Rise of the Strangewalkers

"In a strange and chaotic plane, ignorant of the others, a spark ignites. A spark which scrambles and shifts the very soul of a very special individual. A new planeswalker is born. The difference? This walker is no human, elf, or other creature that often receives the gift of a spark. This is a different species all on it's own; a unique addition to the multiverse. It is a Strangewalker, and it is time to prove it's worth."

In this challenge, you will be tasked with creating a planeswalker. The planeswalker can be of any colors, theme, etc., but there is one restriction: The walker cannot be the same race as any canon planeswalker in Mtg. For instance, you cannot make a dragon or vampire planeswalker, because Ugin and Sorin are canon characters in Mtg. Judging will begin on November 12.

Creativity 0/3
Balance 0/3
Artist Credit 0/2
Polish (all text fits on card, nothing overlaps, etc.) 0/2
Bonus point: Provide lore for your character. It can be as long or short as you like. Doing this will garner you an additional point for judging.

1. Must be an original character.
2. Must be an existing race in Mtg (Kavu, sliver, goblin); you cannot create a new race for your character.
3. No appropriate imagery.
4. One entry per person.

There will be one winner, who will receive 7 favorites of their choice.

You wield the power of a spark in your hand, and I'm curious to see who you'll give it to. Happy Smithing!


  • Quick question: can the character have been born as a member of an already "planeswalker-ed" race, but now be something different? For example, would you allow a Horror planeswalker that was originally a human?
  • Can it be an angel since I've heard they can't have sparks?
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    @MEGAElixer also, no appropriate imagery? Ugh darn! Can't believe I just broke the rules :(
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    Unfortunately I think this one has appropriate imagery.
  • image

    Arfis was once just a human, a genius mage, but still just a human. Living on the plane of Inistrad and being part of Edgar Markov's court was a great honor for the man, but as time passed by, his lord grew older and with age came the ever surging desire for immortality. Tasked to find a way to become immortal, Arfis set out to read every dusty tome of ancient knowledge and forbidden rituals or spells the plane had to offer.

    Than it happened and Arfis' life would never be the same again. One night, during a test of a certain ritual he had found, the mage actually managed to grant himself the immortality his lord and master desired so desperately. Alas, after enduring the excruciating pain that resulted from performing the ritual and casting it's final spell, the mage found himself complately flayed of all his flesh and skin, remaining as nothing but bare bones held together by ancient magic and sorcery.

    Obviously, this was not the kind of immortality his Lord; Edgar Markov desired and he was cast out of the court in shame. Driven mad by these circumstances, Arfis' spark ignited and he found himself on Dominaria...the plane of planes, the center of all of the multiverse's power...and its secrets.
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    Can't do it on the phone. Made it on an another site instead.

    Also it looks like a coochie monster tbh.

  • Are old cards allowed?
  • @Arceus8523 No old cards this time, sorry.
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    (Wait I thought this was a saga.)
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    EDIT: 0 should be a static ability.
  • Here's a new one that I don't think we will ever see, given the one plane the race appeared on was not very well liked.
    If it's not clear, she's meant to be a Kitsune, which in MTG terms, would be a Spirit
  • Good cards, everyone!
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/woolly-mammoth-adviser

    Was thinking about non-human walkers this morning actually.
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    A naga from an unknown plane, he seeks knowledge and power above all else, as so many do. He holds great prestige among his peers, and even has an almost cult-like following, who believes him to be the descendent of a long line of oracles and seers.

    Obsessed with learning all the secrets of his home plane, he came across texts that spoke of those who could traverse the very threads between the worlds themselves. Intrigued by the idea of a greater universe and the knowledge he could glean from countless worlds, he began seeking a way to open theses theoretical doors between the worlds.

    In his fervor, and after many years spent seeking his answers, he eventually learned of a spell to open a gateway into the Blind Eternities. Feeling the consuming void beyond, he gathered his followers together, "volunteering" those he deemed "worthy" enough to pass through into the beyond.

