Share your recent contests/challenges for a chance to win a prepaid card! (Closed)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, I'm back for a couple weeks and wanted to share the love with some fellow contests. As such, I'm giving away a prepaid card so you can share the love with some fellow users and/or contest participants.

How to enter:
1) Post links to your last three contests/challenges you've run in a comment. (Just for fun ones count.)
2) Say why you want the card.
3) Tell us something about yourself.

Note: If you have less than three hosted contests/challenges, just write the ones you've hosted instead.

The card will be valued at $25 Cdn. (Up for change if not available at store, will only increase the amount!)

Have a happy day everyone! :)


  • The prepaid card will be given within four days. Depending on how many entraints we get!
  • Contests we've entered, or hosted?
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    Hosted. But sharing some of your favorite contests could be something about yourself!
  • The contests just have to be your more recent ones, not necessarily happened recently!
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    Uncommon, Nonland, Noncreature
    Hybrid Contest
    A Good Place to Hide

    I don't really want the card. I'm here to support @modnation675 who is very supportive of the site and its users. Come on and enter @everybody, and best of luck!

    I'm the eldest of 5, currently 24 years old. I'm a Christian, a musician, a traditional/digital artist, and an Assistant Project Manager specializing in CAD software for land development design. I only really started playing MtG when Theros came out, and I've learned more about the intricacies of the game in discussions on this site than I have playing. I created an Instagram account (I refer to it as an "ARTstagram") last year in August to start letting people see my sketches and I've managed to post more than once a day on average since then. I have been unable to secure an audience thus far, as I've never publicized it to anyone, but I have made some incredible acquaintances and had some great conversations.
    Which brings us back to MTGCardsmith: I recently got to show Rudy Siswanto--who just started playing Magic--the set I made inspired by his baby mythology creature art. When he'd taken a look, he got back to me and said "wow!, thank you very much for this, i am speechles :D" which was really neat. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to show him!

    Anyway, I won't bore you with more random facts about me. Now, make your own entries!
  • Thanks @Faiths_Guide, I've always liked your pen/pencil drawings.

    I'm gonna check if I can post a link to this in a few contests, so people don't miss the chance at the card! :)
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    My Meld contest.
    My Minotaur contest, which is closed.
    My Rare Creatures contest, which is closed.

    2. I want the card two reasons.
    A. Money is nice to have.
    B. I cannot enter most contests due to losing access to my computer.

    3. Um... today is my birthday? Thats something about me. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I have two cats, Timmy and Albus. I live on Urth, studying humans, I mean studying... umm... fun? Yeah, fun. Right.
    (Hopefully they didnt catch on...)
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    1) My "Tales from Beyond" contest!

    My "Between the Lines" contest! (closed)

    My "Wordsmith's Challenge" contest! (closed)

    NOTE: The "Tales from Beyond" contest's goal isn't to give out prizes (although the prizes this time around are very generous!), but to collect cards for a very special project that will need the involvement of everyone from the MTGCardsmith community! Join in while it's still active!

    2) I actually have no need for the card ^-^ Money isn't really what I'm after at the moment, but I'd like to say congrats to anyone who does win it! (And I also have no idea how prizes with real world value work, so I just tend to enter contests for fun and not for the prize.)

    3) I'm a tiny little baby at 13 years old! I want to try pursuing a career in the visual arts in my future, or maybe even pick up writing or music as a hobby! My first magic set was Kaladesh, and I loved the optimistic world that WotC made for me and many other magic players to explore in! I was actually introduced to MTGCardsmith thanks to Faiths_Guide, with him leaving a comment about MTGCardsmith on a custom card post on tappedout!

    Thanks to all of the MTGCardsmith community for generally being a nice and welcoming familiy of mine in the online world! (And be sure to check out the "Tales from Beyond" contest, too!)
  • 1) I put the H in Dragon.(you should totally check it out.)

    A blast from the past pt2

    A blast from the past CLOSED

    2) I don't think I'll get the card, but I need money as I am currently not making much.

    3) I am 4,000 years old, a being of eternal power, have a cat, write music, game. My first set was M15, my favorite set/block is tarkir, I play EDH, I found cardsmith because I was looking for a place to make cards and found this.

