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Hello, fellow cardsmiths! This contest will be a bit different from my usual contests, but fun all the same! From now, December 24th until December 31st, I will be accepting participants to join in this adventure. How it turns out is entirely up to you!

What this is: Its a Saga Contest. Meaning, a developing character in an ongoing contest! There will be standoffs, cardsmith team ups, choices will have to be made by participants in their characters developing lore, and these choices could lead your character to victory or untimely death! How will it turn out? The choices (and quality of cards submitted) will determine your characters fate! Does this sound interesting to you? Are you willing to accept the challenge? Then simply post a comment here stating you want in, and submit a card of a character you would like to use with a little bit of the characters story! Once the 1st arrives, the challenges shall begin!





  • Are old cards allowed?
  • This new-ish genre is pretty intersesting. Count me in.
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    Markus was assigned as the as the sole bodyguard of princess Aisha shortly after the deaths of her late father and her late mother, the king and queen, who died in an attack caused by the demon Vicarso. Due to some political maneuvering he found himself promoted from the rank of lowly squire to champion of the heir to the throne, her current sole defender. He spends most of his days trying futility to keeps her Impulsive highness both entertained and safe from danger, as well as quite successfully to defend her from harm. He belies that he could potentially come to understand his charge seing as they both lost both parents to a terrifying beast, they both faced the betrayal of a loved one and they are both not that far apart in age, (although they are quite different in hight a fact that annoys the princess a lot). He also acknowledges that that will never come to pass seing as he must protect the princess on a daily basis from both political assassination attempts from the court and the hidden strings of control from the church. All that alongside the daily treat to their lives the princess will accidentally create and her unending pranks done to his expense. It's not easy being a knight but alas if he wishes to have his revenge he must endure, that and the fact that should he fail in his task to defend her highness his life is forfeit.
  • @KJMartin yes, old cards are totally allowed! :)
  • Awesome @ASubtleGhost! Your presence is going to help this contest be a lot more fun, your work in the Out Of This World contest was great! What will your character be for this contest? anything goes right now, it can be fully evolved or a beginning character, as I am not a full on D & D player, I don't follow the role play rules, I am just going to go with lore for this contest and have some fun for each character presented!
  • @BorosPaladin As we wait for other contenders to drop their characters into the story that will be told by you guys (yes everything will be revealed later, I promise!), I want to thank you for being the first to create a card for this contest!! I am writing the script for each character once I see them presented here with their creators background story. Once I see enough to add to the story line after the deadline to enter arrives, we will begin. This is like the Choose Your Own Adventure books, but as a contest! :) What you choose will determine if you and your creature move on and survive or die!
  • Oh, this is far too exciting an idea to pass up! I shall have a character and backstory written up asap!!
  • Gonna join...
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    Me too!

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    On a far off plane as of yet untouched by the spark was a continent embroiled in a war that raged between many mighty powers. A small village existed there. A village that was bombarded with heavy, unending rain. There, Oni lived. A race of peaceful demi-humans indigenous to the area, who could farm crops despite the constant flooding and live in that torrent. Oni looked almost entirely human. The males were quite a bit taller and broader and even the women were stronger than most human men, but it would still be hard to tell the difference. Unless, of course, that Oni had suffered an immense tragedy. For those that had experienced something truly traumatic, two sharp, red horns would grow on thier forehead. Their teeth would sharpen, their skin would redden and their eyes would begin to shine an eerie, amber glow. These Oni were treated with reverence and often became elders of the Oni villages.

    Ame, the daughter of an Oni merchant, was working the fields the day an ambassador of one of the human factions rode into her village. They demanded the service of the Oni. Ownership of their lands. Knowledge of their secrets. Conscription of their able. For days on end, the Elders met and debated. Soon, the ambassador returned with a pocket of soldiers, demanding an answer. The Oni refused. The humans attacked.

    The humans in their heavy armour, however, found themselves unable to fight in the icy rain. They were quickly cut down, the ambassador allowed to flee, as he was unarmed. The human was outraged, determined to get revenge. He'd have his country storm this pitiful village and slaughter the Oni altogether. Ame watched the ambassador leave, clutching a human blade in her hand. The Horned Elders' decision were final. Their wisdom was grand and their love for the villagers was absolute. But still, Ame wondered if this conflict could have been avoided. If her friends and family would survive the rage of the human king they had just scorned.
    Her knuckles whitened. She gritted her teeth. Resolute.
    But nothing could prepare her for what the future held.


