Planeswalk Much?


Care to create your own planeswalker(s) and/or make cards to go around/with them? And put them all in one plane like Battlebond and they battle it out for the control of another's Spark?

Your in luck. Welcome to Planeswalk Much? The fun disscusion(PLANE) where your planeswalker has the chance to CONTROL ALL...not really...

Basically you pit your planeswalker with another and the winner gets the loser's Spark. At the end the person with the most Sparks wins.


1: You do NOT choose your opponent in this, I do.
2: That's It.


Winner gets 3 favorites on 2 cards.


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    Cache is a mechanic by @fabiocbinbutter:
    [To cache a card] (Exile it face down. You may look at it at any time. You may draw from your cache instead of from your library.)

    Related rules text:
    To cache a card means to exile it face-down as cached. Players may look at any cached cards they own at any time. If a player would draw a card and they own any cached cards in the exile zone, they may instead choose one of those cards and draw that card instead of drawing from the top of their library.

    (The word "from" in the first sentence of Orinthene's +1 should be "of" instead.)

    A little about the Archivist:
    Orinthene blinked, trying to clear her vision; it didn't help. The blurriness had nothing to do with her eyesight, rather, it was due to the heavy rain on the window pane through which she now squinted. "Torches?" she thought, "Could those little faint red glows out there be torches?" As she lived on the border of Avabruck, strange sounds and sights weren't really foreign, more intriguing then anything else. As the bright spots vanished from view, either because they were too far away or because the rain had swelled to a downpour, Orinthene decided she better turn in for the night.
    Orinthene was fourteen years old and lived alone in a small run down cottage, what many would call a hut. Not much to look at from outside or in. Her parents were loving wonderful teachers and guardians that had been... misplaced, somehow. Orinthene had carried on alone with a touch of grief and a longing to know just what had befallen her beloved father and mother.
    She awoke with a start only a few hours later to the sound of howls. "Mondronen" she surmised. Living this close to Avabruck meant that Orinthene knew enough that she wasn't easily startled or surprised. She drifted off to sleep.
    Orinthene's discovered that she can planeswalk. During the werewolf attack after the wards around Avabruck's central cathedral, the Temple of Saint Raban, failed. She returned to Innistrad shortly after. She doesn't wish to be anywhere else, she'd begun to archive. Her hut had become a storehouse of documents and research. Mostly in an effort to determine the fate of her parents, she'd now delved into the mysteries of every race on the plane and documented her findings. She's recently learned of Arlinn Kord, she'd witnessed Avacyn cursemuting or killing hundreds of werewolves, and knows of the angel's church launching a new inquisition more terrifying than anything they've done before against the lycanthropes. Not much of it matters as long as she's left to continue her vigil and learn the full extent of what there is to be learned on Innistrad.
    Orinthene's sole goal is to be left alone and undisturbed. She has no desire to assist the coming Gatewatch or engage in the struggle of the native races. Her inherent powers are few, but empower her to keep her archive safe an obscured while simultaneously allowing her to go places others cannot as she collects little known facts.

    (Sorry for my "novel" style and any mistakes I may have made. I know almost nothing of MTG lore, I just scabbed pieces off of wiki and MTG stories.)
  • @Dom_Rocks Is it safe to assume that the contests between planeswalkers will be based on card quality and judging or will it be something else?
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  • I'm excited!! I'll make a card ASAP.
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    Full Name: Perla Nadia Rivelane
    Preferred Name: Perl or Nadia
    Plane of Origin: Viyna (A war-torn world where eldrazi-like robots run amok)
    First (Three) Planeswalk(s): Kaladesh (Pre Gatewatch), Mirrodin (Pre Phyrexian) then Zendikar (Eldrazi Times)
    Colors: Blue and Colorless (Planeswalker creator doesn't have colorless mana)
    Backstory: Perla was born into a wealthy family that was able to stay away from the war. She lived in a mansion atop a mountain where she was taught and raised by maids and butlers into a "proper lady". She was always a rebel and loved exploring and messing with old technology. She realized her capabilities in technomancy when she was exploring an old war site with abandoned technology. As she was experimenting, she fell into a pit with some semi functional constructs that ended up attacking her. Right before she was smashed, her spark ignited and she was thrown to Kaladesh. She was able to experience the peaceful artifice there and continued on her journey to Mirrodin. After that she travelled to Zendikar and studied the Eldrazi as they were similar to the monsters she had a home. After her studies were finished, she returned to Vinya and published her studies and became a renowned mystic.
    Preferred form of magic: Technomancy, Mystical Arts
    Character’s strengths: Friendly, smart
    Character’s flaws: Often daydreams, not proficient in hand-to-hand combat


    Nadia used Eldrazi genes and construct parts to create a highly aggressive robot programmed to attack on command.

