• 24 good buddy.
  • @sorinjace I choose n°13, because symmetry.
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    @dechujoh64 here is what numer 24 is:

    Your creature has ran into trouble!

    You have unlocked a creature you have to 'fight' in your path:


    "Intruder Alert!"

    Elisa Woodsoul has been spotted in the streets of ravnica. Approached by one of the azorious's constructs, Elisa would not wait for questioning, nor would Elisa would become captive for anyone or anything, not if Elisa can help it.

    Your creature and Ravnica Enforcer fight. As it stands, your creature is a 2/2 and Ravnica Enforcer is a 1/1 (since it's technically your turn as it will always be your turn during the duration of the contest, that goes for all contestants involved going forward), your creature has survived and defeated this creature, Ravnica Enforcer has been destroyed!

    Your task: Make an evolved version of your creature. Make sure to raise the power and toughness, and perhaps make an ability stronger or add a keyword. Do not go extremely overboard, just a slight upgrade as this is your first battle you have defeated in the contest. Congratulations on your first creature you have defeated! Hopefully there will be more victories down the road for you!

    Please tell us more about your character, and since Elisa Woodsoul is apparently in ravnica, what Elisa's journey there means.

  • Lots of options soo... I'll take 14
  • @TemurGideon will be joining us late, but after his creature and small bio is submitted, no more contestants will be added unless they pm me. Thanks guys. Brb
  • Number 22, Please :P
  • @ASubtleGhost here is what number 13 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Instill fear!"

    You may have another cardsmith either lose an item they have (and that cardsmith must post which item they wish to lose.) if they use their item in response to your force of them sacrificing this item, then that contestant is forced to sacrifice a card created for this contest. If they are forced to give up their creature they submitted from the beginning, then if they wish to participate in the contest again, they will have to create an all new character. Use this item only on contestants who have entered at least one or more other cards besides their beginning creature they created to enter the contest.

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery card that will at least destroy either a creature, planeswalker, or land or any combination of the three. You can add more to it then just this, be creative, but it needs to destroy at least one of these three or more.

    Grayvan Klenn finds himself on the planes of Innistrad in the wake of the aftermath of the Eldrazi invasion. The townsfolk have gathered in the city hall and have begun discussions about what to do about cleaning up the mess that Emrakul and the other Eldrazi's have made. There is still that lingering problem of the Zombies that helped take down the Eldrazi's. Grayvan knows this, and awaits for his masters commands, not knowing what his master's ultimate plan is for having Grayvan on Innistrad, he keeps to the neutral not making too many friends, but not making any enemies while he is there, awaiting for his master's next commands.

    @ASubtleGhost: please add more to the story after what I have posted here for you and your character. Be as creative as you would like!
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    Keleth Silverfall was once a noble of House Silverfane, but betrayed them at the prospect of gaining immortality to the Necromancer of Ikanos, a maniacal sorcerer.

    I choose the number 6.
  • @Vardrus here is what number 14 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Live To Fight Another Day"

    You may at any time change the planes your character is on in the story you are creating for your character to match a planes of any other cardsmith's character when you use this item. But be careful what you choose - this item cannot bring you back to the planes from where you came from! Choose wisely, as you will more than likely run into the cardsmith you choose to planeswalk to their planes at!

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery card that will either A) return a permanent to its owner's hand, OR B) exile the creature, then return it to the battlefield. You can do more than this to the card if you wish but the card MUST have one of these two options fulfilled!

    Kaan, the Arcane Sword had founded his kingdom in the planes of Kaladesh. Kaan found himself alone after his battle with, well, himself. After the smoke cleared, Kaan swore that he would never have to worry about growing old again, so he created a concoction capable of holding the formula of Kaan's creation, which it itself is capable of granting everlasting youth. There was just a few small problems that Kaan had to deal with, and deal with fast: Not all of his clones was dealt with in the heated battle. One of the clones escaped, and has been causing trouble in Ghirapur, which he was fully putting the blame on Kaan himself. This is a problem that Kaan must deal with, and act swiftly on.

    @Vardrus please add to the lore here that has been provided for your character. get creative and add anything you wish!
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    I choose 16
  • @Derfaulehelmut here is what number 22 is:

    Your creature has begun a rebellion!

    You have unlocked

    "Leader of a Revolt!"

    When you specify you want to use this, you may only use this once and only if you have evolved your creature at least once since the duration of this contest began. When you use it, You will gain an emblem with "Hisji, Gnomic Revolt Leader gets +3/+3, hexproof, and can't be de-evolved for the rest of the contest." (this does not effect the card itself, its just for play during the contest.)

    Your task: create a creature that has lieutenant ability to help Hisji, Gnomic Revolt Leader. It can be of any color and creature type, but it is best to approach this card for the Edh/Commander format and have Hisji being the commander of the deck build. So the colors should be in line with Hisji, in other words and if you want a tribal deck, then the lieutenant should be a Gnome itself, but the creature type is entirely optional to you of course.

