[RESULTS] The HALF-Great Designer Search 3 — Challenge 4: Finding a Good Mechanic



  • @ningyounk
    Yes, I read through his submission comments. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Could I ask you help with wording? It sucks to be such an awful english speaker...


    Picture and name are provisional since I will redesign the card.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    You've got a big but general problem with that ability: It has no timing (triggered or activated) associated with it. I would argue that having protection inside of it is already a problem since it is another keyword that isn't evergreen and would need additional reminder text so you should use an alternative--can't be blocked seems more along the lines of Dimir and what you're going for. However, assuming you stick with protection, I'd suggest you add tap activation:

    Ruse 4 ({t}: Target opponent gains 4 life. This
    creature gains protection from that player until
    end of turn).

    Another thing I'd have against ruse is that giving an opponent life doesn't feel like it could be blue or black--even with ruse flavor--it feels white or maybe green to give an opponent life.

    Anyway, not meaning to be too critical, but I hope this helps!
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    Another thought is that I could go super deep on flavor and do something like this:
    Captain - Whenever [this or another]-or-[a] Pirate you control crews a Vehicle for the first time each turn,...

    Would I even be allowed to do that, or would it be off limits since it references crew?
  • Well crewing happened in Kaladesh and Ixalan. Also the tribe would be the pilot things. Or maybe that doesn’t count...
  • @Faiths_guide
    Well, the rule is no other non-evergreen mechanic in the entry, so it would be okay as part of the mechanic itself but you wouldn't be able to make a vehicle with Crew in your entry without getting DINGed, which feels like a big problem :/
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    I'd like to claim the werewolves from Innistrad
  • @Faiths_Guide

    You are right in most of the things. Thanks. I will think in a new one or in an improvement of this old (I liked the name Ruse, like it's kinda very very Dimir).
  • I'm claiming the Lorwyn Fae!!!
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    Ok. Ya, that makes sense.

    Ya, ruse definitely a cool name. ;)
  • @SmallJem
    You asked for werewolves and I give you the full "Werewolves & Wolves" faction of Innistrad, two for the price of one ;)

    Same, you came for faeries and you leave with the "Faeries and Merfolks" faction of Lorwyn, as for some reason those go together in the list of factions x)
  • Ok! I'll make one for those.
  • I FINALLY made a mechanic that isn't crud! I'll stick to Mardu, by the way.

    On creatures, it's Invasion: Whenever this creature and at least two other creatures attack, ___.

    on everything else, it's Invasion: Whenever you attack with three or more creatures, ___

    Criticisms are welcome!
  • The fact that Cardsmith doesn't have the Mardu watermark highly disappoints me.
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    "Your" mechanic already has a name: Battalion. It's a Boros mechanic--and its watermark is here.
  • @ouser94501
    It's better to figure it out sooner than later.
  • @Faiths_Guide, you ruined what would've been one of the funniest things to happen in a while... I am disappointed.
  • In the oficial contest, which link is on the first comment of this contest, there was a guy that designed an ability that already existed too (Scavenge). i Guess after almost 30 years, finding new things is difficult...
  • @Ranshi922
    Making jokes at another's expense isn't one of my strong suits.
  • You'd not be making the joke. You'd simply have been allowing a joke to write itself.
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    @Faiths_Guide Thank you for telling me.

    @Ranshi922 Wow. Ruthless. I like it.

    Ok. Last shot. Here goes.
    My faction will be the vampires of Ixalan, just to have all of the Ixalan factions in this contest.

    Crusade N (Cost) (Whenever this creature attacks, you may pay (Cost). If you do, Defending player loses N life, and you gain N life.)

    Basically, it's like Afflict, but even MORE annoying!
  • What do you think of my mechanic for the faeries?
    the current name is dream, but I will probably change it.
    It can be used as an action keyword, and is used in the context "dream the top card of your library" or "dream target creature" (these are just examples). The reminder text: (exile that card with a dream counter on it. for as long as it has a dream counter on it, you may cast it, and spend mana as if it were mana of any color to cast it)
    two questions:
    Do you have any suggestions to improve it?
    does anyone have a good name for it?
  • I am fine being "mean" as long as I am not going out of my way. I won't go and set someone up to look foolish, but I love just not stopping them.
  • @Ranshi922
    Oh, right, you're callous. XD
  • Guilty as charged!
  • what do you think of my mechanic?
  • @kandra127 "Dream target creature" seems a little too OP, in my opinion. "Dream the top card of an opponent's library" seems fine, as long as you don't do too much of it. Dreaming the top card of your library would be a cool pseudo draw cards effect. Hope this helps!

    Also, what do you guys think of my ability?
  • @ningyounk I couldn't help noticing that you've listed @SmallJem as being both wolves and werewolves and faeries and merfolk, as well as saying that the latter originate from Innistrad rather than Lorwyn. Just wanted to let you know.
  • @Undead
    Oh, bad copy-pasting, good catch thanks! ^^
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