Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



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    Jahazra was good with vines like Nya, Tai didn't know if she was better or worse. Still, her training was helping. Tai knew that the vines could easily pluck her from the air because she was not the best flyer. Tai was very sneaky though. Tai was confident though. She knew how to locate the vines in the ground, cut them, and withstand hem. She knew the power of many plant like powers thanks to Nya. If she could cloak herself and keep out of sight, she would be able to win. After all, this was a match of adaptability, and a rickster is going to be good at that. She just needed to be careful and not get overconfident.

    "Tai, today our lesson will be about escaping vines," Konus said, "Lets begin!"

    Tai dodged high speed oncoming vines and powerful bashing ones, but still got plucked from the air. Tai squirmed and couldn't get out. When she reached for her pouch, the hand reaching was caught by another vine. There was another way. She had to believe in herself. Tai closed her eyes as vines squeezed and thrashed her. The powder in her pouch simply exploded making all the vines recoil from her.

    "Well done Tai," Konus said, "Healing next."
  • Rickster
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    Jazhara didn't assist the first match in person, meditating in the forest was enough to know of what was going on. She could perceive the movement of the grass and other plants. she was a bit skeptic about the part in the river but small algae that survived the current and other aquatic flora helped her make clear of that.

    After the fight, she began her training again. lashing the treetop branches at passing birds, obviously not hurting them. After all her druid's way allowed her to ask bird for help in training they tried dodging and she had to catch them. Small birds were quite fast but she was faster. Her previous training made her quicker and sharpened her reflexes.

    In preparation for her fight, she asked the neighboring fauna for help in advance. Asked them to stand on the ready for when her fight would take place. Another request was to tell other animals of this occurrence notably bird of prey and feline that could jump from treetop.

    Jahzara received news from one of the birds, It was her father telling her her ceremonial bounding would take place in a week exactly 16 years after her birth. She couldn't wait for the event but she would have to wait for after her first fight. in the event her fight wouldn't allow for the ceremony to take place on time, it would be reported to a later date between her first and second fight.

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    Second Match - Preparations

    The next day after the first match was windy. The morning sun couldn't be seen through the thick cover of clouds. Sir Killian Flainor had once again gathered all contestants who have completed their morning routines in Eternstor and traveled with them to the second match's arena.

    It didn't take long until they were standing at the shores next to the port town. Great, sharp rocks were everywhere around the sandy beach. Green grass grew on certain spots, where the sun would shine some days. Ocean waves had thrown seaweed onto the sands and on the top of some of the greatest cliffs. Behind all of this, the contestants could see heavy rain far away in the grey ocean horizon.


    Eetu walked next to Sir Killian and spoke to everyone even though he was looking at the shores as well. "This is what Eternstor used to be. Over a century ago, this part of the world wasn't known by mankind. Until one day a long time ago, a king in a distant kingdom sent conquerors to these parts of the ocean and were greeted by these dark cliffs. They found untouched, natural riches and the merfolk, who lived here before them. I think you can figure out what happened after that."

    Then the emotionless merfolk wizard walked back to the location, where the soldiers were putting up yet other wooden stands for those, who would watch the upcoming matches on this improvised arena. Coltras Drasonkai walked to Killian.

    "I'm curious. I understand some of your people's titles, but what is a 'shield of currents?'"

    Killian cleared his throat. "Those who have sworn an oath to look after this world's balance and currents become 'shields.' It's a calling which requires a lifetime devotion. They are agents of the world itself, and they must give up lots of things to earn this sacred duty, such as friends, family, possessions, and homes."

    "Interesting. Why did Eetu decide to become one?"

    "Eetu was a tournament contestant, just like you. About ten years ago, he fought all the way to the finals... and lost to a demon, who became the sixth tournament champion. Soon after that, Eetu abandoned his old life and most of his powers to become a shield. He never likes to talk or even think about his past, so please do not let him know that I explained this to you."

    "I won't. Thank you for sharing."

    ( @bubbasnickey & @bnew07 )

    A rider rode swiftly past Sir Killian and the contestants to the town's direction. When he arrived to the gates, he slowed down his steed's pace and trotted around the streets while announcing in an audible voice.

