Colonizers Pool (Concluded)

edited October 2022 in Sagas
Hello everyone. As you already probably know if you're reading this, it's been about 4 or 5 months since significant progress has been made on Colonizers Arc 2. Sure, people have done things every now and then, and me and Drake have rated cards and such, but with life sweeping everyone off their feet, I've decided that it'd be best to run a pool.

Season 1 is kind of dead at this point, especially since it's difficult for me and the players alike to jump back into the story. What would you like me to do?

  1. With the season being so close to its conclusion, at least finish it before doing anything else.
  2. Start a new season on a new plane without declaring a winner.
  3. Start a new season on a new plane, but only after doing one last challenge.
  4. Option 2 or 3, but rather than starting a new Colonizers, start something new. (Besides, with me being in the top 4 in this Tournament of Champions, I may have bigger fish to fry. No offense to Colonizers of course!)
For those concerned, @DrakeGladis is able to run things with Colonizers if I get tied up, either in lieu of my availability or as the actual host.


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