    @Derfaulehelmut Your character is from the planes of Lorwyn. Please give us more to your characters story, and include the lieutenant you created in the lore.
  • @TemurGideon here is what number 6 is:

    You have begun an adventure in creating an army of your own!

    You have unlocked

    "Grave Robber"

    When you specify you want to use this, you may only use this once. Specify what creature card that has been eliminated from the contest you would like to obtain for yourself as your own entry that another cardsmith may have sacrificed, or it was destroyed in the duration of the contest.

    Your task: Create a creature with the ability to return creature(s) from your (or any) graveyard to the battlefield under your control with some type of a drawback. be creative, you can add more to this card but it must meet the requirement listed at least!

    Keleth Silverfall has a mysterious past from his planes, he is from Dominaria. @TemurGideon, please give us more to his story, and why he is creating an army of his own on Dominaria!
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    @pjbear2005 here is what number 16 is:

    Your creature has gained an ally in her quest!

    You have unlocked

    "You Can't See Me"

    When you specify you want to use this, you may only use this once, so choose wisely. Specify what cardsmith you want to use this with, and that cardsmith can't target you for the rest of the contest! This will act like an emblem does in the game of magic, it can't be lifted nor countered by another item, and can be used to protect yourself from being the target of another item. But choose wisely, this is only good one time! There are more than one cardsmith afoot here, more dangers may lay in the wake!

    Your task: Create a creature that is at least a Spirit, and has the rarity of rare. It cannot be a legendary creature. Otherwise, create the card as you wish!

    Alexine, Coalition Mind has found herself on the planes of Innistrad. @pjbear2005 please create more to the story with Alexine on Innistrad, continuing from your bio you submitted when you entered Alexine into the contest!
  • @DomriKade here is what number 12 is:

    Your creature has no home planes and is in search of a planes!

    You have unlocked

    "Escape the Fate"

    When you specify you want to use this ability, please specify what cardsmith you are targeting with this ability. When you do, whatever planes that cardsmith's character is currently on in the contest, your creature will literally arrive to that planes without having the planeswalker spark! Use this ability any time during the duration of the contest, and only can be used each time you drop an entry to fulfill a task.

    Your task: Create a card that will enable you to gain control of at least one or more 'things' in the game that you do not own. It can be any number of things such as land, creature, enchantment, artifact, or instant or sorcery/the spell itself!

    @DomriKade please give us more information about your character Io, Nyxtouched! At this point, Io has no planes, and has found a way to planeswalk WITHOUT the spark. How is this possible? This is where your we need more information from you to find out how this is possible. And IF this is possible... what kind of possabilities are we looking at here, for nonplaneswalker creature's to obtain this kind of knowledge and power? And what does this mean for the multiverse?
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    @sorinjace Hey baws?
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos choose the number you want, and then I have to go and look at what is written down for that number, and post it here for you along with your task. :)
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    @sorinjace I pick the number 25.

    What's next?
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    @sorinjace Guess I should add a background story eh?
  • I will choose number 10, if it's still available.
  • @murkletins here is what number 4 is:

    Your creature has gone exploring the galaxy!

    Your task: Create a vehicle with the ability of flying. It can have more than just flying, but this must be met when submitting your card!

    Smiles has been drawn to the Saga contest of 2019. After hearing about this great adventure throughout the cosmos, and hearing there was great adventure and possible surprises in store for each contestant, this made Smiles curious, so he opted to enter as soon as possible. He traveled far and wide, and ended up on the planes of Sagara. He found a greedy King who was claiming to be in charge of the contest, and this King was very large, and apparently seemed to be very hungry.


    "I am the great Caliph! What business do you have here, chicken?"
    Having been offended, as Smiley was in fact deemed as a chicken on some planes he has come to, he straigtened himself out and said with a much more deeper voice than usual
    "I am a bird, not a chicken, oh great Caliph."
    Caliph had been eating chicken ironically at that moment, and as sloppy as he usually is, tossed a chicken bone to the ground after easily tearing the fleshy meat off of it. Chewing openly with a mouthful of the meat, he replied "Same difference."
    Smiley looked on disgusted at this foul, oversized creature.
    "So, Smiley, you are on a quest I hear! What is this adventure you have, and what should I do with you in my contest? You ARE here for my Saga contest, yes?"
    "IS it your contest, or are you just lying to me so you can lead me in the wrong direction?"
    "Well, that will have to be a determination on your part. What will you decide? If you decide that I am in charge of the contest, say so now. If you do not think I am in charge of the contest, say so as well. Your decision will determine what we shall do with you, as you have intruded on my turf, what did you call yourself, a bird? *belch*"

    @murkletins, what will Smiley do? Your choice can determine his fate. Choose wisely!
  • Guys, I will be back later I have to depart as my friends here are bugging me about how long I am taking in answering you back. I will on here off and on all day, please give me time to respond back to you, thanks! :)
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos yes a background story was required, nothing crazy or long is required, whatever you would like though. I will be back later promise, please give me time. lifes nuts right now. brb

    @Beastakles yes 10 is available you asked for it first, you got it. Fallen Lord you got 25 first, you have it as well i will post your results guys when I return.
  • Alrighty, presenting Lightsinger, Yienva's blade.