    It is super nice to be a part of this super helpful and kind community. May the cards be forever in your favor,

    The Hydra King.
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    My 3 most recent contests:

    1.)Go Fetch! **circuit challenge**

    2.)Savor the Flavor Text

    3.)Awe Rats!

    1.) Ok hello @modnation675 one of my oldest fellow friends /cardsmiths on the site here (and also one of the 1st to talk to me from the site as well.) Here is why I would want the card to be able to grant premiums to future placers/winners of contests that I host, and perhaps surprise some other lucky cardsmith that may really want the chance to edit their cards. I have already gifted a few cardsmith and also suggested others as well and some of them don't even realize I did that! (But that's ok). Itd make my day to see other cards other cardsmiths work really hard on to get their cards edited to what makes it a better card (in their opinion of course.)
    2.) So not sure what to say about myself? I've been through a lot in life. I was honorably discharged from the air force at 18 (I didn't make it through basic I made it up to week 4 then waited a month to go home.) I had a medical discharge. I then got back to drawing and then I went through a terrible time with my adoptive family. I had to protect my brother Steve who is mentally handicapped from my dad's abusiveness towards me so I left them in the middle of winter to make a long story short. I bounced around a lot. Met and lived with all walks of life, all kinds of people both good and bad alike. I partied and went to concerts I surfed and moshed and got with girls... there was tragedies too my exgf committed suicide and it hit me hard. I eventually got in trouble then tried to get back on track went to school and had a bunch of bs jobs... (adulting sucks btw.) So yeah. I suggested the art contest awhile ago I don't know if mtgcardsmith took his recent art contest ideas from it or not but I'm just glad to see it. Brings me back to my youth I guess (I'm 36) so yeah. I hate talking bout me. I lost a lot of friends. They died in various ways. I held my birth mom's hand when she died. I'm in a shelter with @Dechujoh64. @Profaneprince was down there awhile ago. I stopped him being stabbed while he was down there, even the guy told profane listen to your friend he knows what he's talking about (the friend being me. Long story.) So I keep keeping an eye out for my friends down there like @Dechujoh64 and dave and they do so for me in return. Its why dechujoh64 and I are like brothers on here and in person. We have time for cardsmith (most days anyways) because we are down there at the eatery a lot (well dechujoh is i go down there with aryanf a lot but not as much as dave and dechujoh do.)

    I love the site and the community your all great people. This is why so many people came on here because i told everyone about this site. What i did it got recognized by the mtgcardsmith forums community
    rather quickly. The ones i introduced to the site They don't all know the game well, they just try to show us like dechujoh temurgideon and i support and get on here themselves occassionally.

    I wanted to say something before I'm done here. @TenebrisNemo i hadnt heard back from ya but i wanted to tell ya that im sorry bout the message i had sent you. it wasn't a bad message, but I came off strong on my feelings and I will say here and again that your talented and the site needs ya man. Just saying. You got your faves and are getting them back. Dont forget the people matter more than anything in the forums here and improving our craft too. Youve got a following thats loyal that proves this. You are needed here to help others out. I want to thank you for the message you sent me. And i didnt realize just how many faves that was from my contests i had deleted so im getting them restored to their rightful cards asap (when Aryanf lets me lol.) And that most certainly means you. I'm sorry if it effected you any man.
    So whats it take to be a great cardsmith? a friend to all and help when your able to. And to recognize talents strengths and weaknesses too within ourselves and others alike and work to evolve ourselves, whatever it is we are facing. The willingness to learn before lead. And you must not lose faith, even if you get depressed, or anxious, or worse or lose hope. You got to keep moving forward. How much can you take that life will throw at you? That's what matters. Getting back up to face the bullies and jerks and meanieheads of the world, just like guys like my dude @Lastjustice did (i saw your comment of part of what influenced you to get your username.) Modnation675 is very Much like the parents of this site, and I have Much love and respect for them no matter what. (Much love guys. Sorry so long and dragged out!)

    See you guys in the contests! Thanks for participating in my contests and following me as well! -sj
  • @sorinjace
    You've definitely been through a lot and I'm glad people are so detailed in their responses.

