Upcoming Sets I'd like to see.

I have so many set ideas I want to see, so I'd like to share them with you!

Return to Kamigawa.

Something involving Eldrazi.

The events after War of the Spark on Ravnica.

What do you think of these ideas?


  • I would also really like to see a return to Kamigawa. I'm good on waiting a little bit on the other two though. Eldrazi feel better when given some breathing room I think, and I'm a little tuckered out on Ravnica for a minute. I'm sure the story from War will continue off Ravnica.
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    Yeah, that makes sense on Eldrazi and Ravnica.

    Still, I would like to see them at SOME point.
  • Return to Theros?
  • Return to ahmonket!
  • I personally very much want and look forward to us returning to theros. I also wonder if/when the phyrexians will show up again.
  • Return to amonkhet!
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  • My top 10 sets (I know most of these won't happen, but I can dream)

    1: Return to Lorwynn
    2: Kaldheim
    3: Sidisi kills Silumgar and makes Tarkir interesting again
    4: An update to Planechase with Vraska and co. literally chasing Bolas's cronies across planes
    5: Saheeli invents a submarine that can go into the blind eternities, so they gather up the gang, and go into the blind eternities to confront the roots of the eldrazi
    6: An un-set focused on Fblthp travelling across planes with an Izzet artifact
    7: AIGHT SO GET THIS - A world where 10 shard and wedge coloured tribes from different timelines of the same plane fight a battle to the death for whose timeline gets to be canon (not necessarily an un-set, remember Tarkir was a thing)
    8: Return to Theros (and justice for Ashiok)
    9: Return to Return to Innistrad, preferably taken over my mad scientists. Tibalt could be a protagonsit
    10: Coming back to see Alara would also be cool
  • I'm fine with no more eldrazi and Ravnica for a while, especially with how the return to Innistrad block got turned into yet another eldrazi block in standard, it was just too much at once. I'd like a return to Kamigawa, but the mechanics need to be a little more sorted out and organized, first. And ideally less feel-bad.
  • Here are mine:
    1. Return to Lorwyn
    2. Un-Set #4 (assuming the draft environment is as good as Unstable's)
    3. Vryn
    4. Conspiracy 3
    5. Return to Kamigawa
    6. Kaldheim
    7. Return to Kylem
    8. Some sort of crossover set involving MTG and another (likely Hasbro) property
    9. A sci-fi set. Not like the Kaladesh or Mirrodin asthetic. I'm talking like computers/internet, spaceships, the works.
    10. Just... anything invoving Garruk, Tibalt, or Ashiok.
  • @Arceus8523

    Hubba hubba lorwyn!

    Also, on that Sci-fi set, it would really mess up Magic canon and disrupt the fantasy aesthetic forever, but I want it really bad as well.
    WHAT IF, WotC released another TCG, playing like magic (with a few differences) IN SPACE?!?!?!
  • @HeroKP

    Uhm... Netrunner?
  • @Arceus8523

    I had no idea that was a thing. Might be on my list of new games to try! :)
  • Here is my top hopefuls:

    10. Return to Kaladesh with Tezzeret of course upsetting the balance there.
    9. Return to Alara
    8. Aftermath of the war on ravnica (a follow up and please, include some darn good citizen creatures!)
    7. Return to Kamigawa
    6. Return to Zendikar
    5. Return to Innistrad ( but dear GOD without the Eldrazis please)
    4. Return to Tarkir and somehow incorporate Niv Mizzet, Ugin, Nicol Bolas and Sarkhan into the lore of the set
    3. Return to Phyrexia, with Karn at his most powerful yet
    2. Return to Lorwyn

    And my number 1?

    1. Return to Theros, but more preferrably, the underworld of Theros (come on Elspeth, and maybe even possibly Gideon..?)

    I wouldn't mind another visit to Dominaria as well, almost forgot to include Dominaria on the list here.
    2. More eldrazi
    3. Return to Ixalan
    4. Return to zendikar
    5. An unset where someone breaks into the MTG computers and makes the cards all be the wrong colours
    6. Return to innistrad
    7. Return to Ahmonket
    8. Return to Ahmonket
    9. Return to Ahmonket
    10 Return to Ahmonket
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  • @Dom_Rocks
    You know Karn has specifically mentioned blowing up New Phyrexia in the recent lore, right?
  • Why is the image so big.
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    I want to see

    ZENDIKAR: Nissa, your elf ass promised to fix the eldrazi mess instead of helping against bolas and here we are...
    LORWYN: God, I hate humans.
    AMONKHET: So, how's Hazoret holding up against the horrors?
    A FULL SCI-FI PLANE: I mean, none of you has reached the space age with magic? Phyrexia doesn't count.
    NISSA GOING TO INNISTRAD'S MOON TO RELEASE EMRAKUL: Save this comment, this is going to happen.
    IXALAN DESTROYED BY THE PHYREXIANS: You know what I am talking about
  • I want everything. EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Appart from
    I most want more eldrazi.
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