Annual Cardsmith Summary - 2022

Just want to honor as many cardsmiths as possible this year. The following titles are strictly my opinion, and I hope you enjoy reading this. If you're not on this list, it's because I only added 25 cardsmiths for the original list. Comment if you're not on there and I'll add you to the list! I know I didn't include plenty of smiths, but you're all 1 in a million. Thank you for your continued participation on this magnificent website! All titles are for this year's participation only, not all-time. Cheers and Happy New Year!
  • Most Popular Cardsmith of 2022 (has nothing to do with skill): @Ranshi
  • Most active and loveable Saga master: @Tommia
  • Most helpful cardsmith with constructive feedback (IMO): @Jadefire
  • Most willing to participate in dying challenges/contests: @Globert-the-Martian
  • Most accomplished Mystery Box Challenger of the year: @cadstar369
  • Nicest cardsmith of the year (based on a few reasons IMO): @Laharl897
  • Naughtiest cardsmith of the year (based on several notable reasons IMO): @Corwinnn
  • Most artistic cardsmith: @FireOfGolden
  • Best off-topic Chat content creator: @Dom_Rocks
  • Most active cardsmith (probably): @TheGamingBolasChannel
  • Busiest cardsmith: @Faiths_Guide
  • Coolest idea of the year: @hileandr (with his YouTube reviews of cards)
  • Most improved cardsmith (IMO): @SpellPiper2213  
  • Most intriguing new cardsmith profile of the year : @balloonnation
  • Most underrated new cardsmith of the year: @Korora12
  • Coolest cardsmith of the year: @TenebrisNemo
  • Most entertaining cardsmith: @Saila
  • Happiest cardsmith (it's a no-brainer): @12SidedGuy
  • Most likely to receive a follow from me that hasn't already: @Aggroman15
  • Most variety of creations I've seen this year: @East2West
  • Scariest cardsmith (Based on halloween creations): @The_333_
  • Most fun to chat with on the forums: @KorandAngels
  • Smartest cardsmith (probably): @Shelko
  • Most fun to chat with on the twitch streams and discord: @ShadowReign
  • My favorite cardsmith of the year: @theirintheattic


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