Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return



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    Uhh... boss? We might have a problem. @Red_Tower hasn't been online for a few weeks and she's not answering my messages. What should I do?
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    @HeroKP I just sent her a message as well, so I'd say just wait a day or two to make absolutely sure she's not going to do it. If she's not, you can just use the mythic slot to make a depiction of you defeating the shadows by yourself.
  • Uh, is this a dead journey? It would be a shame since we seem so close to the end.
  • @Spookoops No, I'm not going to let this one fall to the same fate as the first second journey. @HeroKP If you want to make a card using the Mythic Slot showing your character defeating the shadowy guys by himself, that would be great as @Red_Tower is not responding and we need to get this show on the road.
  • @Aggroman15 K! Will be up today
  • image

    Sorry for the hollow promise, life got in the way.

    Here he is, the guy to do Bagej's dirty work for him!
  • Ok, now that we have everyone's, results should be up sometime tomorrow.
  • @Aggroman15 When are they scheduled for?
  • Sorry for the delay, results will definitely be up later today.
  • This night, you once again feel a strange presence at the place where you sleep. You fall asleep, and are transported into the dream realm. The Spark-Eater Snake appears before you with one simple message:

    One competitor has been eliminated. 5 of you remain. If you are still on the plane in the morning, continue moving toward the tower. Your greatest challenge yet awaits you there.
  • Okay, it's getting close to the end, competitors. This is the cut to the top 5, so let's see who is getting eliminated for this challenge:


    Redrewt, Frozen Saber ( @Red_Tower ) has been eliminated. This is simply because of the fact that you didn't participate at all in the Co-Op Challenge, so that seriously impacted your score.

    Anyways, on to the standings!


    ThatOneCat is still holding on to first, but only just barely, as EmolgAn is back in the game, and only one point behind.

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 141 Points - No Slots Open
    2nd: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 140 Points - No Slots Open
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 137 Points - No Slots Open
    4th: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 128 Points - 1 Uncommon Slot Open
    5th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 106 Points - 1 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Mythic Slot Open
    6th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 98 Points - ELIMINATED

    Last Week's Scores

    1st: @ThatOneCat - Nai, Lost Artificer - 117 Points
    2nd: @HeroKP - Bagej, Ever Nearing - 115 Points
    3rd: @Spookoops - Lord Drakemor - 114 Points
    4th: @EmolgAn - Mayora, Vigorous Blaze - 105 Points
    5th: @Red_Tower - Redrewt, Frozen Saber - 98 Points
    6th: @Vardrus - Vardrus, Scion of Wrath - 93 Points

    And now... the next challenge! (For those of you who care, this is the same Top 5 challenge from PWJ1, as it seems like something that would be constant through all of the times this game has canonically been run.)

    Challenge 7: The Guardians of the Rings

    After your team-up, you and your competitor split ways and continue moving towards the tower. After a few days, you come to the Land of the 7 Rings, the area that surrounds the tower. You come to the border of the 7th Ring, but you cannot get through the magical barrier. However, when nightfall comes and the light of the moon creates shadows, you find that you can get through the barrier where these shadows touch it.

    The Seventh Ring is a large jungle, and as you walk through the forest, it's eerily quiet, like there are no animals, nothing. However, you get through the jungle without anything stopping you, and one by one reach and breach the barrier into the 6th ring, until there is only one planeswalker left. The planeswalker called Vardrus is the only one who cannot pass. Soon, the seemingly empty jungle comes to life. Animals, birds, beasts, and earth elementals begins to occupy the jungle but they are not hostile towards Vardrus. Snaky heads begin appearing from out of the trees The guardian of the seventh ring, the fifth trial of the tower, Guardian of the jungles. A hydra larger than any seen before, with heads too many to count, is approaching Vardrus with a simple message.

    The other competitors move safely through the mountains of the Sixth ring, and pass safely through the barrier with nothing stopping them. Soon, only the planeswalker called Mayora remains in the ring. Soon, the empty mountains begin producing fire elementals and goblins, along with fire and ash. However, the creatures are not hostile, and the lava comes nowhere close to Mayora. The ground shakes, and out from behind the mountain comes the guardian of the sixth ring, the fourth trial of the tower, guardian of the mountains. A giant nearly as large as the volcanoes he calls home is approaching Mayora with a simple message.

    The next ring is filled with swamp and marshland, and the remaining three competitors move through it with no distractions. However, at the barrier the planeswalker called Bagej is barred from entry. The dead begin to rise, an army of zombies, skeletons, and ghouls surround Bagej. But they do not attack. No, instead they wait. Bagej hears the flapping of large, batlike wings. The guardian of the fifth ring, the third trial of the tower, guardian of the swamps. A massive demon lands in front of Bagej with a simple message.

