[RESULTS] The HALF-Great Designer Search 3 — Challenge 2: You Might As Well Tribal



  • @ArinSka
    "Errata" means that a card would be retroactively changed. The gatherer is the only place where you can see cards that have been errata'd but not printed yet with the errata. For instance, if you play with the card Imperiosaur on paper, you will only get a printed version that says Lizard.

    But, by the rules, the card have been errata'd. This means that Imperiosaur does trigger Forerunner of the Empire for instance, even if it doesn't say "Dinosaur" on any printed card.

    image image

    That's because, since the Ixalan Errata, Imperiosaur is officially a Dinosaur in the Gatherer:

  • @ningyounk, I claim , how about, maybe Treefolk or something of such?
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    Treefolk are an existing and current subtype. You need to come up with one that doesn’t exist that an existing card could be errata’d to.
  • @bigbadbooknerd
    Indeed, as Faiths_Guide mentioned, Treefolk is an already existing subtype!


    For this challenge, you will need to create a new creature type that could fit at least one existing card. If you're interested in treefolks, you could find a subtype of plants, or create a specific subrace of treefolks with a specific gimmick for instance ^^
  • @ningyounk, is general already taken or maybe, alchemist, or scholar?
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    I choose whatever I want:


    Just kidding! I choose Lich:


  • @bigbadbooknerd
    General, Alchemist and Scholar are all valid choices! Can you give me the name of one already existing card that would qualify as the one you choose?
  • @ningyounk
    Tolarion Scholar, Reckless Scholar and Youthful Scholar are all real MTG cards.
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    @ningyounk, here is my first card:

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    I present to you, the Bant tribe of Lords! I hope I'm not too early.
    Edit: Gonna add descriptions. hopefully that will help.

    Douglas, Adventurous King
    I made Douglas so he would show people what this tribal is all about. I tried to base it around dual-tribal synergy, basically where the cards both buff Lords, and something else. In Douglas' case, he buffs both Lords and creatures with a power of 2 or less.
    Castle Brugrad
    I don't really feel good about this card, but hey. It's Seaside citadel, but arguably worse!
    Ambassador of Eastern Wetlands
    This would be part of a set of 3 cards, in blue green, blue white, and white green. The main Lord attribute of double tribal also stands here, with it buffing both Lords and Elementals. These Ambassadors are very prevalent in the tribal, and bring a lot of interesting mechanics to the table that wouldn't be seen otherwise.
    Decree of Angel's Loft
    An almost unplayable filler instant that gets pretty good if you do lord tribal. Again buffs non-lords too. The +1/+1 counter might make it at least decent, but hey, filler is filler.
  • @ouser94501, I apologize for this coming rudeness. What part of "Lord is already a creature type" don't you get?
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    dear @Ranshi922

    @ningyounk has clarified that i can use it, as it is an obsolete creature type.
    If you don't believe me, the post is on this thread, after your first comment about lord being a creature type.


    Edit: i apologize about this post being on the wrong page.
  • @ouser94501, did you just write to me in the form of a letter? XD
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    @ouser94501 @Ranshi922
    I sent a private message to both of you. As I mentioned earlier the goal of this "twist" is to make sure you can't post an entry you've made months ago while trying the original challenge yourself. This means that I'm ok with obsolete creature types since it wouldn't have been a valid entry in the original challenge, therefore you couldn't have prepared that in advance. Which makes Lords a valid entry =)

    I hope this is settled now ;)
  • Sorry for being rude... :(
  • @ranshi922 Thank you for apologizing.

    also, yes, yes I did.
  • Quick question. Magic already has "gnome" creatures but they are always mechanical constructs. Would It be allowed for this contest to create "flesh" gnomes or would It be considered as an existing creature type?
  • @Derfaulehelmut
    Sorry, a different take on Gnomes would still be considered an existing creature type for the purpose of this challenge. That said, you can invent a creature type close to Gnomes that does what you have in mind :)
  • @Derfaulehelmut
    how about Halfling? It's similar to Gnomes
  • So if I can be clear on the rules as I am reading through but I just want to be 100% I can't come up with a new type of creature if I can't find an old card that could be turned in to my creature type?
  • If this is the case I claim Wyvern


    Dragons and Wyverns are not the same!
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    @Bowler218 I was considering Halflings too as another great option. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. I will take a look on old kithkin cards.
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    @SmallJem thank you for your service in species distinguishment. :’)
  • @SmallJem, I saw your Wyvern Hunting Ground. I made a list of suggested edits. If you take those, I think it would be pretty realistic.
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    Geisha -
    Primary Colors
    -Red - Creativity
    -Green - Harmony
    -Blue - Discovery
    Flavor wise Geisha can also splash White or Black, but must have at least one of the primary colors.

    Geisha have a deep tradition of culture and dedication to their way of life. Hundreds of years spent honing their craft which includes dancing, music and poetry. These are the basis of their primary colors. Errata cards would likely be limited to the Kamigawa block, as displayed below.

    Errata Cards
  • Did you design that yourself, Corwinnn?
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    A whole Scholarly Tribe!

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