Flavorful mono-white Demon card" for @Alastor_Cain (14)
  • Gaith Fuide, Tavern Keeper: "A legendary chef, waiter, or wacky restaurant guest creature card" for @ManaChrome (53)
  • Izmagnus Repurposing: "A Legendary burn instant" for @Ranshi922 (20)
  • Simplification Glare: "A Pro-Goblin Tribal card that isn't Goblin" for @Netherin5 (14)
  • Cursed Vanguard: "A card that lends itself to a strong cycling strategy" for @KrampisZman (18)
  • Final Wish: "A wish card with 'you lose the game' on it" for @bigbadbooknerd (19)
  • Izzet Therapist: "An Izzet Gobiln Therapist" for @ArinSka (44)
  • Wolfish Dragon: "Adventure creature that has the adventure part as the finisher" for @MonkeyPirate2002 (17)
  • Abis, Clifftop Anchorite: "A Lammasu commander" for @KorandAngels (15)
  • Ostentatious Sot: "An attention seeking drunkard creature" for @Letstalkaboutthis (17)

The vote order isn't important (in other words, you needn't list 1st-3rd, merely the three you like best).

As some of you know, I only fave cards that have placed (first-third and honorable mentions) in contests I've (co)hosted: This makes "Faiths_Guide Faves" very rare. Additionally, I make tokens for those that take first place in This Set. For your viewing pleasure, here is the previously voted on menu items: https://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4333/vote-for-the-best-recipe-on-the-menu

Rewards will be announced along with results. Get those votes in by Halloween!
If you are not a patron, you are still welcome to pick your top 3. I will tally all votes after Halloween.


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