Planeswalker's Journey



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    @Arceus8523 Thanks! Anything you can do would be great.
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    I'm with family so I'm not actually in front of a reliable computer all that much.
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    By the way, I chose option B.

    4 Common
    1 Uncommon
    2 Rare
    1 Mythic Rare
    1 Legendary
  • Can we extend this a bit because this was my test week, but I have fall break starting Sat. I wont be busy...maybe Sunday night @Jonteman93
  • @DoctorFro (No he can't. Make your own thread then.)
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    What... I don’t want to quit I just need an extra day to get cards in bc the week before break is busy...:)
    Wouldn’t start my work thread Bc that would bc a copy and weird also I am too I am asking Jonteman for a slight extension so that I have a the chance to compete and not just be eliminated bc of time restraints
  • @DoctorFro Sorry but if I would begin making changes to the deadline this late I would seem unfair since I haven't done that during either of the two earlier occasions I had been asked.
    Two people has to be eliminated and it is those two had the lowest score at the moment of elimination.
    If I change the deadline in the last moment then those that are eliminated might not be those that should have been in the first place. If someone makes sure that they survive by the deadline and then I change the deadline to let someone else climb above them before they realize that the time has been changed. I'm unfair towards them.

    The best thing I can do to be fair is to be clear with the deadlines and thus give everyone the same opportunity without taking their own life into consideration since that would be somewhat impossible.
    I can make changes to the deadlines if I make sure people receive the information in time for them to have a minimum opportunity to plan around that or if they are sure that a last minute change might happen. The time people need to plan is different for everyone but at an absolute minimum of 24 hours is required. Since my attitude has been that the deadline is "set in stone" I have to continue following that mindset until I declare otherwise.

    Sorry for the amount of text. My intentions are to make it clear but this might make it more confusing instead.
    This is just a silly contest/game after all.
  • You hear something move close to you. You recognize the sound as the snake but it sounds different. It sounds bigger. A shadow of glowing mist in the form of a snake crawls out towards you. It is almost invisible but not as earlier. You can follow a moment of the very dim glow as it moves towards you. The snake stops beside you and stretches its head upward towards your hear.

    "Two voices have been silenced tonight. Ten remains."

    It lowers its head and disappears once again from where it came.
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    Christo, Friend of Many has been silenced and sent home.
    Nann the Curious has been silenced and sent home.

    image image

    @DoctorFro, @LyndonF
    You two have sadly been eliminated this week. I hope you'll continue to have fun and feel free to continue following this journey if you would want to.
  • This week a huge amount of cards has been submitted and people have been moving many positions up and down due to it. The results ended extremely close, relatively closer than it has been during any of the earlier challenges.
    Here is the ranking as it is now before challenge 7.

    1st @ShaperKyon
    2nd: @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    3rd @MonkeyPirate2002
    4th @Aggroman15
    5th @AxNoodle
    6th @Bobman111
    7th @Arceus8523
    8th @BorosPaladin
    9th @Decaldor
  • Challenge #7 - Assembling an army
    You have arrived in a new land. The tower is clearly visible in the far distance.
    You think back on the encounter with the planeswalker and what the man of the tower had said. "You are being tested and trained".
    The initial spell that started the conflict between you and that other planeswalker had indeed missed but if it had hit you it would have left a massive wound. Even if the source was something else than the planeswalker, it meant that you are not prepared for what might wait in this land. If the man said the truth then this land would cover many dangerous tasks.
    You are in need of coverage so you can make progress without being easily ambushed.
    You are in need of a force with witch you can survive these eventual dangers.
    You are in need of an army.

    The challenge
    Create an "army" (create cards that create tokens)
    hehe createception...

    For this challenge you'll receive:

    * 1 rare slot
    * 1 uncommon slot

    Jonte's example cards:
    image image image

    Have fun!
  • Something tells me this “challenge” isn’t merely meant to test our planeswalkers.
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    Alex awoke very annoyed, as he had not retained consciousness for more than 15 minutes in many days. When he awoke this time he was in a dark room with only the masked man from before.

    "That was a clever trick you played," Said the masked man "Using me like that, but that won't work this time." The man then knelt down and it was then that Alex saw that this was not the same man but rather a different one who sounded similar, except there was one crucial difference, he was blind.