    "The match between Karnax and Roland begins in two hours at the lonely shores!"
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    Start the Journey

    As Tourach entered the shady bauble shop, she noticed a lot of artifacts and many other unknown things were either displayed in some sort of glass cabinets or just simply being hanged at the wall.

    'Gauntlet with five different mana gemstones... great, but too obnoxious. Swords? Shields? Axes? Too bad I'm no weapon master. Armor? That would just stagger me due to my not so great strength. A dagger would be sufficient... and maybe I could do something to enhance it too.'

    She noticed a particularly normal-looking dagger in the cabinet. She also could tell that it was no common dagger because of its dark blade.

    "Darksteel. A nigh-indestructible material. Good if you want quality stuffs without the need to sharpen it anytime." Said a gruff voice.

    A figure suddenly stepped out from the dark corner of the room. The male person, judging by its voice, wore a dark colored and cloaked attire. His face was also obscured by a cloth that only exposed his eyes to see. Even that, Tourach could judge that the person was no ordinary merchant.

    The lich just scowled.

    "How much?"

    "Straight to the point eh? Hmm, let's see... because of it's rarity and it's also pretty hard to obtain, a hundred gold coins would be sufficient."

    "And what about the lotus?"

    The lich pointed at a particularly small golden lotus necklace that oozed an invisible source of magical power. Even an apprentice wizard could tell that a powerful source of magic lied in its core.

    "Ah, the compacted Gilded Lotus. Any king would kill his entire kingdom only just to get his hands on it. For its particular power, I would say... a million gold coins."

    The somehow unsurprised lich just raised her eyebrow.

    "Is there... something that I can do to get around the price?"

    The merchant just smirked.

    "Well... you can do me a favor. I could sense that you're an unnaturally powerful individual too. A lot of planeswalking and collecting stuffs indeed caused many troubles in my past."

    Said the merchant as he walked slowly towards the window.

    'A planeswalker? My suspicion is correct then.' Thought the female lich sternly. She was no stranger in that topic. At some point in her past life, she was aware about such powerful individuals that could reshape the world with only a thought. A god among the common people. And she resented such individuals for their powers.

    "Just get to the point."

    The shopkeeper slowly turned himself.

    "Alright then. Here is the terms: I will send you to a mission to retrieve a certain item. Let me show you about it."

    The shady shopkeeper pulled out a crystal ball from his somehow well-hidden pocket inside his robe. Then he poured a sort of divination spell on it.

    Some imagery of lush and green world appeared in it. There, the lich could see some castles and medieval towns, much like Eternstor. Then a castle made of crystals. And also their quadrupedal people.

    "Are those.... ponies?"

    The lich was of course aware about that kind of small horses. But the pictures in the crystal showed a much more wide variety of them. The ponies in the pictures have larger eyes that lied in front of their faces and short muzzles like dogs, and they were also somehow talking too. And the colors were also too bright and colorful and unnatural.

    But she also noticed that some of them also have wings like a small pegasus or horns like a small unicorn. Or even both.

    "Yes. And your mission is to retrieve this." Answered the merchant.

    The picture shifted towards a crystalline tree with some glowing mound of crystals that etched with some symbols on its branches.

    "The tree?" The lich raised her eyebrow again.

    "Yes. And you'll also going to need this." The merchant pulled a leather pouch from his hidden pocket.

    "What is this?" The lich just took it and opened its content. She noticed some sort of metallic chips were pocketed inside of it.

    "Those are miniaturization devices. Push the red button and throw it on an object, wait for a few seconds, then the said object will shrink to 1/10 from its normal size."

    "Those are no magical devices, correct?"

    "That is correct. Those are very sophisticated items I obtained from a technologically advanced world where people could fly and ride some sort of metallic carriages that powered by advanced machines. Try the device to that chair if you don't believe it." The merchant pointed the said wooden object.

    Tourach just did as the merchant suggested, and the chair just sank to its mini-form like a wooden toy.

    "Interesting..." Muttered the undead customer.

