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    Nya spent hours looking for her friends but she couldn't seem too find them, she was beginning to get worried. She eventually just decided to give up and return to her training sphere. She still wonders where they went off to.
  • Tai was tired today. The first few days were so eventful. She just had to relax. She went over to the courtyard and sent a note to Nya and Sylva that read

    I can’t train today I’m too tired. This start has been so eventful and I couldn’t sleep. I’ll resume tomorrow.

    She just sat down on a wooden bench and stared at the flowers. There was so much to look at. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Violet, and many others. It felt good to take a break. Tai sang some of the songs the other Faeries sang back at home.

    I may be naughty
    I may be small
    I may be pretty
    But I stand tall

    I glide
    I fly
    I soar, through the sky

    I may struggle
    I may hide
    But I am always by your side.

    Tai missed home so much even though she hated it. Suddenly, the material on the air started to change. A elegant figure appeared out of nowhere. Alarms sounded.


    Soldiers poured into the hall.

    Crazy Mage?

    A wall of ice was formed around her. Tai zoned out.

    Powerful figure?

    The soldiers shot arrows at the ice trying hard to crack it. Green light poured out of the figure’s hands. It was a moonfolk.

    Moonfolk!? Plansewalker? Tamiyo!

    Tamiyo and Tai disappeared from sight.
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    Nya heard faint yells from outside the sphere and went out and stood on top of it to see what all the commotion was about. She looked to the field and saw Tai being surrounded by ice and a strange figure approaching her. Nya stood and watched, then after a second the ice fell and there was no one there. She just looked at that spot and tried to wrap her brain around what just happened. She then saw konus sniffing around the field and barking. She rushed over and stood by him, she just stared and hoped that Tai was okay.
  • @TenebrisNemo I didn't mean on the ground in this town I mean in the town she came from
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    She collects stuff and that's why she has a clanky bag
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    “You are a feared and teased Faerie,” Tamiyo said, “Am I correct?”


    “You Know spells of the moon and have come close to mastering it.”

    “Yes,” Tai said fearfully, “I know.”

    “I am nothing to be afraid of,” Tamiyo said obviously sensing her fear, “I research and manipulate the moon and use its spells. I am a master at knowledge, but I need to try to defeat someone. Someone powerful. A world breaker. A reckless, ruthless, devious dragon.”

    “Nicol Bolas,” Tai spoke carefully.


    “I need your lunar spell to defeat him. I need you to Master it and teach me the secrets of the moon. In return, will reveal the secrets of the mind and how to manipulate it. It should prove useful in your mischief and tournament.”

    “Okay,” Tai said carefully, “Once every ten days, I’ll meet you I brought my planar invention with me. Over here this place.”

    “Thank you. If we defeat Bolas, it will be because of you.”

    Tai felt honored.

    “You are dismissed.”


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    Can we write MTG creators and make an actual Tai that kills Bolas in the story

    That would be cool
  • That would be cool. My friend is the son of the Wizards of the Coast president. I could ask his dad.
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    Daaaaamn son you got friends in the right places.
  • @shadow123 your telling me your friends last names is “Cocks”
  • @Bobman111 I love laughing as jokes like that it makes me feel 13 again
  • It's not funny, which means it is. *Logic.exe has stopped working*
  • It is pretty funny
  • @TenebrisNemo It does mean that some get "auto-wins" at the first rounds since they have no opponent. Worth considering though, maybe you could even integrate it into a story? Veterans that can skip round one, or Mystery participants to shake things up, or uninvited heroes crashing the event? :) ofcourse it is all up to you, I understand your point of view of being unfair, also the powering up would have to wait a round.
  • "Blorp?"

    "Shlop bibble?"

    "Borl... Mulp?"

  • Knowing me, I'm probably too late.
  • @NokiSkaur Nope your still good, the tournament doesn't start till the first of May
  • Sounds good.
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    I'm new with this, i think it's cool
  • ( @shadow123 - I have so many questions... How does Tai know Tamiyo and Nicol Bolas? Why are the guards attacking the moonfolk? Why is Tamiyo in Eternstor?

    I don't think I like the involvement of the two planeswalkers in this tournament's story. It seems way out of place.

    @barchae - It's already hard enough to keep the story's moving pieces together. Adding more wouldn't be comfortable for me or many other people here.

    @NokiSkaur - You're not late. As you can see from the title, the tournament is still open for more contenders.

    @LGGisbert - I've posted some feedback on your card.

    Everyone - I would like to remind you again to avoid posting 1 word comments on this thread. There is going to be a lot of comments already, so please keep the number of posts at minimum.

    Hell, it's page 16 and the game hasn't even started yet. )
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    How did you create a character? @TenebrisNemo
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    @TenebrisNemo (Yea, teach those kids how to correctly write a proper story lol.)
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    @TenebrisNemo (I suggest to make another thread for the place of the main tournament since this thread is overfilled already.)
  • ( @LGGisbert - Way better, thanks. As for my characters, I usually start with basic ideas which I get from good artworks. When they are put together into a card, I explore the character in stories.

    @sanjaya666 - I would teach how to correctly create a card as well, but that would consume too much time. Both cards and stories can be good if they have quality.

    Your suggestion is not bad, though. )
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