Out Of The Abyss MTG Storyline



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    Anybody else?
  • 2 IRL hours until I leave with @pjbear2005
  • Me and @pjbear2005 are going now
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    me and @pjbear2005 are going down the tunnel I see.
  • @Everyone

    Everybody who went down the hallway, choose one: 1, 2, 3
  • right? since me and pjbear are a group, and we're going down a hallway.
  • Is it too late to enter? If not, i have my character:
    (Creature - Slaid'n, Outpost Outcast)
    (Spell - Make Friends)
    Slaid'n is an artificer who lived in a city ruled by a warrior king. He was a brilliant inventor, but was constantly insecure about his work, because he didn't want to embarrass or disgrace himself or his family. As such, most of his work never left his cave/lab. As time passed, the king of Slaid'n's city went to war, and his city fell under siege. The king told Slaid'n to build an automaton capable of ending the siege, but it took so long for Slaid'n to come up with a design he liked that the city fell, and he was exiled; his king's final order. Slaid'n barely managed to escape into the Underdark before being captured by the enemy, but he got lost and was captured by the drow soon after.
  • I choose n°3. mtgiscool is with me, unless s/he decides otherwise.
  • @Thulium
    OK, I will let you come in in a second.
  • I'm with ASubtleGhost
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    @ASubtleGhost Telak walks up to Sirius, and says the following. "I notice your knowledge in the elemental arts, how did you gain this power to harness, and conjure it? Also, I have no knowledge of what you are called."
  • @Everyone I have been busy lately, more will be posted soon.
  • @mtgiscool "My name is Sirius Crowle, warmage of the Jade Order. We have been users of primal earth magic for centuries, mixing it with a credo of order and justice. My rank of paladin in the order allows me to command a regiment of earth elementals. My powers I had since I was eight, age at which I was accepted as a novice within the Order. I mastered them through harsh training with our sages, and still perfect my skill as of today."

    I ask Telak about his own origins, still going down the hallway, wary of foes.
  • @Bowler218, you veer to a smaller path and start to stumble as chasm opens before you.
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    @mtgiscool @ASubtleGhost

    You continue on and hear noises, you spot ahead, illuminated by fungi, two drow guards, trying to harness a salamander like being as a slave

    @Thulium that's you
  • @Bowler218

    You see a blue light deep down, and a ladder clinging to the side
  • I'm going to be very dangerous, but use a druidic spell to summon a small flame, and climb down the ladder
  • @Bowler218, you start climbing, about half-way to the light, you and whoever is with you, lose their grip. You fall, expecting a quick end, but instead you feel a sticky substance. You look around to see huge shapes crawling all around you. You can;t move, the stuff under you is holding you tight. You then notice..........

    You are stuck in a gigantic spider web. You think you have an idea as to what those shapes might be...........
  • @ASubtleGhost "I am Telak, Defender of the Raging sea. I was not originally born as an elemental, I was a renowned fighter, on a regiment crossing the sea, when my boat flipped, and I sunk to the bottom of the sea. I can still remember the feeling sheer horror as the capsized boat, cracking and breaking, slowly sank onto my body, crushing it. I can still hear the cracking and crunching of my crushed bones. My spirit then sank into the depths. Then, the water swirled around and around in a whirlpool of pure rage, I awoke, clutching my ribs, when I noticed, my body, it is of the water. I later needed to come to rest with my new body. I meditated for two years, harnessing the elements, when suddenly, something changed, as if Bralga, goddess of the sea herself had giving me her devine knowledge. Ever since, I have been able to control the element of water, as well as alter my shape. I have been protecting the sea for almost one hundred and twelve years, all the while hearing the whispers and secrets of the depths." Telak says.
  • With the fire I have, i light the web on fire, if @pjbear2005 is ok with it.
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    Daruun, Death's Rage

    Daruun's Radial Blast

    Daruun was hunting for several deer to eat and was captured in an ambush. His voracious appetite often gets him in trouble, but things are much worse then before.
  • More backstory:

    Daruun was... an oddity. He was shunned at his appetite, appearance, and murderous tendencies. The constant attacks, shunning, and attempted executions caused him to go partially mad and run into the forest, slaying and eating everything that came in his path. Many, from lone adventurers to armies of sorcerers have been consumed. Now, he happened to get caught by surprise after years of wandering the marsh and woods.
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