The Phobia Challenge



  • Scopophobia - The fear of being seen or stared at by others.
  • Santaphobia: The fear of Santa Claus. I was surprised to find this, although it isn’t on the list you gave us. Is that okay?

  • @shadow123, yes that's fine. the list was only a starting guideline
  • @zephyr6066, you gave a list? What happened to good old fashioned research?
  • @Ranshi, I only provided a list with basic information, figuring out the phobia itself and how to represent it is up to the smith.
  • Decidophobia: Fear of making choices
    Spectrophobia: Fear of mirrors and reflections
    *Reads contest's rules a bit closer*
    Wait, no mention of Un/joke cards?
    *queue maniacal laugh*
    Nomophobia: The fear of being without a phone

    I originally didn't intend for them to all be blue, but given blue is the most common color for control and copying, it kinda just turned out that way.
  • @theran_baggins, that works out perfectly for me; I'm working on a Custom Grixis Curse Deck.
  • Didaskalainophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of going to school.

    Atychiphobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of failure.
    This one was a little too real for me; not because I suffer from it, although I am paranoid of my failings, but rather, because I was working on it when I got news back from my early decision school... I didn't get in... Come to think of it, both of these phobias are rather topical...
  • Ablutophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of bathing.
    I know this is technically an old card, but I edited it yesterday to be completely different!

    Acrophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of heights.
    Just as was the case with Ablutophobia, this is an old card that got revamped yesterday.

    Agliophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of pain.
    Same note as the others.

    Achluophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of darkness.
    Another oldie reimagined.

    Lygophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of dark places.
    This is one of the only two exceptions to the trend of this post.

    Nyctophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of the night.
    This one being the other exception.

    Aichmophobia - The intense or otherwise irrational fear of needles and sharp objects.
  • edited December 2019

    Atelephobia - The fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough.
  • Ok, This contest is now closed, I will take some time to judge and post the winners tomorrow or the day after. Thanks all for participating! :D
  • First entry!

  • @Xero0, hate to break it to you, but @zephyr6066 already closed the challenge.
  • riiiiip

    I had this card in mind for a while but I just didnt know what mana cost it should have, also was super busy for 2 days lmao

    well, what's done is done haha
  • What a great contest! I'll whip up something for sesquipedalophobia (fear of long words) and phonophobia (fear of phobias).
  • It would help if I noticed it was closed.

    @zephyr6066 Is there time today to make a last minute entry?
  • @madsrokie, phobophobia is the fear of phobias, not phonophobia.
  • @madstokie, I feel like letting you submit something late would not be fair to the other cardsmiths. If you want to submit something for consideration as an honorable mention, I will accept that. I can delay posting the results for another day if you want to do that.
  • @madstokie I thought fear of long words was Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  • @zephyr6066 Thank you for replying. I entirely understand your stance on this contest and I appreciate you getting back to me :D

    I don't want you to delay other results for the sake of waiting for me but I appreciate the sentiment! Please let me know if you do something similar in the future!

    @KorandAngels There are 2 versions of the phobia of long words, you chose the longer one! I was fearful that my preferred longer version wouldn't fit the card title if I went with it :D
  • The longer one doesn't fit. I've tried.
  • Sorry for this being late, but RL took precedence. But I'm here now so its time is here to announce the winners! DRUMROLL PLEASE

    Honorable Mentions (in no particular order (1 favorite each)):



    And now the official placements:

    Third place (2 favorites): @Benw

    Second Place (3 favorites): @Sorinjace

    And the first place win goes to... (5 favorites)


    Additional prizes (1 favorite each):

    Best flavor overall: @Shadow123

    Best flavor text: @Theran_baggins

    Chaos pick (a randomly chosen entry): @Theran_baggins

    Congratulations to all winners and thanks for participating. If you have specific card you want me to favorite, please link them below. If not, I shall just pick my own favorites. I'll be doing this sometime tomorrow or the day after so let me know soon!

    Happy Holidays! ^_^
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    WOOT! Thank's for the contest and HM...please like anything from my Planechase set,
  • Favorite whatever you like.
  • @zephyr6066
    Thank you for hosting the contest, and for the honorable mentions!
    Ironic that the randomly "chosen" honorable mention is Decidophobia (fear of choices)
    Just need to clarify, do I pick 2 favorites or 1 (since I got 2 honorable mentions)?
  • @Theran_baggins, you get 1 each, so 2 favorites total ^_^
  • @zephyr6066 Looks like I'm too late -- but one funny thing is, Wizards actually has printed another phobia -- your example, too, Agoraphobia. That said, it's a pretty flavorless card compared to yours, so good on you for improving that forgotten card all the way back from Gatecrash.

  • @SteampunkDragon, huh didn't know that, thanks lol
  • @zephyr6066 Yeah there's also an old one called Mortiphobia, but that's not even a real thing, so...
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