    "And don't forget about this." The merchant pulled another item from his pocket. This time it was just a colorless crystal shard. But the lich could sense that that was no ordinary crystal.

    "A Gateway Crystal. Useful to make connections between worlds but it can only be used to connect no more than two worlds, for you can't change the stored magical frequency or else it would shatter to millions of pieces, rendered it useless."

    The lich just simply accepted it.

    "Just hold it in front of you and pour any kind of mana to it. "

    She did as the merchant suggested.

    The crystal shone for a while, then a round 2-dimensional portal was opened in the thin air in front of her. Through the portal she could see the other world, albeit faintly due to a magical mist that blocking the clear view.

    "And be careful to not hit you as the portal opens. Oh and one thing, you will also be transformed into a pony as a side effect of the magical effect of that plane since your soul is a human. I don't really know about what is the cause of it, it's probably because the gods that watch over that plane or maybe something else. And don't worry about the time because I already put this whole place under a strong temporal spell. In fact, the time was crawling very slowly since your arrival in the shop. So, just open the portal here in the shop after you finished the task and you'll not be missed in the tournament even if you take a thousand years in that world."

    The lich frowned.

    "You already know about it?" She didn't sense any sort of mind intrusion after all.

    "My dear, I know a lot of things."

    "What about a sort of map to guide the way then?"

    The merchant sighed.

    "If I've already known about it, why should I even send you then?"

    "... Fine."

    "Now just go. And we'll see ourselves later." He just put one hand behind his back and mockingly waved with his other hand.

    Still with a frown, the lich glanced at the shopkeeper one more time as she went slowly through the portal.

    And instead of being met with a strong foothold of a ground as expected, Tourach was greeted by a swirling colors of magic instead.
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  • Two hours to practice. Tai practiced healing her injuries quickly with her healing along with flying. If anything could give her a great advantage, Flying could. Konus and Nya pressured her to go higher and dodge vines high in the air.

    Tai reached an air mark of seven-hundred feet, then vines started to collapse, due to their lack of strength and oxygen, even Konus’s ones. As Tai readied her spell, she helped her pressure with healing powder. She hit her target perfectly.

    “Yaaay!” Tai shouted, “I did it,” as she floated back down.

    “Excellent job Tai,” Nya said, “I’ll work on strengthening my vines with Konus now, you need to rest before her match.”

    And so she did.
  • Caphria joined a group of guards who had set out to watch the battle for entertainment, though she had a slightly different approach to this: though she lacked many of the abilities she possessed as a Shepherd, her ability to memorize and analyze battle tactics was still the same as ever. Since she had begun training with Garen and the others, she had mastered multiple techniques that they had shown her, and was learning quicker at every encounter.
    She had gone to the first match as well, and every one following would be yet another opportunity to both watch her future opponents' techniques and learn from them as well.
  • @shadow123 (Thanks dude. Almost forgot the title too. Anyway.

    Would you like to visit the Merchant too?)
  • Why not? I’d love to.
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    You do actually get to keep the first signature card you signed up with into your first match right?

    Anyways, story go:

    Ronnie was just in time to watch the first match. "Wow, that was a close one!" he thought. He glanced at his creation.


    He knew he couldn't count on it completely, but any bits could help in his upcoming match.

    The second match was already about to start, Ronnie was strangely, but eagerly looking forward to it. Getting more and more into this whole competition he was forced into.
  • ( @barchae - Yes. In later matches, all of your champion's signature cards are counted. )
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    Zintius had studied the moves and abilities of Vir, the surviving champion, that were used yesterday.
    Today, he was practicing to the best of his ability against them. He was finding marked improvement in his combat capability, now embracing his vampiric side. He still had not fed in four days, however, and knew he would not last long.
    He would feed on an unlucky contestant later, after the next match. Hopefully he would get someone who was inebriated and wouldn't be able to scream for help.
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    Second Match - Beginning

    Civilians and contestants searched for a place to sit as the second match was about to be held on the shores next to Eternstor. Gaspar, Eetu, and the man with the black top hat were sitting at the benches, which were designated for tournament hosts. The mysterious young gentleman with silk gloves leaned onto his white, elegant walking stick with his hands. He watched as Karnax flew and Roland walked in the middle of the arena. Both contestants fearlessly looked at each other into the eyes. The ocean was on Roland's left side while the tournament spectators were on the right. The wooden stands were placed at the area, where the shore's sand met the forest outskirts. A white tent was near the arena, where the clerics were ready to heal those who would get injured.

