Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



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    "Oh," the merchant said, "This should help you on your match."


    He gave her a crystal. She figured that it would work on the count of her lunar spell, strengthening it. And on your journey for the Spark.
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    Tai gathered her crystal, fire lotus, powder, and rose and stuffed them in her pouch as she headed for the battlefield.

    I must win, Tai thought to herself

    Please goddess Friyena help me win, Tai thought.

    I can win, Tai thought again
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    Karnax soared over Eterstor in part to let the cool wind flow over his still painful wounds and in part to remind Roland of his loss. After a while Karnax landed beside the tavern where had rested before to slumber once again.

    ( @bnew07 I don't mean to be mean I'm just getting into character with Karnax.)

    Karnax, the Blazing Ire has arrived!! (As a note: I changed his type from dragon god to elder dragon because I felt it fit him better.)
    Also I'd love to hear waht you think about his balancing.

    Signature card:
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    Compared to the last one @bubbasnickey I think this is a downgrade...bc honestly if I had to pick between the two to play with I would always pick the first one...

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  • Eagerly awaiting his match, Whistler spent some time at the training grounds calibrating his spell-slinging matrix. He set out some targets, and began relentlessly flinging magic missiles and lightning at them. During this spellcasting barrage, a small bit of red mana again found its way into whistler's mind. His cold, calculating demeanor was temporarily replaced by rash impatience. "Why did they put me in the sixteenth match?!" Whistler shouted at nobody in particular. "Do they want me to rust before I can fight?" He let out a flurry of spells in anger. Then as his mind returned to normal, it dawned on him. Emotion. That's what he was missing to make his magic stronger. Karn had purposely left Whistler devoid of emotion, so as not to be manipulated by Phyrexians, but the mechanical wizard now realized that that was his greatest weakness. "Perhaps I shall be given emotions at a later date." Whistler mumbled to himself. He then finished his spell-slinging and went back to the tavern.
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  • @bnew07 Sorry about Roland. I'd love to hear how he leaves.
    @bubbasnickey It seems to me that Karnax has manifested a more solid, though smaller, physical form on this plane. Before, he was a manifestation of a god made of chaos energy, but now he's more tied to reality.
  • Attention!

    ( It's getting quite hard to recognize each of your champions' signature cards because there is quite many cards, which are used for storytelling only. I would like it if those who haven't yet fought in this round would specify me their champion's signature card via p.m.

    Also, simply showing up here increases your chances in a match. )
  • Nya rushed over to Tai.

    She said, “Good luck Tai, I hope you win. Use that mischief that has been caged up inside you for all this time. I have confidence in you.”

    “Thanks.” Tai responded.
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  • Recap of Tai’s Skills:


    Friend Support
    Very assertive due to past events


    Sometimes hasty
    Ok at flying
    Somewhat bad past.
  • Coltras's signature card:
  • The wurm's handler had also wandered into the merchant's shop, though not because of any magical aptitude, but because he'd seen some contestants go in and out of it. However, after seeing not only that nothing in there would really be of any use to the wurm itself as well as the exorbitant prices while he has only a few copper pieces to his name, he quickly comes back out. "Not like Gyar's gonna need any help anyways. Haven't seen anything yet that'd take him down." Of course, the handler hadn't been attending the matches either.
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    Heres my hero and its signature card.

    image image

    She was ready. Her match was about to take place. She made sure she had a plenty night of sleep and took some time to meditate before she got called out. Jazhara tried to play out the fight over and over in her head in many different locations. obviously it was all hypothetical but she still took it as serious as she could. Trying to figure out how she would manage to catch the faery mid flight while still repealing her attacks.

    Her meditation got her mind warmed up and sharpened her wits for the day. She readied all her equipment and made sure there was nothing left to do but to win this fight.
  • Kift was displeased by how little he'd learned masquerading as Mariko.
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    Jaholion is meditating. His battle is so close, yet so far. He glances up at his automaton, leaned against the wall. The old thing will be dead useful in battle.
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    Karnax has been REBORN! You can see his updated form in my original post.
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    And then the lich mistress woke up in her tavern room with an empty wine bottle.
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    ( @icyyou & @shadow123 - Sorry, I have to postpone your match because I had to spend my time today on some other matters and right now I'm exhausted. The match will be held in approximately 14 hours.
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  • Mettir can get you items... for a price.
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    IIX. The Tree and the Bauble
    Coltras was utterly shocked by the carnage that was the fight between Roland and Karnax. When he came to his senses, he realized, Their weakness was that they didn't know each other's powers. Karnax got shot in the mouth because he didn't know about Roland's guns. Roland got hit by that fireball because he didn't know about Karnax's pyromancy. Coltras realized with a start that he didn't know a thing about Caphira's fighting or powers. He made up his mind to watch her train, but he had an appointment at noon.
    Coltras walked to Eternstor and back into the herb shop. "I'm here for my noon appointment," he said to the man at the counter. The manager lead him to a ranger clad in green. "This is Tajay," said the manager. "He will show you around."
    Coltras and Tajay left the store and journeyed into the woods. At length, they came to a grove of trees with bark so dark they looked black. "These are witherwood trees," said Tajay.
    "Fascinating," said Coltras. "Can you tell me more about them?"
    "These trees only grow in swampy areas rich in black mana," explained the ranger. "They are often sought out to locate black mana nexuses, and a good as ritual centers. Also, as you know, their sap produces a thick black smoke when burned."
    Coltras gestured towards a cluster of black plants around the base of a tree. "Is that blacksage?"
    "It is indeed. Can be used to make a healing or strengthening potion, though it needs life energy to do so."
    That must have been what Karnax's paladins were making with this.
    Suddenly, a tremendous crash shook the underbrush. One of the witherwood trees had pulled itself out of the ground, revealing itself to be a treefolk.
    The creature roared and charged at them. Tajay skillfully placed an arrow through its eye, but it quickly healed. The ranger leapt up and removed its head with a short sword. "That won't hold for long," he said. "Time to go." Tajay and Coltras sprinted back toward the town.
    They finally arrived, panting. "Ever since the tournament started, foul things have been afoot in the wood," said Tajay as they walked back into the store. Coltras paid the manager the last ten gold pieces and left.

