Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • Oh the competition looks harder all of a sudden!
    Good luck everyone!
  • @TenebrisNemo (OOC) First of all, we finally get to Avelaide! Also, how do we address the reset to the tournament?
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Bab Yagara slowly makes her way. There's no rush. She's old, but not enough to just drop down and die, no. She makes her way, humming her ancient rythms.

    When she arrives she looks over the contestants... The spider, drellen... A kindred spirit. Another one that draws its power from the great cycle of life. This one will be interesting to meet.

    The shee looks at Braekun, a wild warrior of nature. Like the ones in Abzan she used to charm.

    Now Otila, she's an interesting case. Who could that be...
    She reminds her of the queen. In her quiet, political intrigues. The queen was okay.

    And she gasps as her eyes catch Sylva. Such beauty... It was once hers. No longer. All to dust.

    And then there was Omara. She gazes her with deep resentment. She looks exactly alike the one that stripped her of the song.

    But then again, the witch's memory is cloggy.
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    *Question: Do I need any "signature card" for Kift at this point?*
  • Okar tastes the aether currents in this place. just like home.

    also, okar is supposed to say "Nontoken artifact creature". I'll remake it if I have time.
  • @Faths_Guide - Signature cards are not needed at the beginning of the tournament, but they would grant some bonus.
  • Well, here was Kift's original:
  • i don't make it in.
    no complaints here.
  • @pjbear2005 - What do you mean?
  • @TenebrisNemo Like in written stories, do we address that it happened or is it just a fresh start?
  • @pjbear2005 - It happened. Ding Mettir returned to throw each contestant of the previous thread back to their homes at the end of the said thread:

    Every story segment which I've written in that thread are still "canon," and this thread's story is a straight continuation of it.
  • @TenebrisNemo Okay, so the old contestants just came back.
  • Departure From Eternstor

    On the next morning after the evening in the tavern of contenders, the contestants left the tavern and made their way to Eternstor's harbor. The morning sun shined brightly in the blue sky, and a large white cloud sometimes passed it while casting a huge shadow upon the land and the sea. The streets were fairly empty except around the busy docks, where countless civilians worked, but they stopped momentarily to look at those who would fight in the tournament. Citizens were used to the six contestants who had fought before, so the newcomers got most of their attention, especially Dostran the aether cat, Drellen the spider, and Gorak the giant.

    The group eventually arrived to the large pier, where many tournament soldiers and hosts were waiting. Contestants were awed by the mighty ship at the end of the pier, where lots of human sailors were preparing it for departure. There were even more civilians on the street right next to the pier than anywhere else in the town, and the soldiers stood between them and the pier. They had come to watch as the tournament's contestants leave Eternstor. When the contestants walked past them, they were greeted by sir Killian, master Eetu, and three other people in the middle of the pier, a young, peculiar man, an old man with a well-made, noble's suit, and a young, hooded girl that seemed to be a mere child. The young man had a short, white hair. He wore a red jacket with golden patterns, a black top hat with goggles, and he was holding a silver walking stick in his white silk gloves. The fancy man stepped forward and bowed deeply to the contestants while the metal piercings on his face glimmered under the shadow of his hat.

    "Welcome, contestants of the seventeenth tournament! My name is Philibert, a tournament host and a circus ringmaster! I'm sure some of you have heard of me before!"


    "Well of course," Koorir the minotaur snorted. "Me and five others have already met you!"

    Philibert chuckled and smiled brightly. "Of course, I would never forget those whom I've seen fighting for their lives! I was mostly talking to the newcomers. It's a shame that many of the old contestants didn't come back, but we're very happy to see the six of you again--I mean seven! Who would forget Gyar's handler?"

    The handler was on top of the huge wurm, waving at those who looked at him. Eetu the merfolk wizard silently walked to the ship while Philibert quickly raised his left hand towards the old man next to him while he looked at the new contestants.

    "Excuse me, I forgot to introduce you to our judge. This is lord Gaspar! He decided that you were the ten best fighters for this tournament from among thirteen contenders!"


    Gaspar stepped forward while his hands were behind his back, and looked at each contestant. "Quite a colorful bunch. It usually takes a lot of guts to sign up for the tournament and/or to show up again after being sent home, so I congratulate each one of you for doing so. The six of you, come onto the Konstancja. There's something we need to discuss."

    Then judge Gaspar, Pele, Tai, Sylva, Kift, Koorir, Gyar, and its handler went onto the deck of the ship. Meanwhile, the newcomers couldn't stop watching at the little girl, whose purple eyes calmly inspected the ten contestants. Bab Yagara, Dostran, and Wula could sense that the girl had a mighty amount of power under her control. Philibert saw the looks on their faces, and he walked next to the girl, but before he could talk, Braekun, the bear warrior couldn't contain his curiosity.

    "Who is she? Don't tell us she is a host as well!"

    Philibert laughed. "No, no, she is not a host. Her name is Jessica, and she is the winner of the fourteenth tournament!"

    Lots of the contestants were surprised while the girl just giggled a little, then went aboard the ship with playful little jumps. Philibert tipped his hat towards the contestants before following her. Sir Killian, who had been standing at the edge of the pier with his hands crossed over his chest the whole time, clapped his gauntlets together a few times, then looked at every contestant at the pier.

    "Right! That little summoner was the only one of the fourteenth tournament to claim the title of a champion! It doesn't matter what kind of person or being you are, you might still have what it truly takes to become the best among the many! And only one of you is able to claim that glory! Now, step onto Konstancja, and we will take you to the kingdom of Lisakdonia, where the seventeenth champion shall be born!"