    Alternate Flavor Text:

    Part Construct, Part Eldrazi, 100% Agression.


    The storage unit of all data collected by Nadia and uploaded data from the NCZCP (Non Colonized Zone Colonization Program) network and the info stored in the artificial minds of the war constructs.
  • Does this exist?
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    Sweet, I've been waiting for something like this. Meet Kiretsu, an Oldwalker from an alternate Kamigawa timeline.


    A powerful and enigmatic entity that shifts between realities and dimensions, always in search of greater knowledge and understanding. While most planeswalkers know how to jump between the blind eternities at will, Kiretsu has mastered it, utilizing his incorporial nature to jump between layer upon layer of reality on a whim, and to harness energies few knew even existed. Many of his motives are mysterious to most, but it's clear that he has seen much, and knows more than he's ever willing to let on. He is like a roiling storm, ever shifting and adapting seemingly in ways none would expect, and nobody can or wishes to stand in his way. However, many see Kiretsu as a guardian being, and believe him to be orchestrating a great plot to prevent some incoming apocalypse.

    This is him prior to becoming a planeswalker:


    Other feats and/or powers he has displayed so far:


    I'll be happy to provide more information tomorrow, or soon, if needed. Hopefully this thread takes off
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    Here are my entries.


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  • I withdraw my first entry in order to try again.
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    more cards soon if possible.

    First rounds will begin on March 29.

    Until then, no more posting please, it's going to take me a long time as is, I don't need more work.
  • And I was going to post my planeswalker...
  • T'is March 29th
  • you are late. by at least 1 day, depending on where you live.
  • So, sorry, I'm very busy right now and I'm doing round one in...May.

    Sorry, Sorry.

    Post your planeswalkers until the end of April then I'll judge, sorry.
  • Well, it's been slow...
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    Are we still allowed to post cards?
  • Last time I checked he said we have until May, so you should be fine

    Orinthene VS. Shorn: The battle begins in the plane of Battlebond, where the crowd yells in excitement. Illusions by Orinthene surrounding Shorn, a mighty spell is abound, all illusions begin to disappear, revealing Orinthene in the field of battle. Shorn sends his mighty Colossal Matriarch to her, a flock of familiars flies in, distracting the deadly beast. Orinthene runs toward Shorn, her fist started to become rapped in illusions, and with all of her might, Shorn is hit and nearly killed.
    The match is over, Orinthene has won, and Shorn's spark has been removed, placed into Orinthene's score.

    I know I said this was round one, but here's a thought, over the next couple of days, I post each match, let me hear your thoughts about that.

    Orinthene: 1 spark.
  • Cool, everyone is good with the MATCH 2, 3, etc.

    ROUND 1: MATCH 2:
    Kiretsu VS. Faranis Darktounge: An oldwalker possibly more powerful than the gatewatch itself, a dark mage poisoning the world around him. A blast of magic so dark sent toward Kiretsu, quickly thwarted by a Flame so large. Kirestu raises the stage around him, creating a giant elemental to strike Faranis. as it comes charging towards him, Faranis uses his Black Magic, to start deconstructing the beast. Behind the elemental, Kiretsu breaths a breath of flame strong enough, Faranis has burned, Kiretsu has been deemed too powerful to continue, as he would destroy pretty much everyone.

    Orinthene: 1 spark.
    Kiretsu: 1 spark/judge kinda. ( @DragonsApprentice let me know the next round should be, wink wink.)
  • Ok, so should I upload a new planeswalker since Kiretsu's too OP?
  • No, he is in the (Drum Roll) OMEGA LEAGUE. the league in which those I deem INSANE will be put in, so... no. you don't.
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