Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



  • Ooh, earthquake? Let’s go.
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    Mayora see a giant tsunami coming at her and promptly make an answer.
    " To fight a natural disaster, create another natural disaster ! Drought !" Then , she put her hand , palm to the sky and summon a great great heat wave to evaporate a part of the tsunami coming at her, to survive to this tsunami... Ingenious, didn't it ?
  • The parallel connects all diferent incarnations of the multiverse, and each world within those universes. All thinks have their equivalents.
    La'ayiv shifts the parallel, moving the earthquake to another version of the same plane, in the same place as this earthquake. The best way for a disaster to be stopped is for it to never happen.

    Card notes: I think I made a mistake, can you treat it as though I made a rare? It should be, but I don't have premium so I can't edit the card, and I hate remaking cards.
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    @Aggroman15, damn you did a good job of stifling me, tornadoes and birds don't really go together...high winds and all that. Anyways, I look forward to my inevitable escape.

    Also, what's our current max CMC?
  • @Spookoops if you chose Path A last challenge, it’s 4, if you chose B, it’s 5.
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    Bagej's commands echo from his vessel. His followers, old and new, understand perfectly. They begin to build. Some with brute force, most with magic. A tower, lolcated on a leyline of magic. A projector, of a kind. Bagej instructs his mortal body to rise to the very top, the people's faith in him higher than ever. At the top he stands, and invokes all cosmic power avaliable to him. He shouts... and the waves calm.


    The first wave is gone, but there might be more to come. Bagej needs insurance that his mortal pawns won't be swept away. And so he speaks to a select forty mages or so in their dreams. He leads them up the spire. Enntranced, each night, he whispers them secrets of a powerful hieromancy, one with which, if they came together, they could stop any wave.
    And indeed they do. Every night, they take turns and watch. Every time watery danger comes, they protect the other cultists. They protect the vessel of Bagej.

    And to lighten the mood, they make a song and dance of it! :D

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    image image

    Storm Petrel are a northern Pacific bird that actually burrows into the ground and crevasses to escape the harsh weather.
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    *"Storm Petrels are a northern Pacific bird". Petrel's is a contraction for Petrel is, or a possive (Petrel's significant doubts about that last gram of bath salts)

    Aside from the grammar, very nice cards! The zone exchange is very unique, and not done a lot on magic cards
  • @HeroKP A colorless counterspell effect? That seems volatile as far as balance is concerned.
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    It is 4 mana though.

    Edit: Now that I think about it, you kinda have a point. I'll see if I can rebalance it, thank you.
  • @HeroKP, @MemoryHead, there is currently on one colorless counterspell in all of magic, Warping Wail. Wail
    It is versatile, but also limited. Maybe make the Obelisk of Tide more specific.
  • @spookoops That's a different type of colorless. That actually requires devoid mana, this doesn't require any specific mana at all.
  • And that makes your card okay because?
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I don't think he was trying to justify his card so much as make the valid point that while Warping Wail is a colorless card, it does require your mana base to be capable of certain things in order to work in the same way that a colored card would.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002, I never said his card was wrong, I actually like the idea. I was just giving him a reference point to work from.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 @spookops @MemoryHead

    Guys, GUYS. No need to make a big deal out of this. I knew what I was doing, and am aware of the dangers of messing with the colour pie, but I like to experiment. Besides, having blue be the only colour with good counterspells is a valid complaint, and also one of the main reasons I love blue. I will try to bring this goodness to other colours, because Bagej is attempting transcedence anyway, even if that brings me down on points.
  • @Aggroman15 I would like to abandon the journey. This kind of cardsmithing has lost its zeal to me, making it feel more like a chore than a fun thing to do. I like the way you present challenges, but I’ve lost the will to continue onward.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Well, I’m sorry to see you go, but if’s you don’t want to continue, that’s ok. Good luck in any other contests or sagas you may join!
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    Nai decides to take to the skies. Using his powers of metal summoning, they soon have a boat to board. Oh, the boat can fly as well. With himself at the helm, Nai and his crew take off!


  • First, the updated planeswalker:

    2nd, the challenge:

    The quickest option of evading the tornado was the alteration of their own bodies. With the help of the newfound allies, they turned themselves into shadows to evade any harm.
  • Sorry for the late submission and not posting as an image, out of town for the time being and forgot to post before leaving.
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    @Murkletins Just a friendly reminder that you have not done this week's challenge yet! The results will be out sometime tomorrow, so get your entry in quick!
  • Thanks, will do so today. Was taking a short hiatus to reinvigorate myself.
  • (Re-posting my entry hub for editing privileges.)