    While the rest of the contestants went aboard, the civilians at the streets cheered for the sixteen fighters of other worlds. Many tournament soldiers also marched into the ship, save for a few in engraved armors. They remained on the pier with sir Killian as the knight raised his both hands towards the civilians.

    "Citizens of Eternstor! The time in your town has been beautiful, regardless of certain setbacks! Even though many of you will not be with us during the rest of the tournament, you should not forget; Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    Countless people loudly repeated the same saying. Then sir Killian waved at them.

    "The tournament must move on, and we wish you all farewell!"

    The people cheered and clapped as the last tournament host and soldiers walked onto the ship. When they did, a captain shouted orders, and the sails and the anchor were raised. On the sails were a golden image of a winged spear surrounded by a halo. As Konstancja started to sail away from the docks, sir Killian looked at the roof of a tall building. When Sylva walked next to the knight and then stared at the same spot, they could both faintly see a woman with bright red hair waving from there. Sir Killian waved back, and then he, Sylva, and many others watched as the port town and the lonely shores started to shrink in the horizon before they completely faded away.


  • @TenebrisNemo

    Bab Yagara hears the music. She likes it. Then, she is wary. She likes it a little too much. It is a music of power. It feels her with the urge to channel the rain, to use its magic...

    Too late. She does it without thinking. A stump of muddy water apperas beneath her and she rises, rises in the air, to the amazement of most.

    Then she drops. The music stops.

    She wonders if she will find other melodies of strength throughout the contest.
  • When are the matchups going to be posted?
  • @shadow123 - When the contestants arrive to Legorna.
  • Koorir does his usual while on the boat. Gruff and solitary his lifestyle atm.
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    Wula will use her free time writing letters to his fellow student girls in the Institute of Arcane Study. All the people she knew, how do look like, how do they dress... One of the contenders is a talking bear and another a huge worm!!!
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    A sound comes from deep within the ship.
    The sound repeats over and over with a few seconds between.
    Something is slamming against the ship's wooden walls.
    A few members and contestants goes to see what it is.
    They come to the door from which the sound comes from. They open the door and is met by a strange vision.
    Braekun is trying to stand up but the waving movement of the ship is throwing him into the walls. He had tried to go out of bed but he had no balancing skills at all to prevent the movement of the ship.
    Braekun have never been on such large ship and never had the ground beneath him moved like this, with the exception of snow avalanches.

  • Dostran, as a Leofae, advanced as an organism and started learning how to speak Common.
  • @Jonteman93

    Would Braekun perhaps like a calming honey herb brew, to help with the sea-sickness?
  • I just realized I am the only person with a character with three colors...
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    -- || --

    How long was it since that day? All Rin could remember was hazy memories of her fallen brothers and sisters to that... traitor.

    'Jelene Perandus... that outsider... I shall kill her a thousand times and still my vengeance will never be sated.' Thought the lithe eastern ronin as she was standing alone on the main deck, watching the shimmering glow of the sunset.

    'Win or not, this tournament means nothing. Just a stepping stone to test my current skills. But the Syndicate, the Immortal Syndicate is already on Lisakdonia too. Tch, I guess their networks have already been everywhere eh.' Frowned the black-robed ronin.

    'Guess it's only I who knows about their existence and still alive until now.' And she smiled a bitter smile.

    'Still I can't pass this free opportunity to hunt that traitorous outsider. I know where you want to go, Jelene. No matter whether the Syndicate Mastermind would revive you a thousand times, a thousand times and more shall I drive my blade through you.'

    The days are still long after all, and Rin still couldn't shake the thought of one person's disastrous betrayal that happened in her 'family' long ago.

    -- || --
  • It was sunrise now. Tai looked out at the glimmering horizon. She remembered her victory against Jazhara and Mettir’s cold words: None of you are fit to be a champion.

    "Mettir’s wrong!” Tai whispered to herself, “I’ll show him. I’ll prove myself.”

    She couldn’t forget being so helpless: She couldn’t stop the hurricane. She could do nothing. She had felt this once before.
  • Drellen, finding his spidery stomach rumbling once again, tries to spin a web outside of the boat to catch some fish. The web holds for a brief moment, but washes away quickly.

    He proceeds to spin some webs in the masts, attempting to catch seagulls and other birds that could be far out to sea.

    Catching a few terns, he proceeds to devour them, and grows slightly.
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    Although it was day, the sky was already dark with smoke and ash. Destruction littered her town. Small faeries laid dead on the ground while masses of Pyromancers stormed the village. Tai’s mom and dad were anxiously packing their tiny things in tiny suitcases.

    “They’ll be here anytime now!” Tai’s mom said

    “I know.” Her dad said. At that exact moment, their door burst open.

    A large boy with golden red hair and flaming hands stormed inside.

    “So we meet again Taba.” the boy said to her mother.

    “Leave this place Atesh.” Her mom said, “I’m not handing it over.”

    “Okay then,” the boy said, “I’ll take it.”

    Tai’s dad was at the back of the room. He handed Tai a rose, a pouch, powder all inside a suitcase. More explosions occured as a battle waged between the faerie and pyromancer. In the smoke, the dad tapped the floor. A door revealed itself.

    “I’ll be back Tai.”

    “Yes father.” Tai said as she set foot in the hidden hall.

    She could still hear explosions and screams in the hall until she found a small broken object. She touched it and vanished. Tai never knew what happened to her parents that night.

  • She couldn’t let something like that happen again. Not to Sylva. Not to Pele. And not to herself. She vowed to herself she’d find her parents one day. They couldn’t be gone. Tai wouldn’t believe it.
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    So, are we going to do fight club again? Y'all remind Yagara o her youth, so she'd love to hang out with you guys
  • We’ll start it once the boat docks.
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    Huh? What's that?
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