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I am here to announce a story based competition.

You will make an legendary creature to be your adventurer and provide a little backstory to your character. Your adventurer with start being 0-3 CMC. You can create an non-legendary instant/sorcery spell or artifact card (0-3 CMC) that goes with your character.

I will provide info on where you are and how you got there and I will give you your first challenge.

Over the course of the adventure you will get points and rewards from challenges and as your points build up you will have more options and cards to create.

After 8 people join it will locked until someone is defeated, leaves or I make an exception.

Have fun creating your character!


  • This sounds suspiciously like Planeswalker’s Journey... —______—
  • @Ranshi922 I kind of based it off of things like that but I haven't specifically based it on any one. I just want to write some story
  • As I can't take part in Planeswalkers journey, I will enter in this.

    My legendary creature.

    Other card.

    The Wanderer, (As no one knows his name and he doesn't care to tell them), was exiled from his tribe at a young age. No one knows why, and again, he won't tell them. He just wants to have as much fun in his life before he dies, and travels the world to see as much of it as possible. He doesn't like hurting others, and doesn't like people that hurt others.
    (Sorry, not that much of a backstory. Basically a fun loving, carefree orc that travels the world and explores as much as possible. Unless someone makes him mad.)
  • Ooh an orc! I don't remember when I last saw one of those
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    The Wanderer was doing what he did best, he was wandering. After a nasty fight with a band of Goblins that had tried to cook his wolf he needed a place to rest and what he saw ahead was the perfect place, a forest. After traveling through the woods he had found a nice creek to wash off in. After releasing his wolf to patrol the area he decided to rest in the stream. Hours into his rest he heard some kind of song coming from the thicker area of the woods.

  • I try to find the source of the song.
  • The Wanderer follows the sound of the song venturing through the forest. As he grew nearer to the source he began to feel drowsy. Finally after reaching a clearing he sees a lady in a tree playing the song.


    "Hello there." She greets you kindly.
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    I say hi back. Just cause, I get my axe ready though.
    (As a side effect of traveling do much, he is wary of any stranger he meets in the woods).
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    Backstory: As a child Dave Lucas was always passionate about guns and cowboys, this lead him to join the U.S. army when he came of age. After a few missions overseas he was killed in action and found himself reincarnated in a fantasy world. Enjoying his second life at the age of twelve his town was burnt down by a arcane miscast and he was horribly disfigured. This lead to his usual mistrust and sometimes hatred of magic and mages. He created a pair of revolvers for himself donned a mask and wonders the lands dealing vigilante justice, bringing firearms to the world and showing people that you don't need magic to succeed in life.
  • @BorosPaladin I dont see the point of the green ability bc double strike doesnt apply in fights
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    Sure. Why not. I'll join this. It's like a second PWJ, but only with creatures instead of planeswalkers!


    Brenthar is from a world where science and magic collide, with some... interesting results. He was a professor on quantum mechanics at a university when he discovered a very special type of magic; Spatial Magic. Spatial Magic allows the user to warp distances and get to far away places through wormholes. He was experimenting with Spatial Magic, attempting to figure out time travel, when he was suddenly thrust from his planet and his time, to wherever our story begins.
  • @DoctorFro
    The green is there because this was originally designed as an archer but I changed my mind mid way and it evaded the chopping block.
    I could change it but I would be a bit of a hassle at this point.
  • @01101

    "We have expected you to arrive" She said "and don't let that sound menacing, it was just a little song to help guide your way."

    "What do you want with me?" The Wanderer grunted.

    "Oh just a favor" She sung "Nothing too much, at least for you.

    "Fine, I have nothing against you" He stated

    She then started walking "Just follow me into here" She said leading him into a new area of the forest that seemed to be glowing because of some kind of lights on the trees.

  • @BorosPaladin

    Vade is traveling along a mountain range hunting a bounty for an archmage that had "punished" the town of Cervisia. (More on that place later) As he is traversing a ledge across a valley he sees a band of pyromancers seemingly attacking something.

  • @Aggroman15

    Brenthar didn't realize what he did until it was too late and since it was too late he didn't realize what he did.

    2 Days Ago
    Brenthar had just finished a meeting on his hypothesis and once again he had been declined assistance but this time he decided he didn't need assistance anymore.

    27 Hours Ago:
    The energy reading had a single huge spike about an hour ago, seemingly forming the shape of something like an orc. These readings fluctuated constantly but currently it was quiet but it was an eerie quiet, as if it was waiting for something or maybe even resting as if it needed power.


    15 Hours Ago:
    The energy has spiked higher than ever but in a different way. It was like it was closer to him and his research it was almost as if it was in the air around him. He had been here for almost 2 days and he was ready to take a break at the end of the day but he had to finish it first.

    1 Hour and 30 Minutes ago:
    He could feel the energy surging through the air now almost as if it was going to consume him. He had tried his best to clear the air, he opened widows and turned on fans but nothing was working it was just sitting in the room.

