Lost Odyssey (Sandbox)

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Hello my fellow 'Smiths and welcome to the land of Sway. The Sway Empire is a most prominent empire in the world of Hara. Here people live freely, and comfortably within their means. People of all backgrounds and races mingle amongst the many fellowships and towns of Sway. But, it was not always this way; for many centuries ago there was a war to end all wars, the War of the Necromancer, which came from the Dark Revolt...

In this Saga campaign, I am asking for you to make me a Legendary Creature with 3CMC or less to start. Please keep them balanced and reasonable. As we progress through the story line, some of you will perish, as is the such of life. But, some of you may become the champions of the realm. The further you make it into the Sway Empire, the more you will gain in the way of "level progression" and signature spells, or artifacts. You will be pitted with challenges of combating other cards I throw at you, and possibly against one another.

I wish to keep this a fairly fast moving Saga, no waiting a week for an entry, four days between story line/ challenges. When you submit your Character, please no back stories, there is a reason for this that will be revealed as we go along. If you have participated in a few of my past challenges, you will know I have an algorithm that will help me determine if you succeed or fail in the challenges I present to you.

You all have four (4) days to submit what you create, please only one entry per person. edits are allowed until the deadline. I will also give you warning if I feel that your submission falls outside the criteria (OPness).

...This is a rehash of a Saga I intended to start 6 months ago, however, I had been on a "world tour", and found it difficult to maintain...

Addendum-- You will progress in levels as you venture through my world. As you level up, you will each gain access to a larger mana pool (that is relevant to your color pie). Your mana pools will be equal to your level +1. You will also level up your Avatars, redesigning them as you progress.


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    Edit: Replaced "Demon God" with "Illithid Scout" and Trample with +1/+0 and reach.
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    An errata has been issued upon this entry. See below.
  • @TigerFang8

    Nice! Gotta love an algebra machine! (A term I just made up for a card with lots of Xs in it)
  • @HeroKP Yup! I think it would be great in EDH.
  • @TigerFang8 So many Xs, yet one is missing from the second activated ability... It should read "create X 1/1 plant...", shouldn't it ?
  • @tigerfang8, Theven is going to give my algorithm a hard time; with all those X's. @HeroKP, I really like the idea, except the whole Demon God; I really don't see a god as a random traveling companion. @Sanjaya666, almost thought a 4/4 doublestrike, haste for 3cmc was OP, then I saw the last ability. @Bowler218, Denyl's heavy attack ability is just an oppressed exert cost, just change it to Exert...
  • I will be kicking of the actual game play on my Monday morning, Japan time.
  • @ASubtleGhost Yes, yes it should. I am going to have a great time fixing it. I will fix it and put it...... somewhere.
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    Cool cool.

    Also, you could impose rules about which creature types that aren't allowed in this thread, since they could make ridiculous things like an Elder God Leviathan thing anyway.

    Unless if it's a shapeshifter. Shapeshifters should be technically fine.
  • True, @sanjaya666, but someone creating a God, never really crossed my mind when I was writing this up.
  • @spookoops

    Criticism taken. I will update the creature type, and also replace trample with +1/+1 because trample on a 2/3 is basically useless
  • @spookoops

    Is it ok if I make it an avatar? Or is that unsuitable as well?
  • @HeroKP, I would suggest making him what the picture depicts, an Illithid. Also might I suggest instead of trample or +1/+1, how about reach? Just a suggestion, and with the higher toughness, it makes sense.
  • @spookoops
    I intended heavy attack as a unique way to show a creature using their energy to deal a crap ton of damage video game style (think the first Boudica fight in Ryse:Son of Rome), exerted would do the same thing, but has a very different thematic view point.
    Also, heavy attack will always have a mana cost (or health cost) making it even more costly than normal exerted abilities (continuing the video game style theme) and allowing more risk/reward plays than exerted.
    Finally, heavy attack will most likely be a primarily red or green ability, with the other and white being secondaries and black being tertiary, definatly not on blue. Exerted was in all colors, which definatly gave all the colors a nice little boost to their normal abilities.
  • All right everyone, @Bowler218, @Sanjaya666, @HeroKP, and @Tigerfang8; you've got till midnight PDT to submit your finalized entries, after that, I will proceed with what is present.
  • Well, the time has come, here is the current party...
    image image image image ...
  • You all lie sleeping, suddenly awoke by the crash of wood on metal and the sounds of what seem to be cannon fire. You realize you are in various locations on a ship, but that is all you can cite, not where you are, why you're there, or even your names for that matter. As you scramble to find the bridge, all the while getting knocked around, you don't recall seeing any one else aboard.
    You all eventually make it to the bridge and finally get some sense of bearings. as you look out upon the sea, you quickly make out where the cannon fire is coming from...
    As you all can see, the ship your currently sailing is on its last legs, about to be sunk, if you're unable to do something about this onslaught...

