Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



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    @Aggroman15 I update the last week card , if you want to regrading it . Sorry, I finally understand slots and next cards will be in accord with their slots.

    And for this week, as I choose option B :


    Mayora sighed. It was like that everytime, every fire was turned on her shoulders. She tried to convince them that she could help them, but they put her in jail. Explosive character, she decided to escape while leaving a trace of its passage on this village that had not known how to listen.

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    Challenge 3, Option A = Completed.

    Also added a card gallery for convenience of others.
  • Option A:
    Some strange cultist-like folk who live in a cave outside the town make an appearance in town for the first time in decades: they summon a strange begin which crushes the prison wall.
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    Clouds part. Thunder roars. Night falls. To the awe and fear of all, a creeping feeling draws. And to those that dare look at the torn sky, a shadowed figure appears.

    This is your future master, Clancularius! Bow to him!

    Edit: Thanks to @MemoryHead for pointing out some of my errors. Sry everyone, I'm still getting used to using :)
  • @HeroKP (you should only use the color identity symbol when the card has no mana cost (i.e Transforming planeswalkers))
  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    I know, but adds that thing automatically, and the MTGC planeswalker creator is outdated as hell. Can you pretend it isn't there, @Aggroman15?
  • @HeroKP It shouldn't. It only appears normally if you're messing with the color indicator (for giving color to things with no mana cost such as flip-sides of transforming cards). Just change the color indicator option to "None" and it should go away. Also, you should probably capitalise Bagej's name at the end of the last ability.
  • @MemoryHead Thanks for the tips! I'm still getting my head around the site. :)
  • @HeroKP No problem. Something vaguely related is that the character "~" will appear as a duplicate of a card's name, which makes life a lot easier if you're trying to juggle lots of different text and don't want to waste time typing it in over and over.
  • @MemoryHead I have already discovered that recently, actualy! I just forgot to use it that one time because I am a tangerine, and it just so happens that I was absent-minded enough not to capitalise it properly too.
  • I choose challenge A. Something is preventing M-P from escaping the jail without hurting their... children? However, a rogue mechanic sneaks into their jail and provides M-P the equipment needed to escape the prison without any casualties:


    Updated planeswalker:
  • image
    New La'ayiv
    (Walkers can't do colourless)
  • @KorandAngels The -4 doesn't work (you can't activate it at instant speed and so you can't target spells) and the emblem doesn't work in 90% of cases (lands don't have colors unless they're Dryad Arbor or an effect gives them some).

    It's possible that this is intentional and so this is more of a suggestion, but the Avatar token should probably either be legendary or not have a name. There might be a reason behind that, though, so feel free to ignore me if there is.
  • A small envoy of frost mages from the frozen north witnessed the battle and looked to make a powerful ally with Redrewt. They offer an exchange of their power for his help in the future. Reluctantly he agrees, embracing the knowledge and power of these travellers.

    My cards (1 Rare slot remaining):
  • Why doesn't anyone get that permanents are spells too?
  • I think I can phrase my niche better as "General white antisocial"
  • 7/10 for this challenge
  • @KorandAngels permanents are no long spells when they are on the battlefield, only on the stack. Planeswalkers (normally) can't be activated at instant speed, and thus can't interact with the stack. Everything except for lands uses the stack, and are spells on the stack. But once they have resolved, they are no longer referred to or behave as spells.
    And MemoryHead is also right that lands are considered colorless and thus the emblem would do nothing in most situations.
  • You know what this calls for? Disport!
  • Painter's servant combo, woohoo!
  • If you still need to get your entries in, the next challenge will be posted tomorrow morning, so be sure to do that!
  • I chose option A:

  • This night, you once again feel a strange presence at the place where you sleep. You fall asleep, and are transported into the dream realm. The Spark-Eater Snake appears before you with one simple message:

    One competitor has been eliminated. 9 of you remain.
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    I’m scared.
  • @ThatOneCat

    Same. The way the contest is designed, even if you're winning ATM, there's always the looming fear you made a fatal error in your card that made it completely out of whack, and sentencing you to elimination.

    P.S: This isn't a bad thing, I liek intrigue! :)
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    @HeroKP let’s hope we survive to the next round! Nai doesn’t intend on not getting back to kaladesh.
  • @ThatOneCat Nor is Bagej eager to be stuck in the Blind Eternities forever!
  • Mayora wants to see the end !
  • Sorry for the delay, this time it’s not the classic PWJ2 excuse that I’m lazy, but it’s because I’m on a family trip! On the same note, I will have my iPad to answer questions, but may not be around much during the day to answer stuff right away.
    Also, @Vardrus if you’re adding black, you have to make a new planeswalker that includes your new color.

    Anyways, it’s time to share who has sadly been eliminated this week.


