Dance, Pathetic Marionette **Circuit Challenge**



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    Entry #4:

  • Third entry.


    I wanted to use the quote but it wouldn't fit. Just imagine it's on the card.

    "That the Creator himself comes to us and becomes our ransom - this is the reason for our rejoicing"
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    Final entry is something that has a lot of uses
  • What kind of dice? D6, 2D6, D100, or what?
  • Yeah, d20, d4, d8, d10, percentage dice?
  • Maybe a d28?
  • Are we all referring to many different rpg dice?
  • Rolling for the token is left open for any dice as long as it is done, “in the same manner” for both. I was running out of space but I think in competitive play a judge won’t let one player us a d20 vs a d6. If he would let that happen than it would be up to the players to share dice or agree upon what dice to use.
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  • @Hinges Your Sister Witch doesn't let you gain control of something you don't own, so it doesn't qualify I'm afraid. Also I wish you were more careful about the wording and ruling. Are those tokens creatures? And is the damage source this sorcery or those tokens? The card doesn't say "each player rolls a dice", then how do you decide the player with the highest roll? Ownership of card can't change in mtg. It should say "gains control of" instead of "claims ownership of".

    Create a 2/2 blue Wizard creature token and a 2/2 red Wizard creature token. They have flying and "{t}: This creature deals 1 damage to target player for each Wizard on the battlefield." For each token created this way, choose a player at random. The chosen player gains control of that token.
  • Good point. Yeah it's a problem card. I make these before going to bed so I forget things like that. Even If I remake it you are right, no one owns them to start with so no one is taking them away from someone else. I didn't realize it at the time but now I do. It wont work no matter what lol.


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  • Alright, here are the results!

    Honorable mentions
    Saten Kari, Dazzling Fire by @Lastjustice
    Intrusive Thoughts by @MrRansom
    Writ of Recruitment by @bnew07


    -Third Place-
    Lare'Eth, Chief of Thieves by @Faiths_Guide


    -Second Place-
    Tamika, Butterfly Knightess by @TenebrisNemo


    -First Place-
    Erudil, Krothian Manipulator by @Animist


    @WinnersAndMentionables let me know which cards you'd like favorited.

    And for those interested, here's a short review for each entry...
  • Compulsion of Wealth by notmyprimespeaker
    It probably needs blue in its mana cost. I think if a non-Vampire tribal black card lets you gain control of a creature, that creature should die once. Also if it becomes an Aura, it needs to have "enchant creature" ability. But debt counter is a cool concept for an Orzhov card!

    Hamel, Evil Pied Piper by Derfaulehelmut
    It's a little too strong. I think the token should be a normal 1/1 rat. Controlling a player and sacrificing all permanents they control is pretty devastating that +8 ability is basically "Target player loses the game." But the idea is very interesting!

    Mystical Affinity by Skyrpt
    I really like the art, and the flavor is fascinating! But putting two creatures from libraries onto the battlefield under your control for only 2RR is definitely too powerful and color pie break. I think it should be X1GU that searches creature cards with cmc X.

    Spirit Away by pjbear2005
    After the first chapter ability, what if the creature card is returned to opponent's hand? Dose it still let you gain control of it? I think it should exile target creature instead of destroying it. And it would've been more interesting if the third chapter interacts with the creature that you gained control of.

    Cruel Authority by pjbear2005
    It breaks color pie, but it's weaker than Control Magic, so maybe it's ok...?
    There are some wording mistakes. It should read-
    Enchant creature
    You control enchanted creature.
    Enchanted creature has "At the beginning of your up keep, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature" and "When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control."

    The Aura gores to a graveyard when the creature dies.

    Siah, the Moonsire by IronCrusher
    Very clever! My only problem is I think it should say "sacrifice two permanents you own" so that it's less abusable with cards like Pemmin's Aura.

    Banefire Witch by IronCrusher
    Clean, simple, and powerful... only if you didn't forget "You may choose new targets for it." I like the Banefire reference. I hate it when the game ends with that card.

    Lare'Eth, Chief of Thieves by Faiths_Guide (★3rd place)
    Very flavorful design! Act of Treason or giving two golds is a very difficult choice for opponents.

