MTG Cardsmith Game Day 3(ish): Tokyo Drift

Hello everyone! 

In early 2021, @Ranshi and I came together to put on a discord meetup for the various MTG Cardsmith community members to get together, play some games, and just generally have fun! We intended to do the same again in early 2022. However, unfortunately, our busy schedules kept us from being able to coordinate anything. Now, it’s been a year, and we’re happy to announce we will be hosting another online game day this year (for real this time)! Like last time, this is being hosted over discord, so you will need discord in order to participate.  

We are currently surveying interest and nailing down a date, so we have a survey out on the Game Day discord where you can provide feedback, preferences, and availability.

The link to the discord is here:
We hope to see you there!


  • I didn't get @'d for some reason. But yeah, we're doing it again! Come have a good time!
  • Going to bump this just to make sure we get as much initial feedback as possible before we post a date!
  • I love games, and I'd gladly join in, but my schedule is an utter mess. Any date that works for me has to be on a weekend after the winter holidays (Amsterdam time), with plenty of advanced warning so I can keep my schedule free.
  • @stijnhommes Come join the discord and take a look at the initial interest form. You can indicate any potential availability you have on there.
  • Hey guys! Apologies for the radio static. However, based on your responses to the initial interest form, it appears that the largest number of people will be able to participate on Sunday, January 22nd 2023, which will be the date of this year's game day! If you're not already in the game day discord and wish to participate, get on the discord using the link above. Hope to see you there!
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