    Tried to keep it as short as I could! Let me know if there's anything you think won't work with the challenges or such and I'll edit it accordingly!!
  • @LostinStatic this is great! Thank you for entering; best of luck to your character Ame in her part of this adventure!

    Basically what will happen is once allparticipants have submitted their creature to represent them in this contest the contest will begin. I am giving everyone until the endof the year to enter and create a story for their creature, and once the beginning of the new year starts, so will the contest!

    How it will go down is in the beginning of the contest all creatures will havebeen brought together and each of those creatures' cardsmiths will have to choose from a list of numbers what they do next in the story. There will be options, some will lead you to your next card challenge, some will lead you to power up gadgets for you the cardsmith, some lead to rewards like favorites, while others will lead you to your death if your not careful! You, as a contestant, must choose wisely. Your creatures success will depend on it!

    Each number will have a mini story scripted out for you personally to follow. Once you pick a number no other cardsmith can choose that number, its a first come, first serve basis. You decide what option to create a card for, then if the scenario requires it, you come up with the story influenced by thecard you made. Then, you request another number thats still available to you, and i will post what mini story is behind each number. Again though; be careful, or it could mean your fate!
  • i will make sure everyones first pick wont kill their character outright off the rip. All week illbe writing this stuff up; should be fun!
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  • Name: Tovarev

    Age: 40

    Height: 6,1"

    Weight: 145lb

    Tovarev has a unique passion for weaponry, armory and any other artifacts used for warfare. He lives on Zendikar in his sky ship "Kometa" and has a fleet of all different races to help him and his Pirates create a new world to live in after the destruction of the Eldrazi. His warriors have been trained with the duty of protecting the new land at all costs from ravenous cutthroats, known as "The Cult of Nixilis" and the demons they send out to ravage and pillage and destroy all that is left of the peace that he seeks to create, so that is why Tovarev has allied with Commander Tazri in order to defend Zendikar with all the allies she and Tovarev can get. Which is why Tovarev utilizes his knack for building weapons and armor, that led to him and his crew, being the ones to fight against the Cultists, while a new peace is being built upon the high mountains, protected by allies.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/leysa-sister-of-pain?list=user

    Name: Leysa Tariana

    Age: 19

    At 11, Leysa made a death pact to save the lives of her family. She now lives in servitude to This guy: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/destrake-patron-of-the-damned-1?list=user She strafes under his rule, and worries as her sanity leaves more and more with each passing day.
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    Sounds interesting guys @kandra127 and @KanekiDemon, thanks for your entries! We have a few days until the Saga begins, to give people more time to drop their creature in the contest with a small background story, please waitwhile we give other cardsmiths more time! :)
  • @sorinjace, are there any character restrictions? i.e. cmc, p/t...
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    Dahv'ar is deleted. Just wanted to let you know.
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    Marogc was the child of an entrepreneurial Gank technician. His father started a business creating robotic limb replacements and augmentations. This business, helped by the fact that Ganks heavily augment themselves, by the time Marogc was a young teen, he had several modifications to his person. When he reached adulthood, his family was brutally murdered by a group of pirates. He vowed to destroy ever last one of those pirates, and took up the proffession of bounty hunting to better him towards this end.

    Now, he currently plies the space lanes of the galaxy, selling his services to the highest bidder, honing his skills and searching for the band of pirates. He is accompanied in his endeavor by an assassin droid IG-87, a Sakiyan technician Grahs' Dar, and a Gand Medic Gendra, he hunts down his quarry with ruthless efficiency.
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    Stormdancer wasn't born into the position she now holds, or the name. It took years of turmoil, plotting, and scheming. Born O-Ren Ishii, and orphaned at an early age, she never knew her mother, and barely her father. What she did know was who her father had crossed. Which, eventually, led to his demise.

    Working the streets since the age of eight, O-Ren quickly learned who to trust and who to stay away from, and also where. A quick learner in all aspects of the streets, O-Ren rapidly made a name for herself, and not in all good circles.

    One day, as O-Ren was working a job, she came across an assailant that she was most certain to strike down. His only saviour were his final words, "You look just like your mother." Had hearing those words, O-Ren was aghast, and fumbled her blade, not striking a killing blow, but severing his throat just enough as the man would never speak again. She swiftly rushed to his side, demanding what he knew of her mother. Unable to say a single word, but there are other means of communication. O-Ren escorted him to the nearest medical facility, where the priests did the best they could to heal the man.

