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  • For @Lastjustice since i think you love custom abilities...

    Magus of Just Finality
  • For @CastorCrozz because you like Simic

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    I just like going into new and different ideas I haven't tried before that seem interesting. I did bunch for @TezzeretofCarmot21 GUMC Generally Unpopular Mechanics Challenge (or GUMC for short) which were existing mechanics, I just really did do much with as many of them were from eras of magic I wasn't playing. I jump all over mechanix contests since it becomes a challenge to see about meshing multiple of them together at once in a way that works. (not they are all winners.)

    I tend to come at things sideways, as I will search the gatherer for an entire color of what is in standard just make sure I considered all the options I have. Sometimes there's cards that are off the beaten trail that aren't in main sets but are standard legal. I always love when my opponents are saying something like..."No one plays that card".."What are you doing...Oh dear god!" (That is an actual quote someone said before losing when I played Lupine Prototype to crew Consulate Dreadnought.) I find ways of turning butter knives into deadly weapons. I do look up netdecks...mostly just to know what I need to sideboard against, not for what to copy.

    I am guilty of getting tunnel vision in my ideas though. I come up with one surefire way of doing something, that I get stuck when it falls flat on it's face and I miss seeing something right in front of me I could have done. I have a card I love and the whole deck is about, thankfully most people don't seem to catch on to that when they play me. (like Preeminent Captain was in standard for M15, I played the heck out of him.) Once you figure out whatever the heart of my deck is, everything would be very predictable. (Like last standard, I was all about using Odric, Lunarch Marshal, I jam him in every ceature heavy EDH deck.) I never make a good stuff deck. It always has a theme or pattern, just isn't always obvious at a glance.Like any good song, there's always a hook.
  • For @Tesarand I thought After browsing your cards yiu liked making creative and powerful legendary creatures, maybe this represents you?

    Tesarand the Diviner
  • I don't get it. I only know one fellow's style well enough and I don't think he liked the card I made for him.

    Please, nobody think I'm too snobby or something, I'm just not sure what you guys are all about.
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    @Scott_Anderson i don't really believe I'm getting close to what really represents a person with each card I make for this. It's just to try to represent a piece of their personality, if possible, and it's fun to me to see oneself dropped into the world of mtg as interpreted by other people. In a way this thread, to me, is fun in the way taking an alignment test is fun.
  • Ruicnr3iewkmcnr394 oe3n94fimj that was my attempt at touch typing in the dsrk
  • @Ranshi922 oh I thought it was @Corwinnn dashing over your keyboard on his way to the chocolate-covered nuts festival
  • That is an understandable assumption! Check out my most recent status update!!! XD
  • @Scott_Anderson it's all in fun making cool cards and good spirits! Don't worry just have fun and do your best!
  • image

    I made this for the wonderful @Teacup! I have been working my way thru a cycle, and I decided I should make a card for her that isn't in a jokey manner since the previous I did were. I'd give her a card that had a sense of beauty, power and mystery as I believe she has many layers to her, despite us all adoring what we commonly see in her. You create illusions, and happy things alot of times teacup, so I took that thought process and translated it into gameplay as I am in no shape or form implying you are dishonest.
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    I want to be a goblin, imp, devil, ogre, demon, or domo creature that breaks order, peace, silence, law or whatever WU does :D
  • I was working my way to you @Tomigon, but you giving me input makes it easier heh.
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  • @DeepSky
    Done! Sorry, it took longer than I thought. I was a little busy when you showed me this art.

    @Scott_Anderson (aka Special Guest Star)
    Because it always makes me happy when Special Guest Star visits my page^^

    2nd card I made for you! I'm still not sure Pegasus was a good choice for Avatar of Justice. But I like the color of this art.
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    @teacup, you are a real treasure. I love your art and your way of looking at things. You make us all so happy. Thank you.

    I didn't make it for you, but whenever I think of you, I think of Nana and Goliath:
  • Guys, dont forget to post anything that is here on my copy contest. It’s pretty much the same but with amazing prizes.
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    @Scott_Anderson Aw thank you for kind words! I'm glad you like my card:)
    Sorry, I want to reply to your disqus comments more but my disqus isn't working well. Sometimes my comments are detected as spams. I don't know why:(

    Nana and Goliath is my favorite card!
  • why wont people notice me when i desperately want it...? X(
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    A fair and pretty turn she offer forth
    to like beliken up the Muse from eld
    Antiquity; to me she fairer than
    those ancient, dead and dusty words a-crumb'd;
    for ere: she liveth with us now, and show
    her clever turn of word and color, and
    of precious life.

    For Teacup:

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    @Ranshi922 I posted my cards to your contest!
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    @Scott_Anderson Beautiful card and poem:D I like the artist tutor mechanic lol! Thank you~!
  • @Lastjustice

    Thanks! But graveyards are always revealed. How about "{b}, {t}: Put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard. Destroy target creature if its converted mana cost is equal to the total converted mana cost of cards put into your graveyard this way."?

    I can submit all cards in this set if you want me to..
    Are you sure your contest doesn't need limit of old cards entry?
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    @Tomigon Hmm. There ARE cards that rely on the order of your graveyard, there is a rule that says you can't rearrange your graveyard (people do anyways but they aren't supposed to, kind of like the free parking on the monopoly game board, its not 'supposed' to have money there, but people play it with money that I know whenever they play monopoly.) I'll post a card here so you can see what I am talking about as I have not found many cards based on this rule in my own magic experiences, not doubting it as a rule, just never really became a big deal in most games I've played. But however, I like your idea, it evolves the card and it helps to avoid arguements I would imagine with the graveyard, so I will update the cards rule text to this. Plus, it's a more serious approach to a card of you finally (I can't take the Domo's serious and I made 2 cards with you as a Domo in them lol) Though it's an imp, it STILL doesn't reach that serious level I want to make a card for you at, but this is still a really cool and fun card concept I think. Thank you for the tip @Tomigon!

    Here's the card as an example for the graveyard rule I mentioned earlier:

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    @teacup I had placed a poem in the card text but below the text box, so that it would only be visible if you clicked on the card and went to the card's page.

    After I posted the card, I realized something was wrong with the fragment of poetry: the card had cut it off because it was too many characters long. Here is the whole thing for you:

    “Alloweth men to measure up their measurable things to one another, whilst the women folk of Brittany and fair Le Mans doth measure fairer than the men in things their oafish ken it well beyond. Savor up their hubris! For whoever of them comes to measure greatest in their fleetness, or their spitting, or the vastness of their shoes, be there ever-where another man or men or tribe of savages who great surpass these foolish field mouse dreaming goons.” - Lions Red and Gold
  • @sorinjace @Tomigon they haven't printed a card that relies on the order of your graveyard in a long time. Here is an example of one:

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    This is for @Teacup:


    Hope you enjoy it!

    ps some modifications to the rules text. Thank you @Suicidal_Deity for your insight!!
  • @sorinjace Wow TY! That's a very RG design. I like it.
    I like the ninja card too tho. I don't care about colors of cards people make for me.
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