Ravnica Takeover Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the challenge to Takeover Ravnica!

This is a challenge to determine which guilds have the best backers. Here's what it is:
1. You will choose to represent a guild (Preferably one you like) and create some cards for it.
2. You are only allowed to create cards that fit into that guild.
3. As more people enter, points will rack up and the one with the most points will be declared "Great!"

You can design up to 10 cards.
All of the cards must be for the guild you chose.
You can design any type of card.
You must have at least one of each rarity.
No joke cards.
Only new cards allowed.

Point System:
Creativity 1-20
Originality 1-15
Abilities 1-10
Art 1-10
Flavor 1-10
Credit to the Artist=5 Points

People in the winning guild will each get 3 Favorites and a Follow (or 2 Favorites)

1st Place: 4 Favorites, A personalized card,

2nd Place: 3 Favorites, A personalized card
3rd Place: 2 Favorites, A personalized card

2 Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite

Good luck crafting.

Ends Feb. 20th at 11:59 PM EST


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