The Arthurian Legend Challenge — *Circuit Challenge*



  • @Bowler218, by that logic you could say that any of the urban fantasy things inspired by Arthurian Legends are fair game... which certainly was not the intent.
  • @asubtleghost I always wanted three new mana types based on time of day Yellow - Dawn, Orange - Noon, Purple - night. I wasn't sure how to incorporate them, but your Zenith's Champion card would work well in this context. Maybe buffing if a plyer had a Noon card.
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    @tomigon Your saga card is so cool and beautiful.
  • Thanks to photoshop!
  • @Tomigon - Before I clicked on the card I thought this was you announcing that the saga frame had arrived on MTGCS! I was so excited!!

    Now I hate you.
  • @bnew07 - Is Authurian Legend as based in the Fate Nasu-verse acceptable? @Sanjaya666 submitted a couple cards based on it, but I want to be sure. I have a large number of Fate based cards that would fit here (Such as Arthur, Mordred, Excalibur, Avalon, Merlin, Lancelot, etc.) if Fate's version of Arthur is acceptable. Some might not fit the set though (since my fate set has a creature type called "servant"), so I might recreate them to be for humans/soldiers/knights instead to fit. Just want to be sure before I do that.
  • @RayearthIX @Sanjaya666

    Those cards would be allowed.
    I am not familiar with that interpretation so make sure you explain how your card mechanically represents the character/event.
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    @bnew07 -

    That web address contains a biography of Artoria, King of Knights, and gives a general view of how the Arthurian legend works in the Nasuverse. I will post similar links to any other cards I add based on it that have them. I will get to making reworks of my Fate cards I wish to enter later today to make them work in a normal mtg set (and not just in the commander set they were made for).

    Please note that you need to copy the address into you web browser, as the link doesn't copy correctly into this text due to the ( ) in the link. If you just click it, it will go to a different page.

    Edit: Looking at what I have, I will most definitely be re-tooling: Artoria, Mordred, Excalbiur, Avalon (the scabbard of Excalibur), Clarent, and Camlann. I'll try to make actual new cards for anything I do past that.

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    oh... then I won't be doing that! XD 1 legendary... huh... that's more problematic then. I'll have to reconsider what I'm doing then. ...

    Looking at the rules (forgot to read them before, apologies) I also see that it's a max of 3 cards. Got it. Thanks for the reminder!
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    This shall do.


    And about her bio and history:
  • @bnew07
    Did these challenges inspire this challenge?
  • RoFLMao @Animist
    I did a double take too!
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    image image

    My entries. Morgan le Fay and Burden of the Lake are new cards, while knighthood is from an older set. Since I was restricted to just 1 legendary, I didn't want to use one of my older cards for that. If you are interested, anything I have related to Arthurian literature is here - - though most of them are crafted for my Fate set and therefore use the Servant creature type in their language.

    The Fate version of Morgan can be found here: -She creates a homunculus baby with Artoria, Mordred, and then curses Mordred to ensure she one day kills Artoria (which happens at Camlann when Artoria wounds Mordred, but the cursed sword Clarent forces Mordred's last action to be a suicidal attack that inflicts a lethal wound on the King). Mordred's Fate story can be found here (, if you are interested.
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    Now I want to get in on this but all I have is my phone. You did not say that we could not make a planechase card. But sadly I don't have Magic set Editor like @Tomigon. (The saga.)That's what I think he is using. But I will come back with my cards starting with a planechase card formatted like how I have it for my contest.

    I will post them in this comment.
  • I made a flip card of Morgana (Morgan le Fay) to show her character development as a protector to an antagonist:

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    No, I used Photoshop.
    Planechase card sounds interesting, but does it work with the rule (6)?
  • @Dechujoh64

    The rules state that the card must be acceptable for a standard legal set, which planechase cards are not.
  • Reminder: Today is the last day to get submissions in!
  • Another one.

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