    Over the next few weeks, while the man recovered, he did his best to explain who he has and how he knew O-Ren's mother. The man was simply known as Musa, he was an established lieutenant in the local Syndicate, and so had been her mother years before. She had fallen in love with a man, O-ren's father, who was mostly a rival of her Syndicate. They had disappeared together for years trying to live a normal life, but life kept on catching up to them. One day, as O-Ren's father was out, the Syndicate had eventually caught up to the pregnant mother, and cut her open in cold blood, intending to kill all...

    I have more bio, but I got tired of typing...
  • @spookoops no restrictions, but nothing crazy like emrakul or progenitus please. Background stories are helping me to write the scenarios as well, keep them coming please guys, im kinda new to this type of contest as well, i hope i do it justice for you all. I may have offline friends help me write some of this too if i get burned out so it stays fresh for everyone!
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    Grayvan Klenn's name isn't Grayvan Klenn at all, and he certainly isn't a human. But he likes the name.
    He is a faithful servant to Karveen, The Unknown, God of secrets, plots and conspiracies, who weaves the strands of his unseen domain across the Blind Eternities into a web that laces around each and every Plane He lays His silken touch upon.
    As such, Grayvan Klenn's task, like many of his siblings', is to surveil and spy upon the unknowing inhabitants of the Planes his master is interested in, in His unending quest for knowledge.
    Currently, Grayvan is on [whatever plane the action will start from], and he sports his favorite form, a tall, grizzled middle-aged man, inconspicuous enough to not draw too much attention, but still impressive when he dons his stag-horned helm and black armor when commanding respect is needed.
    His current objective is to get along with the locals and assess the powers in place, before moving on to the next part of his mission, which his master keeps secret from him until the time is right.

    Grayvan is not a mindless scion, and is entirely free of choice in his actions. His decisions sometimes conflict with his mission's imperatives, as he follows his own agenda, but Karveen knows better than to bend His subjects to His will forcefully. He likes a little unpredictability. It makes for more ... entertaining outcomes.
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    Tiera comes from a barren land, she is a manifestation of what people there call the Light. Beings who came from the light have undocumented power, and the Light creates new beings all the time. Tiera is from the latest batch of the Gifted. Her closest friend Kyz also came from the Light. Kyz didn't have a gift at first, and was considered a reject. Following in the path of many of the rejected she became a nomad.

    After years of harassment from the Gifted Kyz, found her gift.


    Sitting in a tent with Tiera, Kyz felt a small buzz in her chest. They were playing cards for the hundredth time today. She was about to win, the feeling was amazing. Then it happened as it always does, Tiera acquired the perfect card to win the game. Then the anger of losing, and finally the realization of defeat. Except that feeling of defeat never came, instead the buzz grew stronger, pain, that buzz was now pain. Searing pain.

    Kyz screamed louder than anyone or anything Tiera had ever heard in her life.
    "Kyz! Are you okay?!" shouted Tiera.
    Kyz kept screaming, she crumpled to the ground writhing in pain. Tiera put an arm over her friend to keep her comfort. Nothing seemed to stop the pain Kyz was feeling. Then a glow...

    They appeared in a small town with salt in the air, and water heard in the distance. Kyz stood up, and separated herself from Tiera. Tiera began to speak then Kyz vanished in a blink of light.


    Ten years passed and Tiera lived in this town playing games as she normally does. Winning with her uncanny knack for the luck of the draw.

    Although she felt guilty, guilty for hurting Kyz. Tiera was now dissatisfied with winning, so every once in a while she would rig the odds in someone else's favor. Giving them the satisfaction of winning and achievement. Hoping that one day Kyz would forgive her and they could be together again.


    Five years pass


    It's raining outside and Tiera is on her way to play Pathfinder at her local game store. She has all her materials, for today was her first day being GM. She was one block away from the store when she spotted a blue jacket in the window across the street. Beautiful the only word to describe it. She glanced away, but a flash of light behind the jacket drew her attention back across the street. Reminiscent of the light that took Kyz away from her.

    She hurried into the game store set her stuff down and sprinted across the street. Too close-minded to check if any danger was coming. She flung open the door to the clothes shop, and there at the counter was Kyz yelling at the employee.

    "Where is my friend you close-minded reject!" demanded Kyz.

    "I don't know where your friend is ma'am, but I can take a name." replied the cowardly employee.

    "Her name is TIERA. Now where is she?!"

