Kaprexiona Reborn Challenge

http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/parsu-empress-of-the-dark?list=user#.VQjZHEt9MYY Is for the ability darken which you can use also make new abilities NO REMAKES!No planeswalkers One Restriction is one creatures is No Demons or Devils
The Prize Is Narset From Khans of Tarkir


  • @Latinas

    I'm curious about this contest.
    1. Do you want us to make card with the ability "Darken"?
    (The ability itself is OP, and more than a couple of cards with the ability would make a token army Ginormous)
    2. Do you want us to improve the ability "Darken"?
    (Make it less OP and something more manageable?)
    3. Do you want us to make new abilities based on "Darken"?
    (Is this for some type of set you are making?)
    4. Are you going to mail someone a card as a prize?
    (That seems odd to me.)
    5. Is the one restriction to only make one creature, or no demon/devils?

    Let me know!

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