Tommia used Metronome! [Cards Based on Pokémon Moves and Traits] (TCPG Bi-Weekly Challenges #5)

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Don’t think about the card game. It’s time for hardcore Pokémon inspiration!

This challenge should be interesting... at least I think so. Your objective is to make cards inspired by Pokémon moves and traits! They don’t have to be related in any way to Pokémon, or even have the same name as the move or trait. All you need to do is a card inspired by the move or trait in question. Here are the stipulations:

- If the move works over multiple turns (ex. Fire Spin) or is a permanent status boost (ex. Buff Up), or if the card will be based off a trait (ex. Insomnia) the card must be an enchantment.
- If the move is an attack (ex. Quick Attack) or something similar (ex. Fly), the card must be an instant or sorcery.
- You can make cards for any move or trait, even if someone else has.
- You may only make two cards for any one move or trait.
- Limit ten cards per Smith.
- Cards made previously are accepted. Limit five previously made cards per Smith. These cards count towards your ten card limit.
- Un-Cards will be accepted. Limit five Un-Cards per Smith. Un-Cards don’t count towards your ten card limit.
- The deadline will be some time after January 17th


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