    He walked along the main street until he came to the strange bauble shop. The only person inside it was a strange man completely covered in cloth, showing only his eyes. "Hello, I'd like to buy a custom charm," said Coltras.
    "That would be 60 gold pieces, Coltras," said the man.
    Coltras eyed him skeptically. "And you are?"
    "You may call me the Merchant."
    "All right, Merchant. How much is that?" Coltras gestured to a small dragon's skull sitting on a shelf.
    "Ah, the fabled Skull of Thaxes, an ancient elder dragon. I would estimate its value at a million gold pieces. However, if you want to get around the price, you could run a little errand for me." The Merchant took a crystal ball out of his pocket, and in its depths appeared a tree that appeared to be made of crystal. "Get this for me, and the Skull of Thaxes is yours."
    Coltras glanced at a tiny pile of Tai's black powder on the floor. "I'm not the first person you offered that to, am I"
    The Merchant appeared to smile behind his face wrapping. "I suppose not."
    "I'm going to have to turn down that offer. How much for a reusable charm?"
    "120 gold pieces, but a twice reusable one I will give you for 150."
    "I'll take the one reusable."
    "Great. I'll call my enchanter."
    The merchan't enchanter was a young dark-skinned man who got a small pyramid of stone and imbued a little of Coltras's power into it. The result was a glowing blue bauble. The process took about twenty minutes.
    Coltras paid the Merchant and walked back to the tavern. Night was falling. Coltras went to his room and got a pen and parchment. He wrote a letter and stuck it under the door to Roland's room.
    Dear Roland,
    You fought really well today. You are stronger than you were at the beginning of the tournament. If you keep getting stronger, I know you will reach the Dark Tower.
    I have a little parting gift for you to help you on your journey. Find me before midnight tomorrow night or I will leave it in your room. It can be used twice.
    Best regards,
    Your friend,
    Coltras Drasonkai
  • The news was delivered to Tai’s table at breakfast.

    It read: Headlines: Match Three between Tai and Jahazra has been postponed due to Judge Gaspar’s sudden overwhelming duties.

    “Nya! Sylva! Pele! Jaholion! Our match was postponed,” Tai shouted.

    “It was!?” Sylva replied.

    “Yeah,” Tai said, “Judge Gaspar is overwhelmed.”

    “Really?” Nya prodded, “Why?”

    “He has some duties to do. I mean, he is nice enough to let us in to the tournament, so I guess its fine,” Tai said glumly.

    A walked into the room. Tai recognized him. He was the guy from the first day that registered her.

    “Tai,” Ari said.

    “Ari,” Tai shouted at the same time.

    “Come here,” the young soldier said.

    “What is it that you want of me?” Tai asked.

    “You have some knowledge of recent forbidden events of a mysterious stall.” He said, “Therefore, you are —”

    “No!” Tai and Sylva shouted at the same time.

    “Wait a moment girls,” Ari said, “I was going to say, therefore, you are going to be searched.”

    “Oh,” the pale Faerie responded.

    “Don’t touch the powder. It is dangerous and I made it.” Tai said as she emptied the contents of her bag.

    “Ha, Like that’s dangerous,” he muttered, “A lotus! Just what I was looking for!”

    Ari touched the lotus to confiscate it, but it just burnt him.

    “Ah, there must be a spell blocking me from touching it.”

    “There aren’t three lotuses, there are one. There is a gold lotus in the store and I have a red one here,” Tai countered.

    “You better be obedient little girl or else you will be disqualified,” Ari said.

    “I don’t listen to wrong people. This fire lotus, made by Pele, is mine.”

    Nya, Sylva, and Pele gasped of Tai’s reaction.

    “You don’t want me to do this Faerie,” Ari said, “Hand over the lotus. And the Pyromancer will come with me. Now!”

    The sweet scared boy in his voice was gone, it was bitter and angry.

    Tai took a handful of powder and said, “You don’t want me to do this either. You’re wrong.”

    Ari looked at the powder and laughed. Tai raised her hand and Nya caught it and spoke, “Its for the better you know.”

    “Good girl,” He said, “Now hand over the powder.

    A cloaked figure tapped his shoulder and Ari whirled around.

    “Oh my gosh! You must be Konus!” He shouted and ran off, “You’re cleared Tai, you’ve lured Konus!”

    They both ran off.

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  • Deep breaths. Tai closed her eyes and visualized her plan. All miscevious tricksters needed one and more so, a few back-ups as well.

    “Tai!” Nya shouted, “We can do a little training!”

    Tai went back down, bumped into the rail and bounced down the stairs.

    “Maybe you should get some rest,” Nya said.

    Tai hurried back upstairs.

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