    Someone said MSE planeswalkers are allowed, so myself am gonna post my planeswalker here, then work on the other cards.

    If myself am too late, feel free to say so. Myself would understand.

    Actual Entries:

    Main Planeswalker: Mercy, Beyond Blood
    Main Planeswalker V2: Mercy, Engulfed in Her Pain

    Starting Common Sorcery 1: With Nature Comes Nurture

    Starting Common Sorcery 2: Exploring What Was Once Known

    Starting Uncommon Creature 1: Follower of the Grove

    Challenge #1, Common Artifact 1: Guide of the Grove

    Challenge #1, Uncommon Sorcery 1: Quest for a New Beginning (Fixed the link!)

    Challenge #2, Rare Enchantment 1: In the Garden Serpents Hiss

    Challenge #3, Uncommon Creature 1: A Misplaced Child

    Challenge #4, Rare Instant: Dance Within the Etherial

    Custom Mechanics For Entries:
    Companion (You may have this creature card begin the game in your command zone. As this creature leaves the battlefield, you may put it into your command zone. You may play this creature card from your command zone by paying {2} for each time it was cast from the command zone this game in addition to any other costs.)

    Muddle a {specified card} from {specific library}. (Search the specified library for a card, exile it face down, then shuffle your library. For as long as that card remains exiled, you may play that card if it's the specified card.)

    Nurture {specific card} (Search your library for the specified card and put it onto the battlefield under your control. Then shuffle your library.) "Updated ability wording"

    Nurture {specific card} from {specific zone} (Search the specified zone for the specified card and put it onto the battlefield under your control. If you searched a library this way, its owner shuffles it.) "Updated ability wording"

    Card Gallery:

    Judged Cards:


    Challenge 1.

    Challenge 2.

    Main Planeswalker V2.

    Challenge 3.

    Unjudged Cards:

    Challenge 4.
  • Saving my common for something more suitable.
  • This night, you once again feel a strange presence at the place where you sleep. You fall asleep, and are transported into the dream realm. The Spark-Eater Snake appears before you with one simple message:

    One competitor has been eliminated. 8 of you remain.
  • OK, so there will be no eliminations this week as MonkeyPirate2002 has quit, and eliminating anyone else would mess up my schedule. So you're all safe! For now...

    Anyways, on to the scores!


    We're not seeing much change from last week, but we've got a different person tied with ThatOneCat for first this week, so that's something!

    The rankings as they currently stand: (I try my best to grade each card fairly based on the system I stated in the beginning)
    (Rank: Username - Planeswalker - Points - Remaining Open Slots)
    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 105 Points - No Slots Open
    1st: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 105 Points - No Slots Open
    3rd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 104 Points - No Slots Open
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 93 Points - 1 Common Slot Open
    5th: @Murkletins - Mercy, Engulfed in Her Pain - 87 Points - 1 Common Slot Open
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 87 Points - 2 Rare Slots Open
    7th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 81 Points - 1 Common and 1 Rare Slot Open
    8th: @Korand Angels - La'Ayiv of the Paralell - 72 Points - 1 Uncommon and 1 Common Slot Open

    Last Weeks Scores

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 83 Points
    1st: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 83 Points
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 82 Points
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 81 Points
    5th: @Murkletins - Mercy, Engulfed in Her Pain - 76 Points
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 76 Points
    6th: @MonkeyPirate2002 - M-P, Clawgrank Fugitive
    7th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 70 Points
    8th: @Korand Angels - La'Ayiv of the Paralell - 63 Points

    Now, without further ado, here is the next challenge!

    Challenge 5: Planeswalker's Pick

    After having not died in the disaster, you explore the Overlay and, while doing so, find a secret room. All that is in the room are 2 objects. Welcome planeswalker. You hear a strange voice that reverberates all around you. I see you have found the room of power! Now, you may take one and only one of these powerful artifacts. Once one leaves it’s pedestal, the other will disappear. Choose wisely.

    This challenge is a split challenge! This means you choose one of 2 options, and you get different new stats and have to complete a different challenge depending on which you choose!

    Option A:

    Take the artifact on the right. You gain:

    ~A New Color
    ~1 Legendary Slot
    ~1 Mythic Slot

    Create the artifact. It must be a legendary colored artifact monocolor in your new color.

    Option B:

    Take the artifact on the left. You gain:

    ~1 More max CMC
    ~1 Legendary Slot
    ~1 Mythic Slot

    Create the artifact. It must be a legendary artifact, either colorless or colored in one or more of your current colors.

    And with that, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
  • @Aggroman15, can it be an artifact creature?
  • @spookops

    Well done on taking my No.2 spot. I'm not salty, but I hope to get back at you this time >:)
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