    "I'm sorry, but I just don't know..."

    "I'm here." Tiera spoke tenderly.

    To be continued...



    Kyz's gift is not said in this story.
    Kyz is a planeswalker.
    Tiera is in love with Kyz, but is too afraid to let Kyz know before she vanishes.
    The plane they went to was Earth.

    Any questions you have let me know. :)
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    Kaan is a pretty intelligent mage, who even completed his studies at a highly respected academy. However, his main focus remained on the art of creating objects purely with magic who follow his very command. He succeeded pretty quickly and continued to train controlling as many objects as he could at the same time. For this purpose, he shut himself in in a small castle on top of a mountain near a village. This secrecy resulted in the suspiciousness of the villagers, who grew afraid of a mage so close to them. Soon, they gathered and decided to chase away that nuisance with force.
    Kaan noticed them when they closed in on the castle and took a decision he'd regret. He created copies of himself to defend against the villagers. At first, everything went well and the copies were able to defeat the villagers and sent them running, however he didn't only copy the body, but also his mind. His own creations didn't obey him anymore and claimed to be him. They started fighting again over who was the real Kaan and in that moment, the original summoned his weapons and killed everything, over and over again until only he remained. The stress of controlling and fighting everyone had altered his appearance to that of an old man, so he used his powers for the last time and created himself anew, entirely with all his memories and thoughts. This action opened his path to near immortality if no one should kill him. However, his body would never again be alive, but only a husk of his former self
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    my story is very short.
    Sarlius' parents didn't expect him to be a dragonborn, or for him to become a paladin.
    they expected him to be another half-elf, just like they where. however, his silver dragon blood that had lied dormant for months, had awakened in him.
    ten years after he became a paladin, the demon lord Pazuzu tried to kill him...
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    Heya, seems like a fun thing, i'd very much like to participate, so here's the character i would like to submit for this contest.


    Yienva, Blade of Adventure: A long time ago, on an unknown plane, Yienva served an unknown god, the god that created her. She swore to protect this being, but before she knew what happened, this god was killed, destroyed by a planeswalker of unknown origin, when she arrived, she only caught a glimpse of the walker, before it disappeared into the blind eternities.
    Her god was gone, killed, but she didn't feel anger neither did she feel lost, all she felt was curiousity towards this being; "What could it be thinking?" Why did it do what it did? "How did it disappear?" and most importantly "Where did it disappear to?"
    Pondering these questions, she started wandering, she didn't have anything else to do after all, she started looking at the world and she fell in love with everything the world had to offer, she hadn't looked at it before, only at her god, that was what she was born to do after all, but now that she was, she fell in love withthe critters wandering the earth, the plants covering the earth and everything new, unexplored and exciting.
    The more she wandered, the more she explored, the more her curiousity growed. The more people she met, the more people she wanted to meet.
    She never found the walker that killed her god. What she did found was freedom, a way to choose her own path, be her own being and she loved every minute of it. She found a new purpose in this joy, this desire, her purpose was to explore, to know everything and everyone on the plane, even if it would take lifetimes to do so and to share this joy with every being she meets, to ensure all beings, are granted the freedom they deserve.
    This is the story of Yienva, Blade of Adventure, The Angel of Freedom. (Or at least, the beginning.)

    Hope you enjoyed it in any way or form and that you can do something with it.
    If you have any questions or any problems with the character or card itself please do tell.
    Anyhow, can't wait to see how this turns out.
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    After some consideration, I have decided not to enter my Gnoll character Dahv'ar, because I kind of already know his motivations and he's not the primary character I would like to see developed in my universe. So instead, I present to thee Aldren, Hibernarch Captain.


    Aldren is a centurion in the Hibernarch cohort of the Thesgali Legion. The Hibernarchs are the border patrol for the kingdom of Thesgal, and they are the first line of defense should any faction (Gnoll or otherwise) decide to invade. They are adept at fighting in the cold wintry conditions of the mountain foothills, and their magic revolves around using the cold to stifle opposing spells, primarily fire spells. Aldren has seen enough destruction by the flame-wielding Gnolls to respect its power, and after a while he even begins to envy that power. Because he knew his superiors in the Legion would never agree with his methods, Aldren sought out an artifact in secret that could siphon the fire magic of pyromancers from Qaen (the land of the Gnolls), and slowly began to teach himself how to wield it. His goal is to fight fire with fire, and in spite of the illegality of pyromancy in Thesgal, he would use that power to drive all enemies from Thesgal once and for all; no one would oppose the Legion ever again.

