Perfect Pauper (Contest)

If you are not already aware, pauper is a game format where your deck is made out of only cards printed as commons, including land. 60 card decks with optional 15 card sideboards. Can include up to 4 copies of any one card(not including basic land cards)

For this contest I would like to see each of you make realistic cards that I would want to play with. I want these cards to be balanced and creative. Please doublecheck to make sure you are not copying an existing MTG card.

No funny/unglued cards.
Up to 5 entries per person. Three of these can be old if desired.
No reprints of existing MTGCS or MTG cards.
Try to be as creative and unique as you can while still being balanced.
No MTG artwork.
YOU MUST CREDIT THE ARTIST any entry that do not credit the artist will be disqualified.
(Rules subject to change.)

Prizes are these:
Everyone: One favorite of your choice just for entering.
3rd place: Three favorites of your choice.
2nd place: Three favorites of your choice and a follow.
1st place: Four favorites of your choice and a follow.

Deadline for entries: Sunday March 8, 2020.


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