If squirrels and weasels ruled the world...

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If squirrels and weasels ruled the world...
what would happen????????????????????????


  • A war between Squirrels and Weasels most likely.
  • Or one of them will go to space, they will enlist the penguins, who would accidentally blow the world up.
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    The Ferrets and Sables would become peasants.
  • "And great badgers will destroy the world, and the rodents will hide again as they did in the days of the reptiles."
  • Frankly, I find this question to be rather pedantic, so my answer will be as well.
    1. Presuming the deaths of all humans and burgeoning sentience of the mammals in question, I would expect the squirrls(which have a larger population and a closer affinity to the humans whose tech was left behind) to assume control. @TenebrisNemo , you are probably correct, and after the last of the fur stopped flying, I would presume the squirrles would end up on top. Following such a rapid and bloody war, I would look for the squirrles to have another, this time to determine the ruler of the world. Again fur would fly, and whomever won would probably set up a dictatorship turned absolute monarchy. A series of rebellions would probably follow, but eventually the squirrels would find a way to lose sentience and then would do so of their own free will.
    2. Presuming a sentient population of squirrles/weasels, however, they cannot communicate with humans/don't recognize humans as sentient. Affairs would continue much as normal (the reason being that the humans have control over their tech still and there are too many predators to try to defeat to bother fighting each other). They might someday combine forces and develop tech of their own in an attempt to unseat humanity as the dominant race. Who knows. They might even succeede.
    3.Presuming a sentient population of squirrels/weasels that can communicate with humans. Chaos. With the advent of this new situation, much research would go into sentience as a whole. The only way to have squirrles or weasels dominate the world though would be for them to have some capacity that humans recognize and admire that makes one of them inherently more capable than any human could ever be for the job. Who knows what the end result would be?
    4. Presuming a nonsentient population of squirrles/weasels. Everyone thinks that they are in charge though. More chaos. A squirrel/weasel genoicide.
    5. Presuming a nonsentient population of squirrels/weasels. No one belives that they are anything more than rodents. They live a paradisial life until they end it beneath the wheels of a car. What more do they need? They truly rule the world. Oh wait. That is their life now.

    Now I'm depressed.
  • they would probably...

    I did not think that far ahead
  • Hahahahaha people
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  • Gotta love logic.
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