    Your tasks are to conjure an instant spell of common, that can be used to combat the Onslaught Dreadnaught. You are tired and weary so you each get two mana from your color pie to create something that can collectively combat this threat.
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    Like this?

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    The dreadnought approached, canonballs flying through the air. Denyl knew what he had to do. He got to the middle of the ship he was standing on, and used his Gift. It wrapped around his arm, over his fingers, and into a red hot ball of demonic flame.
  • image

    While you all attack the dreadnought, I'll conceal us from it
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    This should be better.
  • @TigerFang8, the card needs to be a 2cmc or less instant...everyone else, so far so good. However, going into the future stories, I would like it if you put a little "pizzazz" into the card you post. Not in the card itself, but the story of how you cast it. just give a simple write up, @HeroKP is just fine with his simple sentence.
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    @spookoops @Bowler218 @HeroKP @TigerFang8

    (Wrapping things up in a short story.)

    Just Some Pirates

    Kiara was no way a wizard.

    Slashing their throats, stabbing their stomachs, parrying an attack then kicked the offending person on his face and on his groin, then blasted the pirate away towards the sea below with her mediocre but effective light magic...

    'Who actually had the brilliant idea to board the enemy ship anyway...' The female warrior just sighed.

    'At least it's better than swimming in the open sea. Whatever.'

    Kiara was also no stranger to fighting for her life, as it was reflected by numerous scars that were etched across her athletic body.

    But there was one time where she met an aged person who claimed to came from another world entirely via a 'portal accident'.

    Until weeks later, the old person became her mentor and her trusted companion, and until they both departed ways afterwards.

    'Wish Geralt were here.' Kiara sighed again as she thrown away another clumsy pirate overboard.

    Turned her head around, she also saw her fellow companions also made it to clear the main deck of the enemy ship from the annoying pirates through various methods.

    Like, she also noticed that the half-demon person just set a pirate ablaze before by using her fire spell, until the poor soul went overboard at least, while the druid tried to destroy the ship's structure. Until she warned him that the ship was their only transportation method to go to the land, so the druid just turned the pirates' equipments to thorny vines instead.

    'Ouch indeed.' She winced at the prospect of having thorny undergarments.

    But still, Kiara's illithid companion who slowly unconcealed itself from its invisibility spell still unnerved the duelist despite of the illithid's seemingly friendly actions.

    "What now?" This time, the poleaxe wielder half-demon asked.

    "Now... we ask the captain nicely to go away as we take the ship, or else, we will use the not nice methods." Answered the duelist with a frown.

    "A wise decision." Remarked the illithid with its haunting psychic voice as it followed the duelist towards the captain's quarter.

    "I still don't believe that an illithid is walking with us. With friendly intentions." The half-demon whispered at the druid as they stayed on the main deck.

    "It is... unbelievable, and dangerous indeed, but we have not much choices in this matter." The druid frowned.

    After all, their journey had only just begun.
  • You got my character right, but the halberd is actually called a poleaxe. They're similar, but I believe it's in the weight distribution.
  • I like it @sanjaya666...However, when you make your way to what you believe is the captains quarters, you find that no one is there. You all can tell that someone has been there recently, but no body is to be found, dead or alive. In fact, you don't recall seeing anyone else while you were searching for the captain.
    As you all break away and scour the whole ship looking for any sign of a crew, you eventually come to a storage room, filled with various supplies and sailing stuffs. In the back of the room, behind a stack of crates you see a seriously injured...
    He seems to be guarding a small lock box. He looks up at all of you, with the look of confusion, fear, and remorse upon his face. He staggeringly says, "Who... who are you, why are you doing this?"...
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    @Bowler218 (Ah alright, it's a poleaxe then.)
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    @Bowler218, @Sanjaya666, @HeroKP, @TigerFang8 Addendum-- You will progress in levels as you venture through my world. As you level up, you will each gain access to a larger mana pool (that is relevant to your color pie). Your mana pools will be equal to your level +1. You will also level up your Avatars, redesigning them as you progress. This redesign will happen periodically, not with every level up.
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