The Deep Night Challenge

Hello everyone and prepare yourself to start a new challenge where you will play the role of a hero (or villain) of the plane of Innistrad. On this challenge, you will choose a role and make cards to protect (or attack) the small village of lewren, placed where the map shows.

It seems that a leyline that makes day and night to pass is located on that small village, and the celestus is just an artifact that regenerates that leyline when it gets weaker (just what happened on midnight hunt). Some potential opponents have appeared to destroy it, and that’s why lots of important characters have appeared.

Ok, now you know the lore of this challenge. Let’s get started.

This challenge will happen on a time. That means I will say when it will become day and when it becomes night. On daytime, I will create for you some challenges as you request them and you will all post cards to complete them. On nighttime, cards posted since the last judging will be judged. I will end up by writing a small story about what has happened that night. That story may lead to night challenges (that are more difficult than normal ones) or to different day challenges. Winning the challenge may unlock different items that could be rewarded by a in-game rewards or by favs. Another special thing of this contest are the events. Not everything will happen as a boring day-night judging. Events will have a lore and an in-game effect that will make the challenge more funny. I hope you like them!

Next, I will introduce the characters. Some of them are already known characters, but there are some brand-new ones. I will recycle my draft archetypes from my Halloween contest, although some of them have been changed. For the ones that didn’t change, you could use my contest to practice. An important thing you have to know: as you choose your character, you can’t create cards that are not inside your archetype or near it (eg: you could use a madness card on RW, but not on GU).

The archetypes:
WU-Spirits: Character is Dennick. As a character of MTG, I will asume you know the character or you will search for information about him.
UB-Mill (new): Character is Vilednuck, an artificer that likes to implement his special artifacts on zombies and helps them by disrupting opponents.
BR-Madness: Character is Edwin Markov, a vampire that has gotten more influence on this times.
RG-Werewolves: Character is Tolovar (MTG)
GW-Food: Character is Synxa, a hunter that wants to help villages of Kessing by hunting monsters and werewolves.

WB-Transform (new): Character is Trace, a triskaidekaphobic cathar that has a second personality, just like herself but as a triskaidekaphile.
UR-Astronomy: Character is Gaxanus, the last apprentice of Vadrik, which is determined to help as Vadrik has strangely disappeared.
BG-Graveyard: Character is Grolyn, a scarecrow that has recently became more powerful and the leader of a big group of monsters.
RW-Humans: Character is Rem Kalorus (MTG).
GB-Clues: Character is Edmund, a detective that wants to resolve the mysteries around this village.

Defenders of the village:
-WU Dennick
-GW Synxa
-UR Gaxanus
-RW Rem Kalorus
-GB Edmund

Attackers of the village:
-UB Vilednuck
-BR Edwin Markov
-RG Tolovar
-WB Trace
-BG Grolyn

Have fun!


  • Challenge starts on November 1st!

  • Anyway, you can reserve the character you want to be now. I don’t expect more than 10 people, but on the strange case this limit is passed, you can request a character and I will create one for you. Please, try to choose a balanced amount of characters for each band, don’t choose 3 attackers against 1 defender. When there is a balanced amount, you could get more 1v1 battles.
  • This sounds like an exciting challenge! I'll take on the role of Rem Kalorus, the character representing RW-Humans. As a defender of the village, I'll create cards to help protect Lewren from the attackers during the day.
  • Any other person is interested on this challenge?
  • I like this, I'm curious to see where it'll go. I'll represent Trace with WB, attacking the village with transformation. This sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.
  • Then this is for you, @Robo_Kitty

  • Can't you give more blue to the villains? It's my favorite color, and I don't want to mess with zombies.
  • @kaoz42
    It's true that normally, UB on Innistrad is normally based on zombies, but the main thing is mill, so maybe your cards could be cards that generate zombie tokens, instead of creating zombie cards...
  • The first challenge will start on November 8th!
  • With a little bit of delay, here is the challenge. Deadline is 16 november!

    Create a card that represents your character.

    Easy, right?
  • @jpastor @Robo_Kitty ;
    @kaoz42? (I don’t know if you entered at last or not)
    Here is the challenge:
    create a card for your character.
    Deadline will be 24 November!
  • Here is my beautiful character, Trace!

  • Ok, let’s continue. It seems Trace has a sword. Why don’t you show me what are the powers of the sword, @Robo_Kitty?
  • @smax765
    A little late, but:

  • edited November 23
    Here's Trace's sword. Or should I say swords...

  • Hello everyone, I think I am going to close this contest for some reasons. Maybe I have more things to do now… or I am on two sagas and there is a new challenge… or maybe I am working on something for this…
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