Years of Battles - Closed

To those who wish to take form with this challenge. I am making a commander cube for my friends with custom cards and thought, perhaps others would like to create some of these cards. With that being said...

This current challenge is to create a Legendary Creature that has the identity of all Five Colors that fit the five themes of the cube. The Themes are: [Anthems, Exile, Equipment, Auras and Mutate]

-One entry.
-Try to keep the card Balanced.
-Old Cards are Allowed.
-Keep to the Themes.
-Do not use Artwork and/or Flavor text that already exists on a Mtg Card.

End Date for Entries will be on February 1st at 7pm Est.

I will not be deciding the winner. To all those who entered this challenge shall judge anonymously by messaging me after the time is up. Once all votes are in, I will announce the winner. *(And no, you will not be able to vote for yourself)


  • I think I checked all the boxes for this one.

    Gugarix Failed Experiment
  • Well, I suppose you auto win since you were the only one who could make a card that supports all five themes. Nonetheless it is a good card and a version of it will be added to my groups draft. 
  • Cool!  You'll have to let me know how it goes if it gets played.  I've never considered that some of my cards would ever be out there in the world actually getting used for anything.  Thanks!
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