    The fourth ring is a flat plain of ice. Seemingly uninhabited, it poses no challenge for the planeswalkers crossing it. Once the barrier is reached, the planeswalker called Nai is stopped. The ice around him breaks, a storm begins to rage, and the waters around him fill with merfolk and other aquatic creatures. But they do not attack. The water becomes even more shaken up than before, and for good reason. The guardian of the fourth ring, the second trial of the tower, guardian of the seas. A leviathan the size of an island breaks through the water, and approaches Nai with a simple message.

    The next ring, the ring of the last challenge, is a flat plain, with some trees scattered about. Nothing much interesting happens to Lord Drakemor until he reaches the final border. There, he cannot get through, and the wind speed begins to pick up. Many lions, elephants, birds, and other creatures gather around as the clouds in the sky part. Light floods the plain. The guardian of the third ring, the first trial of the tower, guardian of the plains. From the light an angel of great stature appears, and approaches Drakemor with a simple message.

    The message that the guardians bring is this: "Reveal your power planeswalker, Reveal the might that can form a destiny. Only if you succeed shall we let you pass."

    The Challenge
    Create one card that shows your power that you have gained on this journey, and that truly shows your greatness.

    For this challenge you will be given one mythic slot. This card should be extremely powerful, and you have no max CMC for this challenge, so go wild.

    Also, this challenge is the cut to the Top 3, so the three on top after this challenge will be the only ones entering the tower, so if you have extra slots now might be a good time to use them. You don't have to, but it'll probably improve your chances. Also, your non-super powerful cards don't have to be for the challenge, they can just be to round out your spellbook if you want.

    So, with that, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!

  • Oups, who's second ? Yeah, it's me , Mayora !
  • I will be watching the final battle.
    (Also, La'ayiv didn't die but was recruited by the White Council to help them defeat an eldrazi titan that was threatening Krystel)
  • @Aggroman15 Could the card can be an updated version of our planeswalker ?
  • @EmolgAn You can update your planeswalker at any time, as long as it's still in your colors. No, for this challenge, you need to make an extremely powerful spell that shows your power to the guardian.
  • @Aggroman15

    Can I get a legendary slot for this? I have an idea.
  • Nai knew of a feat that only once before had been done. He searched his soul for the energy, and began to chant a spell, and suddenly all of his companions, artificial and not joined in.

    “Artificial savior! Bring us all we seek!
    Artificial savior! Let us not be weak!”

    This chant was repeated voter and over again, until through the ice came what Nai was searching for. Kyras, savior of machines.

  • ( I'll put the image version later with a little story )
  • @Aggroman15, we going anywhere with this?
  • Sorry for not being on for a while. I'm not going to move on until everyone has either submitted their card, said that they're not going to submit a card, or ignored us to the point where it's obvious that they've dropped out. That being said, @HeroKP and @Vardrus you two have not yet submitted a card, so if you could do that, that would be great!
  • Ok, @HeroKP and @Vardrus could you please either make a card or say you're not making a card so that we can move on? (I would far prefer the first option, so that we don't already know who our top 3 are because if you two don't do it, there will only be 3 people left.)
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    I am really sorry for the delay, the life starts happening and it doesn't stop happening. The entry should be up within 9 hours.

    As for @Vardrus... they haven't logged on in a while. I get the sinking feeling they might be out.
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    Bagej glances at the demon. So much like he once was. So much raw power. So raw power will be shown> But first, some preparation. Bagej summons some of his followers, and they start assembly. The task is hard, but under his management, anything is possible. Soon, it is built.


    This, but an engine for things to come. A cheap trick to impress the demon with. The demon is not impressed. However, this was just an appetiser. The real deal began when Bagej opened a vision. In his vision, he showed what laid in waiting, back in the blind eternities. The destruction that could be sown. The new order that could rise from the ashes. A perfect city, spanning the multiverse, each plane but a district, all people cultists of Bagej.


    The demon was intrigued. But this still couldn't possibly enough. He had seen through his magic sight what the other planeswalkers were doing. It was faint, but still menacing. All of them creating wonders, one even summoning an entity akin to a god.
    So Bagej descends one final level. A vision within a vision. A future which now to Bagej seemed inevitable. All dead brought back to life, to serve the one and only. What forms they could take, what time and space themselves would even be like, this... Was left up to the imagination. It is probably so grand, that neither the demon, not even Bagej, not truly, could understand or predict it. The demon then vanished. He had seen enough. His judgment still remains to be devined, still.


  • @HeroKP OK cool! Just to clarify, Fear What You've Seen is the second "aftermath" half to Glimpse What's Between, correct?
  • Results for this round will be up tomorrow evening/night.
  • Sorry for the delay, I've had less free time than I thought I would recently. The final challenge will definitely be up sometime today.
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