    Vulganos, Exiled Shadow ( @Saynjaya666 )has been eliminated and sent home. (After going through the first journey for inspiration, I realized that you get your spark taken away and get sent home, not sent to a random plane, when eliminated. For those of you who think this ruins their character’s whole motivation for winning, keep in mind that your character doesn’t know this happens.)

    Especially with the challenges where you are given only one card, it’s important to make sure you do the challenge, or risk running behind on points. Anyways, I wish you luck in other contests and sagas you may enter, and feel free to continue following this journey if you so please!


    Finally, we get to see some change in the ranks from last week! I was beginning to worry my system was broken... Anyways, we have a tie in first, and it’s pretty close overall!

    The rankings as they currently stand: (I try my best to grade each card fairly based on the system I stated in the beginning)
    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 83 Points - No Slots Open
    1st: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 83 Points - No Slots Open
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 82 Points - No Slots Open
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 81 Points - No Slots Open
    5th: @Murkletins - Mercy, Engulfed in Her Pain - 76 Points - No Slots Open
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 76 Points - 1 Rare Slot Open
    6th: @MonkeyPirate2002 - M-P, Clawgrank Fugitive - 72 Points - 1 Common Slot Open
    7th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 70 Points - 1 Uncommon Slot Open
    8th: @Korand Angels - La'Ayiv of the Paralell - 63 Points - 1 Uncommon Slot Open
    9th: @Sanjaya666 - Vulganos, Exiled Shadow - 58 Points - 1 Uncommon Slot and 1 Common Slot Open - ELIMINATED

    Last Weeks Scores

    (Rank: Username - Planeswalker - Points - Remaining Open Slots)
    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 73 Points - No Slots
    2nd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Eternity Feeder - 71 Points - No Slots
    3rd: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 69 Points - No Slots
    4th: @Murkletins - Mercy, Beyond Blood - 65 Points - No Slots
    5th: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 62 Points - 1 Common Slot
    6th: @MonkeyPirate2002 - M-P Mk. 2002 - 60 Points - 1 Common Slot
    7th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 59 Points - 1 Rare Slot
    8th: @Sanjaya666 - Vulganos, Exiled Shadow - 57 Points - 1 Common Slot
    9th: @KorandAngels - La'Ayiv, White One - 54 Points - 1 Rare Slot
    10th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Saberpunk - 52 Points - 1 Common Slot and 1 Rare Slot

    Now, without further ado, here is the next challenge!

    Challenge 4: Disaster in the Overlay

    You have been traveling for weeks, and still the tower is nowhere in sight. You are beginning to lose hope of ever getting there. Eventually, you find a strange stone object with lettering in a language you don’t recognize surrounding a circle. You touch it, and the circle transforms into a portal, sucking you through.
    When you get through, you find yourself on a floating island surrounded by other floating islands with identical portals. A creature that looks like a bipedal bear bounds up to you across the islands, as though there is next to no gravity. He tells you that this is the Overlay, a mirror world to Clancularius in which the inhabitants started watching the so-called Walker Game as a kind of spectator sport / game show thing. As you’re still wrapping your head around this, a natural disaster begins to happen around you. It seems that the large amount of planeswalkers suddenly appearing in this alternate world does not make the Overlay very happy.

    Ok, after this large exposition for this challenge, (The Overlay is something that I created in PWJ1 that, now that I run the challenge, I can finally make canon, so I needed a bit more story to explain what exactly it is) it’s finally time to show you the challenge.

    The Challenge
    You must create a card to escape, stop, or generally survive the disaster. What kind of disaster is detailed below:

    @MonkeyPirate2002 @EmolgAn @HeroKP You are faced with a giant tsunami, a wall of water so high you can’t see the top. Soon it’ll be upon you.

    @Spookoops @Murkletins @Vardrus You encounter an enormous tornado that nearly fills your entire field of vision. It’s moving fast enough that most attempts to avoid it would be in vain. It’s getting closer by the second.

    @ThatOneCat @Red_Tower @KorandAngels The ground beneath you shakes, and soon you find yourself in a major earthquake. Buildings are toppling and the ground is being completely torn up.

    For those of you who think your character can’t survive, or can’t do anything about the disaster, think outside the box! Explore new abilities, and be creative! I attempted to place each character in the disaster in which they, from what I know, would have the most trouble so that you would have to get creative with your solutions. (I wasn’t sure on a few, so I placed them in what might make sense)

    For this challenge, you will be given:

    ~1 Rare Slot
    ~1 Common Slot

    The deadline is next Sunday night.

    (Sorry for this wall of a post, I had to so that I could say everything I needed to say)

    And with that, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
  • @Aggroman15 Normally I would just do a wave redirection... But I'm not running blue this time.

    Guess I'll have to get creative!
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