    Our problems being members of the lgbttqia* community don't compare to that at all. I'm glad to know people of different ages on here. It's refreshing.
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    @sorinjace God


    I thought I had it bad, but now I see. You are a legend. Going through so much, and yet still coming here and providing all of us with laughter and enjoyment. There are no words to describe the kind of man you are.

    *Cheering and thunderous applause*
  • Hello everyone, just checking if there are any more contest/challenge holders that want to enter. So consider this a bump.

    Also, while I'm onto the topic. I will giving the prepaid card out within five days, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • @modnation675 I've been writing for a couple of days and still working on it.
    I'll be posting it this weekend
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing your writing.
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    I'm closing this contest to entries around the end of Sunday. So have those entries in soon.
  • Hm. Well, this is definitely different... I like it!
    To start, of course, my challenges. I haven't hosted many, only two as I rarely have ideas for these and only run one at a time but... well, here they are!

    1. Legends of Madness -
    2. Phyrexian perfection -


    As for why I want the prepaid card... well, to be blunt I really don't know exactly what you mean by that (though I have a fair idea reading all these other things). But I do know, it is nice to have some form of money to get things that I, or others, want. Especially when you don't have a constant income due to being slow to getting a grasp on life. (Don't worry about that, trust me, I'm not old enough to where it'll severely affect me or anything) And well... if it's for premium membership, that'd simply be great to have. The ability to go back and fix up older cards and such (though for limited time) would be fantastic. It would help greatly.


    Ooohh, and something about myself... well, I could stop after mentioning I'm in my late teens (I won't say exactly where), the fact I love MTG, video games, creating pixel art, DnD campaigns, and inventions and such. But I'll give a slight 'life story' addition to this. Can't hurt eh? (Don't worry, not my entire life story. Just what I feel to be the most important bits)

    (Also, I'm going to @Sorinjace here. He's been nice so far, and I think he should see this, as he is my freindo as far as I'm concerned on this website)

    Let's see... I grew up a small ways away from where I live now, born in a place I've been told is called Sugarland, which explains why I'm so hyperactive at times. (Little joke there) Ever since I've been moving as far back as I can recall. House to house, school to school, and friend group to friend group. It sucked but, eventually, I got used to it. The internet was my favorite go to as friends on there never went missing simply from moving around. It was constant. The household I grew up in was rather nice and forgiving about this, as well as nice in general. I had a mom and dad, constant income, a (usually) nice house, and I got to go to school during the school year. The house I grew up in was Christian so we went to church every Sunday, and that was that. Well, for a while at least. Eventually... about middle school, I discovered the 'lovely' rated R content of the internet, which in church, was called sin. Obviously I was a tad attached as well... you know, puberty and crud. But my parents talked to me about it and that was that. Except, it stuck. In secret, it just... stuck. Nonetheless, I continued life on as always, happy and care-free, thinking that as God forgave sins, I was good to go! We had settled down and lived in the same house for about... three/ four years, so middle school and my first year of high school. And things were great on the outside, I had friends I knew, a church, and things were getting better. Except... in the last year of that house, I noticed things. My mom and dad would argue to a point my dad would leave angrily and my mom would be sobbing, crying for minutes on end. I found cigarettes in my dads car that I removed and he called old but... well, they kept re-appearing. Items in the house started going missing. Including my age old PS3, that my dad 'let a friend borrow'. I'd later figure he'd been pawning things off for petty cash for cig's and drinks. No matter, I kept moving on, happy as can be. Until we moved. Again. Down to my grandma's house, as my dad had lost his job to a drug test as he had taken medical drugs he shouldn't have even had the day of the test. My mom got a job teaching and well... we started to resettle. But it wasn't the same. He had started talking and drinking with the next door neighbor, practically verbally abused my mom every day... it was horrible. One day he up and left with the neighbor. Not to long passed till the divorce was legally settled. And during this all I had gotten worse. I threw the 'god thing' as I called it out the window, and got really upset with my mom over everything, cursing her out over the dumbest things. And the GF i had at the time, my first, wasn't making things better. One night though, sitting in my room crying because I knew I was screwing things up, after a run away attempt, I heard what I can only call the voice of God, telling me to come back to him. Come back to him. So... after about half an hour of arguing with myself, I did. The day of later I broke things off with my GF, as it was for the better, for several reasons. And I kid you not, things started getting better. as I followed God and cleaned up my act according to the Bible, things got exponentially better. And all the while I had been going through things... well, my mom had done things. Through following God, she found a job. And with that job she found the man she is currently married to, a God follower just like her. And after a few months, leading to now, me, my brother, sister, mom, and new dad, have all been living happily. Despite some bumps along the way of course, through following God, things couldn't be better.