    10 Minutes Ago:
    The spatial energy was starting to settle inside him at this point and he let it happen too. He had let it spread throughout him and after it had gone through him he started to take control of it. He had started to open holes between space, he had even named them, rifts he called them able to transport matter. It was growing stronger in him though, he could feel it. It felt like a rift was building inside of him but that isn't possible, it would be too large of a rift.

    He could feel the energy ripping through him, tearing apart and smashing together the molecules inside him. The rift was growing and feeding off of him, taking him in and and spitting him out. He thought it had finished him when he blacked out but when he woke up he realized what had happened. As he woke up he looked around and saw he was no longer in his laboratory but on a beach next to a forest, the rift had transported him.

    His research had been right.
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    The Wanderer:
    Location: The Sparkling Forest of Alania

    Location: Mountains Southwest of Cervisia

    Location: Islands of Perdita
  • I follow her, because why not.
  • @pjbear2005
    Vade tries to sneak up on them, if he sees they are attacking anyone, no matter the circumstances he immediately opens fire. If not he barges into the group and attempts to scare them off with warning shots, if they then attack him he also opens fire.
  • Brenthar looks around. What does he see?

  • @01101

    The Wanderer follow her into the grove of trees, the lights are many different colors and they float around the trees.

    "This is a sacred land for our people" She says "Each light is the goodness in a person, throughout our history the lights have shined and dimmed." She continues showing you through the grove but as you move forward the lights keep dimming down until they both reach an area of shadows where the lights seem to have disappeared completely.

    "Where have you taken me?" The Wanderer says feeling some kind of dark energy seep inside him. "We don't need to be here anymore" She states, leading you away from the darkness. "Your mind hasn't been trained against that energy, it took me awhile to defend myself against it." She dragged on "but the main problem is where it's coming from, there seems to be a group that has been corrupted by some type of dark power,"

    "Well why do you need me?" He asked "You seem to have a liable armada."

    "The ones corrupted were given some kind of increase in both physical and magical power and our warriors stand no chance."

  • @BorosPaladin

    Vade quietly slides down the side of the mountain, readying his weapons as he sneaks up on the pyromancers who are beating down on someone in knights gear, their weapon lying a couple feet away.

    Worried about hitting the person on the ground he fired a couple shots above their heads. "Get away from that knight" He commanded

    "What will you do about it?" One of them asked, readying a flame.

    "Leave before I open fire" Vade said, his weapon pointed at the leader

    "This isn't your place gunslinger" The leader said raising a wall of flame as Vade fired.


    The magical fire was powerful but the bullets hit each of their targets except for one on the side.

    Vade stepped forward as the wall ceased "Run and tell any other friends you have to stand clear of me." The pyromancer ran off fearfully. All that remained of the encounter was some burnt cloth, the knight laying on the ground and the dead pyromancers.
  • @Aggroman15

    I have FNM tonight so the continuation of Brenthar's story will be delayed until either late tonight or tomorrow
  • Vade applies military first aid to the knight.

    He then moves to a more isolated position and sets up explosive traps in the woods.
  • @Aggroman15

    Brenthar is laying on the ground of a beach. His mind is fuzzy but he can remeber some of what happened as he got up and looked around, most of his surroundings are beach but to his right there was a dense forest. Now fully awake he decided to move into the shade and maybe find some kind of civilization or at least some food.

    20 Minutes Later:

    After a while walking he came across a clearing with a campsite in the middle, there were people walking around doing work and sitting around a fireplace.
  • Brenthar walks up to the people. "Hello. My name is Brenthar. I seem to be lost. Where is the nearest city from here?"
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    Vade picks the knight up and sets her down against a rock to get a better view of her injuries. After some basic first aid he decides she's travel ready, even though she wasn't awake. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder to start the journey.

    An Hour Later:

    After traveling through the ridge and into a forest, he decided it would be a good place to stop and rest. Setting her down against a tree he used a knife to cut some branches and put them in a pile with a bunch of dead leaves to start a fire.

    After a while the knight started to stir from her slumber.

    "Where am I" She blurted out "And who are you?"
  • @Aggroman15

    "Lost you say?" Says an old druid "Well we can help with that" He continues as he turns around and seemingly opens some type of portal with his staff "Just walk through here and you will be at the capital of these islands"

    Brenthar gaped as the inhabitants waved at him while he walked through this magical portal.


  • @Aggroman15 @BorosPaladin

    This is your chance to try and impress me

    For Brenthar's story you must create what you think the capital of a set of isands would be.

    For Vade's story you must create a card based on how you want to approach the knight or a card based on the fight to save her
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    Here's your capital!

  • @pjbear2005
    NOOOO!!! Social interactions my one weakness!

    I'll try but I have no clue how to do this.
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