    However, the Blind Eternities are cold and uncaring, and each one of Noctupole's followers that passed through the gate was torn asunder. No matter what spells he cast, no matter how he fortified the minds and flesh of his people, Noctupole's devotees were all torn apart in the great emptiness beyond that gateway.

    After weeks of attempting to find a way through, his followers had finally lost their faith, and conspired to kill Noctupole. As they assailed him, Noctupole cut down follower after follower, until they had driven him back to the edge of the portal he had opened.

    With no escape, and death quite certain, Noctupole threw himself into the gateway, choosing to die by his own action, rather than to be torn apart by those who had once pledged their loyalty.

    However, as he braced himself for the violent end he had seen so many others suffer, a magic erupted inside of him, and his spark ignited. Doors stood before him. Elated, and filled with renewed vigor and curiosity, he opened the first door, and found himself on the dragon ruled plane of Tarkir.
  • I know that he's something that exists... just not sure which would be most fitting...
    Might I introduce you to my man, Jack!
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    For the record, here are the existing races of planeswalkers:
    -Leonin (Anthropomorphic cat)
    -Nightmare (Or whatever the heck Ashiok is)
    -Viashino (unnamed, no associated card, meantioned in WAR lore)
    -Ogre (unnamed, no associated card, meantioned in WAR lore)
    -Aven (unnamed, no associated card, meantioned in WAR lore)
    -Dragonblood/Draconic human (no associated card)
    -Sphinx (no planeswalker card, creature card depicting character)
    -Elemental (no associated card)
    -Dobéhma (no associated card)
    -Dwarf (no associated card)
  • Great work!
    @Arceus8523 thanks for the list! It'll definitely help!
  • @MEGAElixer

    So what is the rule on planeswalkers without associated cards?
  • @Arceus8523 Even though it isn't a card, it still is canon in the game's lore, and is therefore illegal
  • Whats a dobEhma?
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    Here's my entry:
    In life, Nakkai was a powerful sorcerer who worked his way to the top of a local kingdom. While his intentions may have been good to begin with, he was a full-blown tyrant by the time he took the thrown, believing that everyone in the kingdom should bow to him and his ideas. This didn't take well with the populace, and a group of conspirators eventually made their way to his bedchambers one night and killed him.
    However, Nakkai had prepared for such a thing, protecting his life force with powerful magic in the event of such an occurrence. The only thing he didn't count on was the ignition of his spark by the rage he felt when the conspirators mortally wounded him. He was their king after all, and they had no right to kill their king.
    After a period of unconciousness, Nakkai awoke on an unfamiliar plane, his body not quite destroyed thanks to the protective magics he had cast on himself. Smiling without lips, he rose to his feet and began his domination of this new plane, and all others like it, with the help of his magic.
    In game terms, Nakkai would probably be a Zombie, since all liches (which Nakkai is) are Zombies.
  • @Arceus8523 you forgot Devil (Tibalt), maybe Aetherborn (Vronos sure looks like one), and Eldrazi (the Wanderer)
  • @fiskerton I'm pretty sure the Wanderer is human
  • Theres a theory its Emrakul, or at least a projection of Emrakul, and I choose to believe that until WotC says otherwise.
  • you know what? that's a solid theory
  • @MEGAElixer
    Should Zombie be included due to Elspeth?

    Devil has been added. I did not add aetherborn because we know Vronos wears a mask, so his species is concealed and I did not add Eldrazi due to the fact that The Wanderer takes a humanoid form and has no confirmed species otherwise.
  • Another interesting theory about the Wanderer is that she is Narset from the Khans of Tarkir timeline. That Narset 'died offscreen,' as it were, so her spark might have ignited. Also, Sarkhan knows her, which could fit in with this, and her magic lore-wise is the manipulation of kinetic energy, which is a very Jeskai thing. Just another mindless theory, but I also like the Emrakul one.
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