A short backstory. I was going through my sister's cards, seeing if I wanted to trade anything. I found two cards, Hanwier Garrison and Midnight Scavangers. Now, I went to my Magic store bought their pairs. Those four cards are still some of my favorites.
So, your goal in this contest is to create two creatures that meld! The two cards that will meld, and a third as the finished product.

Prizes and Rules!

Ends July 24th
Two trios (the two that meld and the melded card) for entries.

3rd Place: 3 favorites of choice and a follow.
2nd Place: 4 favorites of choice and Spot in the Hall of Fame
1st Place: 5 favorites of choice, a spot in the Hall of Fame, and, if I get the chance to, a TROPHY!!!

(The trophy is not guaranteed. It will do my best to get it for our 1st place winner)

Examples of real Magic cards that meld:[meld]

Good luck to all, and be sure to keep your best artwork in store for a fun contest that will be revaled after this contest...


  • I've been working for a while on this. Hope you like it:

  • @TigerFang8
    I'm getting to it. I've got a really cool idea I'm fine-tuning.
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  • My idea takes us back to Innistrad, during the eldritch moon, when Emrakul's entrance to the plane caused the world to twist and shape in horrific, otherworldly ways. While the main lore followed the Gatewatch and their heroic success at imprisoning Emrakul in Innistrad's glistening silver moon (or was it really what the titan wanted all along? We may never know), I want to focus on an original character, somebody who's case was a bit more... unique than most on the plane when the titan came. I want to introduce Scaven.

    Scaven was a human living in Thraben at the time of Emrakul's invasion. He was fairly holy, just like many of the other citizens, but with Avacyn's madness and unmaking, faith wasn't going nearly as far as it used to. Bruna and Gisela seemed to be going through a similar insanity to Avacyn and Sigarda had been trying to take Avayn's role, but it had been difficult, especially with these twisted... creatures at every tun. People formed cults around these beings, it scared him. In fact, ever since Avacyn's unmaking a creeping paranoia had been afflicting him. He kept thinking it was justified. For all he knew, his closest friend could spout tentacles and lash out at him. It got to the point where sometimes he would see things, horrors, that weren't even there.

    Soon he began to hear voices, voices of warmth and comfort. He dubbed the voice Mama Emma, it was his form of comfort in all the madness he felt. Though, what he failed to realize was that this comfort was just another form of the madness; he failed to relaize Mama Emma slowly making him in her image, or maybe he did and he just didn't mind it. Soon enough, all he cared about was Mama Emma's comforting voice. Scaven was her child, all the comfort finally caused him to let go of his paranoia, if some part of him had been pushing away Mama Emma, it no longer did. He let go of himself, and of reality and found himself in a different world. There were large floating islands, and fishlike creatures swimming in the sky, with humanoids on their backs, the land shook with a life all its own and, most of all, he felt a pure, amazing, revitalizing substance, raw mana. The land around him warped and twisted like it had for Mama Emma, the mana left. He hungered for more. Though, he also could no longer hear mama Emma. She was... gone... He wanted to return to her as much as he wanted this amazing mana.

    Then, suddenly, like a brilliant flash, he found himself back with Mama Emma, but without nearly as much of the amazing mana from before. He would've needed to reach much farther than he had on the world with the living land just to get the same kick of mana. He asked Mama Emma what that other place was and Mama Emma seemed pleased, intrigued. "That, my child, was my first feast, and my first prison," she explained, "they worshiped me there. They resent me here. It is not my time yet. I will leave you soon. Go there. There you will be happy, and safe. The ignorant may fight you, but you can keep them away. I will join you when it is truly my time."

    Mamma Emma was imprisoned not long after this, and Scaven left his home world undiscovered, landing back on the wonderous world of the living land. He didn't know how he got there either the first time he arrived or now, but Mama Emma would have wanted him here. He would see her again. Perhaps she would call for him. For now, he ate, and the land twisted for him.


