You Make The Card (YMTC)

This is an idea I've been mulling over for some time. A challenge similar to mystery boxes, but with one challenge for everyone. So I've decided to give it a shot, why not!

Rules are simple. Every week (Maybe every other week, depends on what I think works best) I will give one challenge. It may be a very open ended prompt, or a very strict one. You will submit a card (only one card, however, you may pull a previous card out and submit a new one). At the end of the week I will announce the winner(s) and possibly give feedback on cards. The winner(s) will get a prize.

This is mostly going to be a test to see if this format works. Hope you enjoy!

(Also feel free to ask me any questions if you need clarification)


  • Week One Prompt

    Create a multi-color card with graveyard synergy that is neither black, nor green.

    I hope you have fun with this prompt and enjoy the challenge!
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  • I have here one:

  • Want to know something cool? This used to exist as "Yro's Daily, Weekly, Monthly Challenges" - which led to the Mystery Box Challenges creation because the Daily option was most popular, which led to the "mystery" option, which was even more popular. 

    However, this discussion has a twist that we can recycle an unused card... which is kind of fun. Weekly also allows you to keep up with it whereas committing to Daily is often a recipe for disaster, like @Ranshi 's word of the day challenge. :expressionless:
  • @Robo_Kitty
    Do ya accpet this transformation creature?

  • @FireOfGolden yes, creatures that transform are good 👍 
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                                                     Week one deadline complete

                                               Thank you all for your participation!

    We had 3 entries this week, so onto the judging!

    @smax765 - Rider of the Death Bog
    This is a very interesting card. very insightfully mixing the graveyard synergy with spirits, I like it!

    The premise of the card is very fun and well thought out, however, it does seem a tad complex for a standard magic card. It also comes off as a tad powerful on the power scale as well. I would recommend bumping up the mana cost, or re-flavoring some of the abilities.

    Overall, a very fun and unique card that fits the theme perfectly with only a few balance issues to fix. I give this card a very respectable 84/100

    @jpastor - Azorius Soulshaper
    This is a fun card, mixing the graveyard with instants and sorceries is a fun choice!

    While I do really like this card, I must say, this thing absolutely shatters the color pie. I could see this as a UBR or a URW, but the theme does not fit the azorius. If we were working with enchantments or something, I could see this make sense, but instants and sorceries are just so Izzet that this card just cannot make sense within mtg.

    Overall, I like the card, but with just how badly it breaks the color pie, I cannot give it better than a 73/100.

    @FireOfGolden - Sans, the Comic Pal // Sans, the Judger of Actions
    Such a fun and creative card! After all, who doesn't love a good Undertale reference, and this card nailed that perfectly!

    I love this card so much, but I must say the first ability is incredibly broken. 2 mana for a card drawer on non-human etb? Broken. With this ability alone, it makes the front side so much more powerful than the back, there is almost no reason to ever transform it. I also noticed a few wording mistakes on the card, "It have hexproof until end of turn"

    Overall, great reference and fun card, but that ability does drag it down quite a lot. I give this card a solid 79/100

    So congratulations @smax765 you have won round 1 of YMTC! Congrats! 

    Prize for this round: 5 favs of your choice (gift them to either yours or another cardsmiths cards)

                                           Thank you all for your participation!
  • btw, would you guys prefer physical prizes live favs or prizes like advantages in future rounds like being able to submit more than one card, or knowing your score before the deadline ends?
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    Week Two Prompt

    Create a card with mana cost 6+ that can be cast without paying its mana
    cost if ________

    Hope You all have fun with this week's prompt!
  • I don't really do this for the prizes. - Here's week 2

    Celestial Beacon
  • While I do love to win, I don't care about prize much.

  • And @Robo_Kitty the idea of getting an advantage on a next round is for me OK.
  • @smax765 do you have any specific cards you'd like faved?
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    This are the cards I would like to get favorites. You fav almost every card I make, so that would be all.

    I am trying to get 20 favs on Emrakul to be able to cast it for {0}. My friends say I can’t get 20 favs on a card, but I will get them!
  • Favs Applied!
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    Week two deadline complete

    Thank you all for your participation!

    We had 4 entries this week, so lets get to judging!

    @jpastor - Celestial Beacon
    I really enjoy this card. I really love the cosmic mechanic, I can definitely see some awesome possibilities with it.

    While this is a very great card I do see some flaws. Firstly, the card does seem very powerful. I'm not sure it quite edges into broken territory, but it is definitely a powerful gamewinner. Also, as well as I enjoy how you used the prompt, it feels very tacked on, like it was added after you already made the card. 

    Overall, a fine card, could use some balancing, but still pretty good. I give this card a 78/100.