    Er... sorry-ish that was so long. Just uh... I get a little ranty at times. Hope you enjoyed!

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    I'm glad to see how religious beliefs can help a family relationship. Hopefully things are doing well on this site. It feels like a second home often.

    Personally, I think I should come clean about some things as well. Those being myself Mercy am a transgender teen with a multiple personality disorder. Noah as myself call modnation675 is an alternate personality.

    After there, things get weird. We have separate personalities and memories. We're completely separate and sometimes concious at the same time running in parallel so as to speak.

    Well that's enough about us. I'm just glad people are open to talking about their past.

    Last thing, only Noah aka modnation675 is active on here. Myself am busy with revamping our lifestyle in better health.
  • @modnation675

    Hm. I actually have a friend who has MPD, as I call it, yet... it wasn't good. At all. They had about four/five rather mean and aggressive personality, yet have since I met them managed to hold them on lock-down. It's good to see someone who has one, good, separate personality. Seems like it'd be, to say it lightly, interesting to live with.
  • @Shadow29870
    Yeah, it's a weird experience. But it can be character building.
  • Mm, good to hear @modnation675

    Oh, and yah, things are going well here, Christianity and all.
  • Nice to hear. :)
  • Indeedalydoo!
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    @modnation675 hats off to you, mental illness is no joke. Personally I deal with anxiety and depression. I had to look up Lgbttqia and well I learned upon reading that, that i have quite a few friends and family in that community, so I guess that makes me an Ally - a straight supportive friend to the community (so guess my white card I made of me fits! Lol) thank you for sharing that with us! I know it wasn't easy to do.

    @Shadow29870 I'm a believer in the GOD of Abraham as well, but I have my down days, believe that. I'm sorry you went through the struggles you did with your family too man. I see you as my friend as well, and you have good ideas don't sell yourself short on this! I'm glad you are here the forums need people like you and @modnation675 of course as well. :) If I can help with anything I generally try to, but if I can't, I try to find you someone better suited to give the advice your after.

    @Bobman111 thanks for the kind words! I left a ton of stuff out. I guess I can share another story.

    When I was 20 I used to live at this dude nicknamed Gizmos apartment after I had no place to go. I had met Gizmo back in highschool. I moved in there 1 month before 9-11-01 happened. I remember 9-11 like yesterday, and 9-11 was 9 days before my exgf took her own life, but that's not what I'm sharing. This is about how 2002 started for me. I came back from visiting an old friend I hadn't seen in over a year (stephanie) to the apartment. It was empty. I was in the kitchen (mind you it's run down bad, and there was writings and drawings all over the walls and holes too. I moshed one time with a couple people in the living room area and I sent a big guy through the kitchen dry wall he did that back to me too but the wall I went through was the wall in front of the furnace! Looking back, what the HE'LL was I thinking? Lol) and one neighbor showed up. Then another. And another. They blocked off the exit to the kitchen. I had no way out. The kitchen got full of people quick. Then the neighborhood drug dealer came in, he was always packing heat. He looked at me, and i was scared out of my mind. He says "we know you got a job, why didnt you tell us? What else have you been doing? You dont ever buy anything from us and yet you sneak off. Did you steal my mothers day check?" I said no i would never do that. He got more intimidating and then this fat kid Danny hits me in my stomach, it hurt bad enough I gutted over then people started hitting me, I thought I was going to die. I was on the floor curled up. Of all people, this neighbor, Jason, he came in, got me out of there, took me to his and his old lady's apartment, and said "you get 1 phone call. I don't know what you did or what they say you did nor do I care. I'm doing this because you've never disrespected me and my girl (his girl is black and hes white so to him it was a touchy issue because people have judged them for this. I didn't care, I never had a problem with him.) So make your call count and get the he'll up out of here tonight, they are on bs tonight."(Jason was feared by the neighborhood so you guys know. Long story.) I called my friend adam. He drove me to Stephanie and her dog died the same night right when I showed up, that was the icing to my night. I had an accident i wet the bed that night while sleeping, and I was very embarassed, her dad already was an intimidating dude, so I tried to wash the sheets and everything before he could find out. Stephan mom found out but she understood. She said "you could have died, it's ok your safe here." I couldnt stay forever, so about a month past and i came back. I was mad at Gizmo for not being there for me and being a coward. I fully intended on beating him up when i had the chance. But anyways i didnt want to run into John, (he was the one who started that mess in the kitchen, if you guys remember.) Well he came into this new friends of ours apartment down the street and he saw me. I know I had to be shaking, I was scared out of my mind. He always carried a weapon of some kind, and I still didn't know what he was talking about. Well, he saw me, came over to me, put his hand calmly but firmly on my knee and said "I'm not mad at you, and I know you didn't steal no check from me. I set that whole thing up because I wanted to see what you would do in a situation like that. You didn't call the cops, so that's a good thing. I was testing you. Do you really think I'd let anyone steal anything from me, especially money? You dont got to worry about that ever again, I'm sorry it happened. We didn't know you that well, you don't come around us often. But if you ever need me for anything, you can get ahold of me."