    "I know, isn't this surprising, he's my twin, the one you controlled. That was a powerful spell you cast, it took our most powerful spellcrafters weeks to undo the spell." Alex shrugged his soldiers and began to try and escape the chains. He was stopped by the blind man, who hit him with the hilt of his sword.

    "Oh please, I may not be able to see, but it would take a fool to not notice that," The blind man then stood up and sat on a table that Alex had not noticed before. "Now, I have a proposition for you, The Overlord sees potential in you and wishes to recruit you as one of his viziers."

    "I have a better idea, take me to this Overlord of yours, I will kill him and hang his body from pole made of his viziers twisted spines." Said Alex with such force that the blind man staggered a bit.

    "So it is true, that you are a shadowspeaker, how very intriguing," Said the blind man as he began to walk towards Alex. "Very well, The Overlord will accept your challenge." He then bent down and began to undo Alex's chains. Once off, Alex got to his feet and began to move towards the door.

    "Where are you going?" Asked the blind man as he cocked his head.

    "To defeat your pitiful Overlord." Said Alex with enough spite to shake the plane at it's roots. The blind man then removed his mask and unsheathed his sword.

    "Well you're looking at him." Said the blind man with a smile. Alex cracked his knuckles and unsheathed his hook.

    "This will be easy."Said Alex as he stepped towards the man.

    ---15 Minutes Pass---

    The door of the room opens and Alex steps out of the room, unharmed. He exits the room to hundreds of masked men, kneeling on either side of him. One man stands and steps towards him.

    "So, you are victorious," Said the man as he bowed to Alex, "If you will, come with me, I will show you to the throne room." Alex nodded and followed the man. A few minutes later they arrive in an elaborately decorated throne room, with a deep black obsidian throne at it's center. Alex walked forwards and sat on the throne.

    "I could get used to this." Said a voice, resonating deeply in everyone's minds. And some in that room swear they could see a smile underneath that mask. And from this day forward, Alex Jones became the Overlord of the Brotherhood.
  • @Jonteman93


    What is the master's true plan? I disbelieve he merely sends this entity to devour our gifts to test us. You're hiding something very important from us...

    Spell slots left:

    Rare: 1
    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 3
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    (Gonna make some stories later.)

    image image

    EDIT: Ok card fixed.

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    My entry:


    I will write some story as soon as @Arceus8523 posts the first part of our story for Mistaken Rivalry.
  • @ShaperKyon
    Like I said, I've been a bit busy. Sorry I'm holding you up!
  • @Arceus8523 It's completely fine, no problem at all. Whatever you're doing in real life is more important than this story.
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    Ok! Tokens! I can do that! (I don't know if I actually have 2 rare slots left, so if I don't, just say so.)


  • @Aggroman15 You only have 1 rare slot free.
    You have used:
    Commons: 5 of 7
    Uncommons: 6 of 7
    Rares: 5 of 6 (not including those two)
    *Mythics: 0 of 1
    *Legendaries: 1 of 2
    * Depends if The Overlay
    was an intended entry.
    I don't think I got an answer if it was an entry or a story card.
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    Token maker:
    Army protector (And especially good for my contolling counterpells niche)
    Disperse is my custom mechanic
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    @Jonteman93 these next two cards are actually a part of a hybrid card like the ones from Ravnica. Please consider those cards as using one slot.


    Spell slots left:

    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 3
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 How come you are suddenly elemental tribal? I thought that was my thing! (I mean, it's fine, but I'm just wondering why.)
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    I felt like it would be interesting for our planeswalkers to be foils of each other. While we are both elemental tribal, we represent the opposite sides of the elemental spectrum. Ice vs. fire, wind vs. earth. It's like well-written rivals in entertainment. The protaganist and his rival share certain traits with each other in order to highlight the traits they don't.

  • @Jonteman93 I just saw the map that you put on the TOC2 thread, and it's pretty good. I feel like you would do a good job making the map of Clancularius. (You don't have to, just saying that you did a good job on one map, and I think that you could do a good job on another.)
  • @Aggroman15 The thing is that I have had a map in my head for Avelaide for a long time so making the map was just a question about putting it down on paper.
    Clancularius I don't have such mind map for since it was never the purpose to begin with. I think most of you have more understanding for the land since you write stories, I only create vague scenarios so if you guys want a map then feel free to create one.
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    For the challenge.
    How many slots do I have left.
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