Create new cards and partake in as many of these as you'd enjoy. This is a compilation of some Halloween-themed contests since 2018. 

- Many MTGCardsmith-created cards featured
- The best MTGCardsmith-created cards receive favorite from Spooktoberfest account.
- Non-MTGCS cards (and some MTGCardsmith-created cards will be chatted about with community members on The Custom Magic Podcast and posted to my YouTube channel.


Let the below examples of Halloween-themed contests be your guideline but be unique.
Create a Halloween contest/challenge discussion on the forums for Halloween 2023. 
- Created by jpastor, 2023

Scarecrows... Boo

Alright you little ghouls, witches, and all-around creeps, here's a little Scarecrow contest for you.
Create a Scarecrow Artifact Creature card or a card that can become one.
- Created by Faiths_Guide, 2022

Monster Mash

This is a contest focused on classic Halloween monsters.
Create cards focusing on Halloween monsters.
- Created by SpellPiper2213, 2022

Halloween 2021 Contest

I'm in the mood to see you create anything as long as it fits the flavor... Of Halloween!
Create a card that's flavor text has words associated with Halloween. 
- Created by sorinjace, 2021

Adventures in Halloween!

So, it's Halloween Season, and Eldraine made Adventures. Put 'em together!
Create some spooky adventure cards
- Created by Dom_Rocks, 2019

OH THE HORROR!!! Halloween Challenge...

This is gonna be a somewhat simple contest, but with great depth.
Create cards created that capture the theme of classic horror movie characters or premises, using artwork, not scene snippets.
- Created by spookoops, 2019

Trick or Treat!

This one is about the costumes!
Create Artifact - Equipment representing costumes one might wear on Halloween.
- Created by Aggroman15, 2018

The Spooky Scary Contest

Does Wizards not care about the bony boys? Are they too spooked perhaps?
Create spooky scary skeletons that send shivers down your spine.
- Created by Jonteman93, 2018


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