    Needless to say, I was mad I got jumped. I thought that it was bs. I don't know whatever happened to john, last I heard he went to Florida and never came back and no ones heard from him since. I don't talk to Adam no more haven't since 2002. Same with stephanie. Gizmo I just saw 2 and a half months ago at a Onceover(local band) reunion show. He's gotten longer hair now. He's doing better it seems. I have more stories with that dude, man, but too much to put here. Let's just say I beat him up twice and protected him once while in work release from some guys teasing him, we have a crazy history together. Before that show I hadn't seen him since 2009.

    Sorry these seem to keep going so long. Guess I've got lots to share. Sorry if this bored you any, my life has been a rollercoaster to say the least.
  • @sorinjace

    Heh, thanks, truly. I'm always hesitant with online people but you seem chill. Same to you, especially after reading some of your story. Just message me and I'll try to get to you if I can.
  • @Shadow29870 I've been told often that I should write an autobiography or have someone else write it. I usually joke back and say I don't want to give anyone nightmares. :)
  • @sorinjace

    Pft... Well that's, one way of describing things.
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    Lol. Yep. Hey @Shadow29870 i made a 'flip card' for jpastors mystery box challenges i didnt give it flavor text and i thought about putting it in kalammekhar's brother from another mother contest but im afraid he wont accept it or like it because it dont got flavor text, but if you look at real flip cards, they dont have flavor text because theres no room for it, so I tried to make it as authentic as possible using what we have here without the flavortext.
  • 1) Reactivation Challenge #48: Planeswalker Lore Contest (Feel free to stop by!)
    Reactivation Challenge #44: Legendary Turncoats (Closed) (@Corwinnn created the challenge but we co-hosted/judged it).
    Mechanic Synergy Contest (Closed)

    2) I would say I want the card to buy premium, but I've been able to get it when necessary anyway thanks to the kindness of @modnation675 and @mtgcardsmith. So instead, the one reason I want the card is to help support MTGCardsmith by getting another playmat from them (I absolutely love the Retribution one, the art is spectacular and so striking from up close.)

    3) "I" am actually a "We," as we are twins who used the same account at first to start our custom set and slowly shifted into creating for challenges.
    We technically have been creating cards only for about 5-7 years (can't remember exactly), but only got serious about putting in the effort and actually signed up on MTGCardsmith about a 1.5 years ago.
    Outside of Magic, we design board/card games as a hobby (Though using MTGCardsmith somewhat fits in with that at some level), and are avid fans of Greek myths, Terry Pratchett (something we share with multiple people on this site as it turns out), and rowing.
    We don't really have any moving stories to give, as our lives have been pretty normal and we have been lucky enough to not have to worry about a lot, but we're glad MTGCardsmith can be such a welcoming community (props to @sorinjace and you @modnation675 especially for getting people to go beyond just making custom cards here).
  • Nice to hear we have more families designing cards together. Our family is more interested in playing video and board games.

    But our mom, joined us to play unstable and she placed better than us. I couldn't help the temptation to get a full playset of selfie preservation.
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