    Sir Killian was standing on a wooden podium, which was placed the same way as the one in the backwoods arena. When everyone had found their places in the arena and the stands, he spread his arms towards the people who had come to watch the match.

    "Greetings, everyone! I welcome you here today to witness the seventeenth tournament's second match! These two contestants have traveled from far away worlds to fight for glory, and only one will earn it! The loser of this match may face death, but remember, my dear people: Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    The soldiers and the hosts repeated the same saying, then a thunderous applause followed. When it was over, Killian continued.

    "The largest and one of the most powerful contenders in the history of this tournament will face his first opponent today! A dragon who possesses immeasurable powers; Karnax, the Eternal Hunger!"

    People cheered Karnax's name as the dragon stood up in its two legs and roared. Then Killian reached his right hand at the other contender's direction.

    "A seemingly normal human, who is actually a skilled gunslinger! Master of shots hailing from a world far away from ours; Roland Deschain!"

    A loud cheer and applause came from the audience. Roland simply nodded at them, then he turned his head at his opponent again. Killian spread his arms at the arena's direction.

    "Let the second match of the tournament's first round begin!"
  • @TenebrisNemo I know you're excited for my character, but he's not in the arena yet :) Small mistake in the first part of your story says Ronnie instead of Roland.
    But keep up the GREAT writing! I love reading your stories tenebrisnemo, they're very well done.
  • ( @barchae - Oops! Well, I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out and for your kind words! )
  • Sorry I haven't been around, guys. I was gone on a trip, and had to unplug for 5 days as a challenge. But I will keep up with all updates from now on.


    Well done on that victory! Sorry I couldn't witness it live.
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    (Here are some infos about the Merchant:

    Your character, or anyone's character with magical power can see his bauble shop, like the magic train station, or other magical things in Harry Potter due a sort of enchantment he placed in his shop at Eternstor.

    And he also owns more than just one shop around the multiverse.

    Description: A seemingly old bauble shop that devoid of customers among the crowded market. At the inside, it is bigger than it seems due to a spatial magic. Your character should be able to notice its difference from the other common souvenir shops.

    And the Merchant himself is enigmatic. Nobody knows his true name. Do not made up his name for it would break the mystery around him. He is the Merchant and the only one who is currently traveling around the planes for profit. And his collections encompass all the possible artifacts in MtG multiverse and beyond it. In other words, you can add items from the games or movies you know to his collections as a convenient story plot.)
  • @sanjaya666 so, this Merchant is basically the Collector? Jk.
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    @baryonyx69 (The Collector if he's a planeswalker.

    I repeat: and he also owns more than just one bauble shop across the multiverse.)
  • ah, ok. Would Zintius be able to go to the shop?
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    (I suppose he can.

    Person without magical capabilities can still able to look at the merchant's shop if that person's eyes are enchanted to be able to see the truth.

    Or if your character somehow has the Lens of Clarity.


    Here is the depiction of the Merchant, but without the backpack.)

  • Lobberknot wanders off and starts rooting through the pig slop.
  • For now, we will listen a history, in this case of my champion, Ra'qu-en.

    Ra'qu-en borns in the first alignment of three stars:Ragiminor,the black star it means the chaos and the despair;Jaquadon the cyan star this means the control and the wisdom; Erfrizien the brightest star which means the purity and the sovereignty.

    With him also borns the Nemisis orbs whose have the power to destroy and create galaxies, they are of succumbing, of insanity, of veneration , of misgiving and of regulation. They were granted to the control of Ra'qu-en. At begin he was a little humanoid with a octopus appearance,yet because the wisdom wish, fed by his power still asleep,he starts off in search of comprehension.
    He went to many Abyssal kingdoms to learn the maximum which he can, between them was A'rvrigon.

