That's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works! CONTEST!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this community and it's great to see such talent with the cards that are made here. Cardsmiths by their very nature are very proud of their output and go to great lengths to make their cards authentic, playable and as absolutely correct as possible. With the input from this community, I have gone from being pretty awful at Cardsmithing to being 'Better, but with plenty of room for improvement'.

With my love for joke cards still being as strong as ever, my challenge for you all is to take all of the things that you use to so carefully craft your cards..... and do them deliberately wrong!

Examples of this could be:

* Putting Deathtouch onto a Mono Blue Creature.
* Giving a mana rock Double Strike.
* Unrelated art.
* A single flaw that turns a card into draft chaff.
* A misspelled creature type making any tribal aspect useless.

I hastily put together this horrendous example:


I understand this is a more difficult challenge, so I've offered up 2 subscription prizes for 1st and 2nd place and I'll give you all up to the end of the month to send in your entries.


1st Place - A Follow + 5 Favourited cards of your choice + 1 Month of Premium Subscription to MTGCardsmith!
2nd Place -4 Favourited cards of your choice + 1 Month of Premium Subscription to MTGCardsmith!
3rd Place - 3 Favourited cards of your choice.
4th Place and 5th Place - A Favourite card of your choice.

All cards named by me as Honourable Mentions or as prize winners also get a favourite immediately.


1. Please enter up to 5 cards for this contest.
2. Any cards old or new are fine for your entry; although I would prefer newer cards for this contest.
3. All decisions on the winners are final.
4. All 5 Prize Places will go to different Cardsmiths. There may be more than one card from any one Cardsmith that gains an Honourable Mention.

Have fun and get your entries in for Wednesday, 31st July!


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