    I will write a bit on Yienva and her current situation later, but if you don't mind, i'd like to ask some questions, i apologize in advance if some of these questions should have been obvious for this is my first time participating in a contest of this kind.

    You mentioned Earth as the current location of Yienva, is this a modern earth, or more medieval styled, are there fantasy elements, unlike our current world, i'd assume there are seeing as there are gods and angels, or are the rules simply different within this contest and crossing planes is something that can be done with no real problem, or am i free to make this earth how i want to?
    Please excuse me if i'm thinking too deeply into this.

    After completing a task, are you allowed to go for another one, or do we wait for you to judge the entries before moving to another round with new tasks?
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    The days grew longer after the humans were repelled from Ame’s village. It was clear that many of the Oni were growing anxious; but to silently continue with life was their way, so no one spoke up. Ame worked the fields with her mother and many of the village women and young, the bracing cold not bothering the hot-fleshed Oni. The children, of course, could not understand why their parents worked so quietly. Why they held a stony expression at all times.
    Ame knew. She understood. They anticipated an attack. A swathing invasion of outsiders coated in that thick armour; companioned by churning machinery and artificial dragonfire. A massacre. Each one fantasised the scene of their own demise. Each one imagined how they would have to grant mercy to their children and wives. Morbid thoughts. But Ame knew that the reality wasn’t that far off.

    One early, rainy morning, Ame heard sobbing from her parent’s room. When she peeked in she saw her mother and father curled in each other’s arms on their futon. Her resolute mother, who withstood the passing of her eldest child. Her brilliant father, who could teach anyone how the sky bent. The room was like a sink for any hope they had of surviving the coming seasons. Ame felt the compulsion to cry.
    But that was not the Oni way.
    Her mind made up, Ame adorned her favoured blade, a curved sword of human design she’d lovingly named ‘Sunspot’ for the way it glimmered so brightly when the sun peeked from the clouds and demanded an audience with the Horned Elders.

    Even as she sat in the middle of their circle, the Elders were steadfast in their decision. Ame could tell without words that not one Oni here regretted their decision. To die with honour intact, was that their destiny. No. Ame requested the Horned Elders access to one of their legendary heirlooms. The Dizi of Fathomless Dreams: An instrument of incredible power that granted any who played it a unique insight into their future. The dizi was part of a coming-of-age ceremony, where aspiring Oni would play one of three-hundred verses to see what they could become if they applied the laws and traditions of the Oni and became focused on that goal. Ame was not of the age to use it yet, however, and would not be for several years. On that account, the Horned Elders denied her use of the ancient artifact.
    “It would be an affront to our traditions, to allow one so young to become complacent in their future. The fear of ambiguity is what drives us as young, Ame. Wait for your time. You will be satisfied by what you see.” They told her.
    Ame was disappointed. Her plan already hit a significant snag. There was nothing for it. She was to steal the Dizi of Fathomless Dreams.

    She waited until night, where the black clouds above curtained the land in impenetrable darkness. Wearing dark blue clothes to blend in, Ame covered her face, just in case any of the village guards spotted her with the impressive dark vision her race owned. Stealing herself into the home of the Chief Elder, she remembered her days of watching her older brother practice his stealth maneuvers. Reminding herself quite forcibly that his training could not save him, she quickly found where the Dizi was kept and without any hesitation, stored it in her robes and dashed from the home and her village proper.
    Now, far past the paddy fields surrounding her village, Ame sat on a wet, cold rock, staring down at the simple instrument she rolled between her fingers. So… How did it work? She squinted, inspecting the dizi for some kind of button that made the music happen. The ritual was held in secret, so Ame had no clue how to use the thing. She tried waving it like a wand in one of her father’s fairytales. Biting on it with her strong teeth - which lead to quite the toothache. She noticed five holes dotted along the shaft but from what she could tell, they didn’t do anything either. Hours passed and she still wasn’t any closer to working out this infernal device. Soaked through, freezing and frustrated, she tossed the priceless, ‘infinitely powerful’ musical instrument through the air. And as she did, she heard a squeal of high tones before it crashed into the mud. Regretting life entirely, Ame pounced on wear she’d thrown it, digging it from the sludge and was surprised to find it completely clean.
    Back on the rock.
    Wind? Was that what caused the music?
    Then a thought. Bringing her lips to the hole closest to the end, she blew a misty lungful through the dizi.