    When Ra'qu-en came there, he saw that the kingdom was in crisis and all the population
    were in chaos and despair


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    Karnax paladin carefully observed everything around the match. Watching the every moves of the priests and soldiers to make sure they're Lord would not die permanently during the battle. To be absolutely sure his life wouldn't end here one of the paladins approach Gaspar about the the possibility of handling the healing of they're Lord.
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    ( @NokiSkaur - It's connected to it lorewise, which is good enough. If this was a normal MTG match, I bet that card would be in Bubbles' deck. )

    Karnax's Paladins

    ( @bubbasnickey )

    The elven paladins talked to the soldier, who was guarding the row, where the hosts were sitting and watching the match. The guard allowed one paladin to walk to judge Gaspar and talk to him.

    "Judge Gaspar," the paladin started. "Should our lord Karnax fall in this battle, will the human clerics make sure that his death will not be permanent?"

    Gaspar looked at the paladin with his cold eyes. "Do you underestimate the skills of clerics, who only know healing and nothing else?"

    Both elf and the judge were silent for a little moment, and before the paladin could say anything, Gaspar continued. "The contestants do not need to worry if they die during a match. Ever since the start of the first tournament, every contender who had died under our watch has been brought back to life. And Karnax wouldn't be the first dragon or god, who has fought under our observation, died, and been cured."

    "Thank you, judge Gaspar," the elf paladin said while bowing, and left the hosts, so they could focus on the ongoing match.
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    VII. Witherwood and Blacksage
    Watching the first fight was entertaining as well as instructive. Vir got overconfident, and that was nearly his downfall, though his magical prowess put him on top in the end. However, there was something he didn't recognize watching the fight - a hovering eye. At the end of the fight, it went back toward the tavern. Coltras followed. Once inside, he peeked inside the room it entered. The baby god, Ra'qu-en, was in the room. He must have been doing something in his room and sent the eye to watch the match. Maybe he was meditating or preforming a ritual, thought Coltras. He continued to his room.
    Once in his room, Coltras retrieved the vial of black goo that he had gotten from the lamp in the abandoned house. It was time to seek an authoritative opinion on it. Coltras went into town, walking around the market. A strange bauble shop, empty among the crowded stores, caught his eye, but now was not the time. Coltras found a shop of herbs and teas and walked in. The store was aromatic, but dark and smoky. Light came from a couple oil lamps in the corners, and a bell jingled as he walked in. A couple customers were browsing the selection. Coltras walked up to the manager.
    "Hello, how can I help you?" said the manager, a thick, burly man with nimble fingers.
    Coltras took out the vial. "Can you tell me what this is?" he said, handing it to the manager.
    The manager took the vial. "Are you a tournament contender?" Coltras nodded. "Funny, you're the third person this week from the tournament to come to my shop. One of the guards bought a jar of witherwood oil incense, and a dragon requested some blacksage." The manager uncorked the vial and took a whiff. "Ah, that's witherwood sap. As I said, we sell essestial oil of this. Are you interested?" The man took out a bottle of dark purple oil identical to the fluid he had found in the lamp.
    "No," said Coltras, "I'm just wondering what it is."
    "Right. Well, the witherwood tree is a dark-colored tree that grows in only a few areas around Eternstor. Its sap is used for the thick black smoke it produces. Witherwood is also used for its magical properties. Potion brewing and such. Not my area of expertise."
    "What is blacksage?" asked Coltras.
    "Blacksage is an herb that is, coincidentally enough, often found around witherwood trees. It's used for the magical fire it produces when burned, and also is a healing agent. Our best ranger collected some for the dragon a couple days ago. Would you like some?" The manager produced a small cloth bag.
    "I would like to see one of these trees," said Coltras. "Could you give me a tour tomorrow at noon? I'll pay you twenty gold pieces."
    "Sure," said the manager. "I'll take ten now in down payment." Coltras handed over the money. "See you tomorrow!" he said. Coltras left the store.