    Sudden Itching by TenebrisNemo
    It's daring to propose a red flash card, but the mechanic and flavor are really fun!

    Worlds Collide by Lastjustice
    Opponents would pass their turns with no untapped lands, so I think the only situation this card is good is when you have cards that count the number of your lands. If magic still had mana burn, this card would be as catastrophic as the art.

    Control the Puppets by Bowler218
    It's a flavorful design, but the cost could be cheaper. You lose control of puppets if puppet masters are removed. I think this card is weaker than Mind Control (3UU, uncommon).
    Maybe you could fit the {t} ability you mentioned if the 2nd ability said "You control all creatures with a puppet counter on it for as long as you control a creature with a puppet master counter on it", but basically enchantments don't have {t} abilities.

    Messenger by Hinges
    Creatures don't destroy creatures I'm afraid... It's damage or effects that destroy creatures. I would edit the last ability like this- "When Messenger dies, gain control of target creature that dealt damage to it this turn." I think it's not a bad idea for a mono white control effect.

    Biomancer's Bidding by Lastjustice
    Simple and wild design! The concept is great, though I think this is a little too strong. Even if you cast it for 3GU(same cmc with Mind Control), you can make a 3/2 flying to a finisher size, and the spell isn't an aura, so you don't have to worry about enchantment removal.

    Apprehended by sorinjace
    Opponents would stop using spells or abilities that target a powerful creatures. So you would have to use your spell or ability to a creature that you want. I think Mind Control is better in most situations.

    Dusty Sarcophagus -->Tekkar, Returned
    by bigbadbooknerd
    It seems like a fun card. Was this also designed for one of those saga threads? Mana rock that suddenly does Act of Treason, and the flip side gain control of artifacts. It sounds like it was inspired by a story, but it wasn't told on this card(s).

    Possessed by Hinges
    A very original concept at the core, but I think the cost is a little too cheap, and the wording needs a bit more work.
    1UB Enchantment - Aura, Rare
    Enchanted creature
    You control enchanted creature.
    Enchanted creature has "Cumulative upkeep - Pay 1 life. (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)"

    I don't think it needs {b}{b} ability because you can choose to sacrifice the creature by not paying the upkeep cost.

    Sudden Uprising by sorinjace
    I think you forgot "under your control". Instant reanimation sounds really fun, and I think exiling the creature balances it out. It can simply say "Exile it at the beginning of the next end step or if it would leave the battlefield" like unearth's reminder.

    Manticore of the Mountains by sorinjace
    Clean design. Though I would have expected a twist that synergized with the Act of Treason ability. I would replace afflict 4 with haste. Afflict 4 seems a little pointless on this card because losing a blocker and 4 life would be worse than taking 6 damage in most situations.

    Malevolent Machinations by Lastjustice
    Crazy idea! I like it, but I would enchant it to myself because the additional card draw is very sweet. My deck would have no instant spells, and have discard outlets so that opponent can get no benefits from this enchantment. Still very original and cool card!

    Saten Kari, Dazzling Fire by Lastjustice (★Honorable mention)
    Good card! It has a control effect, and does what Phoenixes do.

    Erudil, Krothian Manipulator by Animist (★1st Place)
    I especially like the idea of his 2nd ability. You wouldn't want to kill the creature stolen by Sower of Temptation in combat. But if it has Curiosity ability, decisions become more difficult. Simple yet deep design. The spy flavor is nice too.

    Warlord Sasha Vex by Lastjustice
    That's a lot of information to swallow, but the mechanic is very cool! She would love Thrashing Wumpus as her pet!

    Necromantic Loyalty by Animist
    You are definitely an outside-the-box thinker. The card needs some stretching of the rules, but I was totally blown away by player-planeswalker token idea!

    Scattering Storm by toasty_toes
    It's a very fun concept, but it needs to say "you may choose new targets for it." And I think no one would play instant or sorcery spells until it becomes safe. So I suggest-
    Scattering Storm, XUR, Enchantment, Rare,
    Fading X (This enchantment enters the battlefield with X fade counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a fade counter from it. If you can't, sacrifice it.)
    Whenever an opponent casts a spell with converted mana cost less than the number of fade counters on Scattering Storm, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, you gain control of that spell. You may choose new targets for it.