    Immediately, she was caught in a rhapsody. Control of her body was snatched with force. Her fingers took position over the other holes and her body poised. Eyes darting with fear, she felt her body begin to play the instrument. The music was beautiful but the horror of being held hostage in her own body drowned out any enjoyment she might’ve had. Then images began to play in her mind. Flickers of a universe becoming real around her. It was gorgeous. Her village, surrounded in bounteous, foreign trees and every villager lazing about with no worries, no weapons, no horns. A faceless man she recognised as her husband stood beside her and there was a great weight in her stomach, but once that brought unending joy. Ame felt tears stream down her face. Thank the Gods. So they were not doomed. The humans wouldn’t invade, they would be left to live their lives.
    But then, Ame felt her body shift and heard a second verse begin.
    The visions crackled and ached, the colours bled from one to others and slowly, that happy reality was torn away.
    In its place. The screams of the dying. The cries of the damned. Her village drowning in demonic flames and she was laying dead amongst it all. She couldn’t feel her heartbeat, or move, or scream though the pain was unbearable. She was there for what felt like hours, there on the brightest day. Even after the flames left her charred husk behind, cyclones came crashing in from all sides and what could only be described as a mountain-sized human loomed over them. They were to suffer for eternity? Was that the fate of her clan?
    A light shone. Brilliant and all-devouring.
    It obliterated the giant, the fire smoke, the corpses and the land itself.
    Ame heard the scream of a baby.
    The light became the shape of an army. An army of humans and wolfkin and goblins.
    And a solitary Oni, leading the charge.
    The lick of oblivion touched her cheek and all went dark.

    Ame woke up in the morning, covered in swaddling. Dry, though the unmistakable throb of a flu kicked her in the forehead. She groaned. She asked her mother, who came rushing in when her daughter awoke, what had happened. Then she remembered.
    Ame spent that morning sobbing endlessly into her mother’s chest.
    When they arrived, even the Elder’s threat of banishment could not cease her blubbering.
    It was shameful.
    Oni do not cry because they are in trouble.
    But Ame did not cry for that reason.
    But she cried for she could remember the face of each villager.

    And the horrible ways they will die.
    Was the Oni in her dream… herself?
    Was she to lead an army against the humans?
    Was that what the dizi was telling her?
    Confused and traumatised, Ame spent days trying to make sense of it all.
    Eventually, she came to a conclusion.

    She would leave her village, into an unfamiliar world outside the rainy forests and fields. Someone out there must be able to help her village. Or at the very least, explain her visions.
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    Aelynn was once just a witch. A witch bereft of power, a secluded and mediocre thaumaturgical practitioner.

    Until one day, the High Templar of the city where she lived in finally decided to purge the city from the heretics and the outcasts.

    Nowhere to run, the Templar's forces quickly caught her and many others, those who were deemed as 'criminals' in the eyes of the High Templar.

    And they were punished by exile into a continent bereft of civilization.

    Not all went smoothly as the ship that contained her was wrecked by a storm, but the fate already decreed that she would survive that along with many other criminals who swept ashore in the new continent.

    And she thrived. Free from the restrains of the civilization, she found her calling in the art of elemental thaumaturgy due to the harsh reality she lived in, whether it was real or methaporical.

    And one day, her powers might even grow surpassing the gods of that world themselves, no matter how inhumanly her methods could be.
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    Oof, sadly the spoiler tag I tried to do doesn't work, so - Sorry about the wall of text.

    TL;DR: Anxious of imminent invasion, Ame decides to take things into her own hands and steals one of her people's most powerful heirlooms: the Dizi of Fathomless Dreams. What was supposed to be an instrument that revealed one's idyllic future turned out to be a device that stole the strength of the player in order to show prophecies of a 'true future'.Ame saw through the dizi, her land obliterated by war and an army opposing their destroyers. The army was made up of a conglomerate of races and had an Oni leading the charge. Was Ami this Oni?
    Resolving to fight for her home, she began her journey out into an unfamiliar world of unknown dangers on a single, fragile hope of defending her home and saving her family.
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    Alexine thought it was a bad dream at first but that was how it started. She went to sleep after a long day of investigating a mystery. At the end of the day she went to sleep, as she slept she was plagued with nightmares of ghosts, vampires and other supernatural creatures. As the dream went on, it got more realistic until it got to the end. As she woke up, it seemed darker than usual, so she just assumed she woke up earlier than usual. She got up prepared for her morning routine except for the fact that she found herself in a forest. In a panic she searched around as she heard a howl in the distance.

    As she walked, in the distance she saw a glowing figure. As she approached she found that it was transparent. She decided to go away from it. After searching for what seemed like a day she found a town on the bank of a lake. As she looked around until she found an inn to stay at until she figured out where she is.

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