    @FireOfGolden - Heju, The First Inkling
    Wow, I love this card. It is so creative fun, and I love the custom artwork.

    I see very few flaws with this card. It is definitely on the powerful side, but definitely not broken. The second ability also seems a tad powerful, and could probably be reworked a bit.

    Overall, an awesome card. I give this an amazing 92/100.

    @Castiel_Demiurge - Scions of Marit Lage
    This is a very interesting card. I love how it works with existing cards, and it ties perfectly to Marit Lage.

    While this is a great and fun card, it is extremely powerful. It is honestly just 6 mana for 1 turn to do something before game over. If you remove indestructible from the scions themselves it would be a much more balanced card, the indestructible just seems unnecessary. However, I must say that you definitely used the prompt the best, fateful hour is a great mechanic that should be used more. Also, I think this should be a snow creature, this won't take any points off you, but in my opinion it just fits Marit Lage better.

    Overall, a great card, but definitely too powerful. I give this card a 75/100.

    @smax765 - Storm of Brains      
    Wow, this is a fun card. It is the perfect mix of strange and fun, I love it.

    Oh wow this is complex. I had to read the card at least 5 times to understand it. While I find there is nothing too mechanically wrong with this card, it is so hard to understand. This definitely works and the mana cost is good, but the spell mastery is a little weird, and the actual effect is hard to understand.

    Once again, nothing wrong with the card, its honestly really good, but it is just so hard to understand. 85/100

    Congratulations @FireOfGolden, Heju is an amazing card, great work!

    Your prize is actually a choice between two:
    1. 5 favs on any of your cards.
    2. Double trouble: Next week, you may submit two cards, but both will be judged more harshly.

    Thank you all once again for participating!
  • Week Three Prompt

    Create a multi-colored card that has colorless synergy.

    Hope you all have fun!

    (By the way, I will be offline next week so I will be unable to answer any questions after Sunday, and I may be a day or two late to judging.)
  • @Robo_Kitty
    Wait, what do you mean by colorless synergy? It might be something that's in my favor.
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    @FireOfGolden anything that enhances the value of colorless cards in some way. Feel free to take your own spin on it tho
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  • @FireOfGolden not sure if this is a mistake or not, but the challenge is to make a multi-colored card with colorless synergy.
  • Whoops, I forget that one, let me correct that
  • This is my card:

  • @Robo_Kitty
    I would like to store all of that favorites into Treasure Chest of Favorites.

    And I submit this card
  • Week three deadline complete

    Thank you all for your participation!

    We had 4 entries this week, onto judging

    @smax765 - Jones, Community Blacksmith
    woo, this is a lot right when you look at the card. It is very interesting, and I can definitely see a commander deck built around it.

    Firstly, I'm not sure I would call this "colorless synergy", however the definition of that is pretty vague, so I'll give you a pass on that. The card also feels very complex and almost over-designed. There are also quite a few grammatical errors throughout the card. The scry 6 ability at the bottom seems a little tacked on to the card. While, yes, it does work well synergy wise, the ability just feels a little out of place.

    Overall, a fun and interesting card, but a little too over-designed. I give it a 77/100.

    @jaceberlin - Manafract Prism
    Wow, I really like this card, it's interesting and unique, I could totally see it as a real Magic card.

    This card is great. It can just be used as a mana rock, but that cascade effect is just so good. However, with the wubrg mana cost, I think that the cascade is actually relatively balanced. Still a very, very, powerful card, but one that is still balanced.

    not much to summarize, so I'll give it a 91/100

    @FireOfGolden - Error, the Reality Destroyer
    This is a fun and interesting card. Is this a reference to something? If so, sorry I don't get it.

    This card is definitely different from anything I have seen before, and in a good way. When I asked for colorless synergy this is not what I expected. Starting off, the color seems a little off, this card to me is giving off bu or rb vibes to me. Also the activated ability seems a little strange, I can't quite place my finger on what exactly is wrong, but it seems a little roundabout.

    Overall, awesome card. I love its uniqueness, and I have nothing to say on balance. I give this a 89/100

    @jpastor - Prismatic Artificer   
    Alright, I don't have very much to say with this card, so I'll jump right in. This card is balanced, it works well synergy wise, and fits in the color pie. The only problem I have with this card is that it's pretty boring. I do think simplicity works with most Magic cards, but I personally really like to look for creativity in cards, so with that, I can only give this card a 88/100.

    So that means congratulations @jaceberlin you have won week 3 of YMTC!

    Your prize is: 3 favs and 3 hugs (Hugs are favs you gift to another cardsmith's cards)

    Thank you all for participating! I hope you all are having fun, and I hope you all continue to have fun with this!
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