    Tamika, Butterfly Knightess by TenebrisNemo (★2nd Place)
    Very powerful design! I feel you got a bit greedy with all those abilities, but I can understand why. Using {t} ability in the middle of combat is pretty sweet. I like the top-down design style too.
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    Intrusive Thoughts by MrRansom (★Honorable mention)
    A well balanced card that cleverly takes care of the color pie issue a hybrid card often has.

    Dream Siphon by bnew07
    Simple but very flavourful design. I don't think players would choose this card over 1 mana card draw spells in constructed format(because your deck would have more cards you want), but it would be sweet if you have this after an opponent did surveil or scry.

    Fleeting Compleation by bnew07
    Solid concept, but giving the creature infect and haste makes me nervous when I imagine it being played in a set with infect mechanic.

    Swashbuckling Galley by bnew07
    Everyone wants to be a pirates! XD I like the tribal crew idea.

    Gevinil, the Collector by bnew07
    I don't quite understand the flavor of the cost reduction part, but it's a cool mechanic. 1st ability seems also fun too with artifact removal spells.

    Writ of Recruitment by bnew07 (★Honorable mention)
    Very powerful design. But Control Magic doesn't have WW, and this card needs 2 mana to put one counter, so overall the balancing seems fair. Putting loyalty counters on a planeswalker is sweet!

    Deistic Reversal by Faiths_Guide
    At first I thought it's basically an Act of Treason with upside. But I realized you don't always want to give first strike to the creature you borrow. Maybe you want to use it on your creatures too. Simple twist on Act of Treason but it's well-balanced and have a surprising strategical depth.

    Troll Squatter by Animist
    It's a color pie bend, but it's more fragile than Annex, so I think it's fair.

    Demonic Whispers by FlamingDinoLlama
    It's very wordy, but I knew what the last ability does when I finished reading the 2nd ability. So it's a solid concept. Very cool!

    Goblin Sneak-Thief by FlamingDinoLlama
    Cool design, but it probably should have blue mana in its cost, and the rarity should be rare.

    Wrath of the Serpent by sorinjace
    A flavorful design that's really well balanced. It's probably fine without green.

    The Lord Holds for Ransom by pjbear2005
    I like the Ransom flavor, but the cost is very expensive. Control Magic(2UU) doesn't make the creature 0/3 or let its owner have a way to sacrifice the enchantment. I think this card is fair at 1UU.

    Subjection of Subordinates by pjbear2005
    Very simple and original design which is impressive for a card with only two lines of rules text.

    Manashifter Borlon by pjbear2005
    Milling one card is a very weak effect compared to stealing a creature. Control Magic is 4 mana. If you have 4 mana, you can cast Glimpse the Unthinkable(UB "Target player puts the top ten cards of their library into their graveyard.") twice.

    Amelie, Damsel in Distress by HurricanesHardlyHappen
    The art looks gorgeous in WB legendary boarder, but that control effect probably needs blue. And I would want her to steal a creature more sooner. She's a good defender, and has a risk of being sacrificed or pathed.

    Growing Dissatisfaction by HurricanesHardlyHappen
    Red lets you gain control of creatures only temporary, and enchantments basically don't have {t} abilities. And I think this enchantment gets counters a little too quickly. But there are definitely some original concepts and good flavor in this design!

    Thavra's Covenant by Animist
    A very original and exciting idea! I think the best choice for the caster would be the 1st mode and the 4th mode.

    Peculiar Find by TenebrisNemo
    Ummm... what is he purpose of this card? If you need something to sacrifice, there are better cards like Weaponcraft Enthusiast. Maybe it could have cantrip? But it's funny because I'm as confused as that mermaid. Oh! Artifact creatures can attack or block! Why didn't I realize that. Nice and flavorful card:)
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    Cool, thanks! You've definitely got a thing for Legendary creatures XD

    Congrats other @Winners and @Mentionables!

    Could you fave 3 you like from here, @Deepsky?

    Oh, and on Deistic Reversal, the first strike and trample only last until end of turn as well.
  • Thank you for giving advice!
  • Congrats to all contestants. It's good get on the board for the start of the season. @Deepsky, made minor tweaks based off your feedback. Thanks for that and the mentionable status.
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