    That night, Coltras found Roland. "Good luck on your fight tomorrow," he said. Roland nodded his thanks.
    "So, what happens if you lose tomorrow?" asked Coltras. "Will you be sent again to fight in the next tournament, and the next, until you win?"
    "I will not lose," answered Roland. "The Dark Tower is with me."
    "What will happen if you do, though?"
    "Don't bother me with these silly questions."
    "Don't underestimate Karnax. You saw what happened to Vir today."
    Roland turned away. "I will win," he said with utter confidence.

    The next day, Sir Killian lead everyone to the seacoast, where Karnax and Roland would fight. Coltras decided to ask Sir Killian more about Eetu. Coltras was fascinated about what he learned, but focused on the match that was about to start.
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    Second Match - End

    image VS image

    The match began and the two contenders were not going to show any mercy to each other. Karnax roared at Roland to give him a foretaste of what the black dragon will do to the tiny human. But Roland just drew out one of his revolvers from its holster and quickly shot at Karnax. The bullet flew through the air into Karnax through his open mouth. The dragon's roar changed into combination of screeching and coughing. Roland ran behind a cliff, for he didn't want to be in Karnax's sight when the dragon was able to unleash his revenge.

    A dirty start, sure, but I will do anything for my victory.

    When Karnax could breathe normally once again, he stomped onto the ground furiously with his front legs, which shook the area around him and created a cloud of dust around its legs. The gunslinger took advantage from this situation. He ran through the dust to get behind other sharp cliffs. The dragon walked with large steps to look where his opponent went to and sometimes even crushed rocks with its legs. Roland was listening carefully, where the dragon walked. When his monstrous opponent was right next to the cliff, where the gunslinger was hiding, he stepped out, turned around, and shot yet another bullet from his handgun.

    The enhanced gunpowder exploded in the shell and the bullet flew straight into Karnax's left ear. Tingling sound filled Karnax's head at the same moment when the bullet hit and caused immense pain. The dragon roared while turning its head, and Roland could see as light came from its mouth. Without wasting a second, the gunslinger ran away as the dragon's fiery breath spread to Roland's direction. He jumped behind yet another cliff, where he was safe from the flames. After a moment, Karnax stopped his attack. The sand had melted and all living plants had burned to ashes. Roland's burnt corpse was nowhere to be seen, so he must have survived.

    Two bullets hit Karnax's head, but they stopped right at the scales. The dragon moved its head and saw as Roland was looking at it from behind one of the largest cliffs.

    "Enough of this cat and mouse game! I will kill you now!"

    "Just try, oversized reptile!"

    Karnax spat a fireball at Roland, who shot two bullets at the dragon in response. The bullets flew through the fireball into Karnax's mouth, and the fireball exploded next to the cliff, which slightly burnt Roland's right arm. The dragon couldn't believe the pain which Roland's attacks caused. It was bleeding blood from its mouth, and each time it spat fire, the pain grew stronger. Roland had walked on top of a sharp cliff while he reloaded his weapon quickly. The burn in his right hand wasn't even serious, but there was no room for mistakes in this match. Both contestant were thinking the same thing;

    My opponent must die.

    Roland watched as Karnax was looking for him again. The dragon's hearing was still fractured by the gunslinger's second shot, so he shot one bullet to his head to let him know, where he was. As the bullet hit, Karnax turned his head upwards and saw his opponent on top of the sharp cliff right above his head.

    "The Dark Tower will be mine, and a dragon god won't stop me," Roland shouted and pointed at the dragon with his gun.

    Karnax has had enough. He spat out a great fireball upwards from his mouth even though the wounds within him suffered from the flames. Roland stepped away from the cliff's edge so he wouldn't get hit by the fireball and walked at the other edge. When he prepared to shoot five shots into Karnax's open mouth, he saw as the dragon was doing strange movements with his right leg's toes, as if he's beckoning at the fireball.

    Then Roland saw as bright, yellow light and felt as immense heat was coming from behind him. The fireball had changed its movement direction to fall back down thanks to Karnax's pyromancery. It exploded at Roland's back, which threw him off from the cliff. The slightly burning gunslinger fell hard onto the sands between the great cliff and the ocean.

