Halloween on Innistrad

Welcome to a new contest where you will be able to challenge yourself to get prices! As this contest is made on halloween, I wanted to do this contest on the scary plane of Innistrad.

The contest is simple. Between all the MTGCardsmith community we will create a custom set for Innistrad. It won't probably have the 272 cards of Midnight Hunt, but it will have some specific themes, like draft archetypes. 

DUE DATE: 31st October 23:59


Allied color pairs:

WU-Spirits: Summon spirits, blink them and tap creatures with ghostly tricks only the "not-so-forgotten" creatures can do.
UB-Zombies: Create armies of zombies and give them some experimental mutations found in the labs of Nephalia!
BR-Vampires: Return to Stensia and remember the mad tricks vampires could do when discarding cards.
RG-Werewolves: See how passing your turn and using abilities make your creatures more powerful as night approach.
GW-On the Hunt: Hunt in the forests of Innistrad and collect some food to survive some extra turns in the wilderness!

Enemy color pairs:

WB-The Grey Cult: A cult of clerics have been found on some cities on Innistrad. They seem to inscribe pacts with demons! (inscribe mechanic created by ManInMaroon_948)
UR-Astronomy: Look at the sun and the stars using cards that are more powerful if the day and night change each turn.
BG-Death Matters: Use the well-known morbid and undergrowth abilities to boost the monsters of Innistrad.
RW:Humans and Angels: Defend villages and cities from lots of monsters and survive using brand-new angels that buff your humans.
UG-Mystery: Use clues to find the secrets of Innistrad and use cards that give profit from creating and sacrificing clues.

The rules:

-There is no maximum for the amount of cards you can post.
-Stay inside the themes of the archetypes. Remember each color has 4 different archetypes, so you can combine them as you want.
-This is a set. Create a balanced amount of cards for each archetype, and try not to make lots of legendaries, mythic and rare cards.
-Cards can be edited and switched before due date.
-Include the MTGCardsmith link (if made on cardsmith).
-No old cards.
-No joke cards.
-Credit the artist (or the IA that generated it). Otherwise, those cards would not be revised.


1st Place:
13 favorites of your choice (we are on Innistrad, aren't we?).

2nd Place:
10 favorites of your choice.

3rd Place:
7 favorites of your choice.

4th Place:
5 favorites of your choice.

5th Place:
3 favorites of your choice.

Other places:
Each card that has all the requirements will get 1 fav.




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