    (The rest of this story involves Aldren's eventual transformation of character into a traitor to his people through zealous acts of self-righteousness; stuff that will be further explored with future cards and involvement in the challenge.)

    When he heard that a young girl was developing pyromantic skills within the borders of Thesgal - an impossibility due to the nature of the plane (a tale for another day) - Aldren took his cohort to investigate, and ended up recruiting the maiden, named Mila, instead of arresting her as was protocol. He took it upon himself to teach her how to hone her powers and train with the Hibernarchs, all the while siphoning her magic into his amulet. The stronger her power grew, the more powerful Aldren became, though Mila suspected nothing. Unbeknownst to him, Mila had been marked by the Gnoll's god U'rod to be his Heir, the vessel of his elemental power, and she had been informed of this truth by the cohort's only Gnoll soldier Harandar. Once Harandar put two and two together and discovered Aldren's intentions, he helped Mila escape and pointed her towards Qaen so she may fulfill her destiny.

    Aldren pursued, unaware of Harandar's treachery, and throughout the journey to Qaen grew more willing to compromise with enemies, even sacrificing his own soldiers to the Qa'dahv clan of Gnolls so that they may safely pass through the mountains. He was intent on obtaining Mila's power at any cost, and when he finally arrived at the shrine to U'rod he used the amulet to siphon the god's mana into himself during Mila's ritual. He should have burned with that much power, for he was not chosen by U'rod, but the amulet kept him alive and now able to conjure red and black mana. Seeing their centurion had betrayed them, Aldren's soldiers turned on him. Their mutiny hurt Aldren deeply, and he lashed out in anger killing many of the Hibernarchs. He retreated from the combined might of the Matriarch Mila, her Gnoll allies, and the Hibernarchs under Harandar, and fled to a remote corner of Qaen, wallowing in despair and anger for the respect and trust he had lost. His own people would not accept him, even though he did all of this to save Thesgal. And should the Gnolls ever find him again, they would kill him as an imposter to the role of Matriarch. Now, he wanders Qaen in exile, unable to leave yet unwelcome to stay, hoping that somehow, someday he may redeem himself for betraying all he once stood for.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/anastasios-the-resurrector?list=user


    Anastasios is a prophet of his true god Jenthos, the Dragon of Death (Yes a dragon god.) As you can see the dragon in the back of his art. As she has studied under Jenthos' ways she has learned how to resurrect the dead, and kill the living. This took her over 200 years to master. She comes from a small plain called Hovrenda, where she was put into labor at the age of 4 years old. She was un-naturally strong for her age (Hence why she was put to labor at such an early age.) She was put in a fight against 26 other cats like her all trampling her, then she let out a beam of darkness killing all in her path. This exhausted her and killed her. But she would later be revived by Jenthos.

    STORY (In Anastasios' Perspective Telling Her Life)

    It was a normal day of work, long hard work. I glanced at the sun, noticing it's brightness in the sky. Then i noticed a change in the sky's color, it had all turned black. All of the laborers where told to keep working, but even are masters knew that something was odd. A couple hours into this strange event, the wind started to howl, this did not stop for hours, until finally it did. All of it, just stopped. Then suddenly, the sky opened. Just a giant hole in the sky. And out came a dragon that filled the sky. All of laborers and their masters started to panic, except me. I just sat and stared in amusement. I wasn't sure why, but a small grin came across my face. The dragon flashed across the sky and said "All that bow down before me shall obey under my will, but all that defy me will perish. As some laborers started to bow down, most of the weak and ill perished to dust. As this happened the commanders began to fire and attack. There where about 30 laborers in a bow, me included. After around 2 minutes at least 4,000 men and women had perished. Leaving 30 in a bow kneeling before the dragon. The dragon glared among the 30 men and women and said "To decide who my prophet shall be, you must all fight to the death." Everyone looked around in confusion and fear. Except for me. I rose to my feet and with a swift move attacked the man next to me. As the dragon watched with a smile I had continued to take 4 other people by surprise. Then all of the men and women remaining had attacked me. I was struggling to move and was getting beaten, scratched and held down. And in this ultimate moment of pain, i let out a giant wave of darkness that destroyed all in my path. I fell to the ground, and as I did I looked with one final glance at the dragon in the sky before I fell down to the ground helpless wondering if I would ever see the sun again.


    Sorry if i did the story wrong i just wanted to enter before it closes!
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