    A moment of silence followed afterward. Roland was lying on his back while staring at the cloudy sky. His nerves were screaming in pain. The rain clouds, which were in the distance at the beginning of the match, were arriving to the shores. The last flames faded from his burnt body as the first raindrops fell. Karnax walked slowly at the seriously injured opponent's direction.

    "Foolish human. This is what happens to those who would oppose me. You better accept your defeat for your own well-being."

    Roland gritted his teeth and shot the remaining five bullets from his gun at Karnax. The gunslinger's arm was shaking from the pain, so none of his bullets could hit the dragon's eyes.

    "I won't... lose! I must... win!"

    "But Roland," Karnax said while smirking and descending his front leg's claw slowly at the lying gunslinger. "You've already lost."

    The great dragon's black claw punctured Roland's chest, which broke his rib-cage and penetrated his heart. A gargling sound came from his mouth before blood followed. Then Roland's body stopped moving. Karnax took a few steps at the audience's direction before he decided to lay down instead. The people other than Karnax's servants weren't cheering or clapping. They were terrified after what they had witnessed. Even Gaspar and Eetu were somewhat shocked. Most clerics hurried to Roland's side while a few of them tended Karnax's wounds. Bright, white light surrounded the fallen contestant as the healers were bringing him back to life. Killian walked to the podium. His cheerful tone was gone as he announced the winner of the second match.
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    Karnax flies to the second round of the tournament! You may post his 2nd stage version anytime before the deadline, which is yet to be determined

    @bnew07 - Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, and your champion is out from the tournament. You may post Roland's later stages here for guaranteed favorites and write how he departures from Eternstor, if you want to, that is!

    I've updated the tournament bracket.

    @icyyou & @shadow123 - The match between your champions will be held in approximately 12 hours.
  • Tai saw Tourach earlier talking to air. She seemed to be having a conversation.

    "What is this?" Tourach asked.

    Some gems just appeared in Tourach's hand. Tai blinked, not believing what she saw, but more things fell into the lich's hand. Tai was perplexed. After a moment, Torach frowned and walked off.

    Tai curiosly stood in the spot Tourach was standing in. A figure began to shimmer in the afternoon sun. Tai looked around, but no one was looking at her.

    "Who are you," Tai asked.

    "Ah, your asking me. I am just an ordinary shopkeeper with some fascinating items, everyone has them these days, don't they?"

    "No, not really," Tai said as she pointed to a small dagger, "You call that just fascinating?"

    "Well I'd say its just a dagger made of precious darksteel," The shopkeeper said.

    "And that?" Tai asked as she pointed to a lotus. It radiated with power that she recognized fro her home plane.

    "Ah, the lotus," the shopkeeper said, "I really can't get around you can I?"

    "No, that magic is from my home plane." Tai responded.

    "Yes, Tai."

    "You know me?" Tai asked, "Wait a moment, you're a plansewalker!" Tai depicted a grin from under the man's thick robes.

    "Yes. I found the lotus there."

    "How much is it?"

    "Because of the magic and the rarity, one million gold coins."

    Tai gasped, "Is there any way to get around the price?"

    "I suppose there is, you are just like my last customer." He said as he pulled out a crystal ball, "I this is the other price."

    Tai saw ponies, Pegasus, and many well dressed people. The most strange thing was tree. Tai was an expert with plants, especially when it came to making powder, and she knew it was no ordinary thing.

    "The tree?" Tai questioned.


    "How about that flute?" Tai questioned.

    "That would be two million gold coins, it is a treasure from kamigawa, a very powerful one." He grumbled.

    "Is that for the tree as well?"


    The plansewalker poured another spell onto the globe. It showed half a glowing spark, deep into a forest and half into a mysterious bauble. Tai gasped.

    "Let me see," Tai said, "And she left."


    Tai was wandering in the great forest. Faeries were extremely scared of it. It had many dangerous predators and extremely high winds. Yet, Tai went in. Inside, she found a glowing spark, not burning but still bright. And she took it.
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