    That's right. My meld card is a meld Planeswalker, Scaven the Twisted. Not only does he serve as the first meld planeswalker, he also serves as the first ever Eldritch planeswalker. The way this works is that even though he is technically an Eldrazi, he is still sentient; he can think and act for himself. However, his mind and body have been heavily warped and influenced by Emrakil, making him act upon a will more the titan's than his own.
  • @Arceus8523

    Wow, what an entry! I can't believe the amount of work put into this guy's backstory. I was standing proud of my entry until I saw yours and fell flat on my face.

    Also, how did you get that symbol in the top left of the card that signifies that it is a flip card or make it look like your meld card is melded? I couldn't manage to do it.
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    This seemed like an interesting challenge, so I will throw my hat in the ring.
    These two make...
    image image

  • @mtgbanjoman , @Arceus8523 used a different editor than the Cardsmith one, that has more opions. Why he linked it else where.
  • @mtgbanjomam
    Yep! @Lastjustice is right. The editor I used is called Magic Set Editor, which has more templates and visual styles, as well as other perks such as editing finished cards, custom set symbols, and auto-numbering cards in sets based on proper order*. I typically try to remake my cards in MTGCS so they can be viewed/faved/commented on, but this set is a tad awkward. If you’d like, I can link you to the MSE download and all the templates I installed to make the cards possible.

    As for your entry, the cards are oozing with flavor and the overall concept is very charming and likable. I like the kit of abilities on all three of them, they seem powerful but not broken. I think the entry is something to be quite proud of. It’s clear a lot of effort went into it

    *I don’t discourage the use of MTGCS in the slightest, I just prefer MSE for things like my Kaladesh 2.0 set where I can see a large amount of cards grouped and saved collectively as a set and in context of one another, so I tend to default to making my cards there and transferring the cards to MTGCS when applicable.
  • Wow! We got some great entries! I hope this continues to go on like this!
  • @Arceus8523

    Oh, thanks for the info. I think I'll just stick to good old fashion MTGCS, though.
  • Wow! Great entry @bnew07
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel
    Wow! A four card meld? Awesome!
  • i also have a 9 card meld planned for a future set of mine, 9 legendary lands that make the world tree snake, since the plane will be nordic themed.
  • I want to expand upon certain mechanics or ideas in my sets that are already in the game or that I have wanted to see, one example would be the ability to remove emblems, most likely on the strongest of all of the planeswalkers
  • what was the bump about
  • For this challenge, I decided to go with the one thing I know best.


    On the left we have a brilliant Simic neurobiologist who quits them and joins the Izzet, for access to advanced electrical equipment and (un)willing test subjects. On the right we have one of many mutant lab mouse strains. Entire strains die in large numbers, but when autopsies are done on them (i.e., exile from the yard), the scientists learn more about lethal errors in their genetic code, and come up with an improved strain each time. Our neurobiologist, however, is a bit frustrated with the slow pace of research, and tries to speed it up by adding a personal touch to one of the strains...


    This was the last ex-Simic that Niv-Mizzet ever recruited. He came to the conclusion that they were all insane. Our neurobiologist, meanwhile, continues to conduct research, excited by what the future holds.

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    @KalamMekhar That sounds not very Niv-Mizzet-y at all. I mean the flavor.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos: I had to force it somehow, yes.
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    I made another trio just for heck of it, I know one entry limit.

    These two....
    image image

    Becomes this....
  • imageimage


    I tried to swerve from Eldrazi, but Innestrad is my favorite plain so I stuck with it. I decided to combine the first zombie to ever plague them with the very essence of the Ulvenwald, into a plague that never dies, one that ensures the Ulvenwald is filled with horrors and zombies are ever present, via magic or otherwise. After all, a hungry zombie will attack anything, even the spirit of an entire forest. And with magic, who knows what may happen as a result...
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    Quick Backstory:
    So a king Named Remnar's Kingdom is destroyed, so he takes he tries to rebuild his kingdom but the same people come back to destroy it, so he Molds himself with his steed ,Alero, and becomes Amnar, Skyborne King!

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