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    @ArchieTaylor - Seems very similar to an old mechanic of mine named Specialty:
  • I have not read through the entire forum yet but here are two abilities I made that I have used occasionally, hopefully they don't overlap to much with other abilities.

    Headbang X (When this creature fights another creature, it gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the number referred to on the card.)

    Relentless (When this creature attacks or blocks, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn for every other combat it attacked or blocked in.)
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    Mechanics I'm using for my cards. Hopefully they don't overlap with other abilities.

    Opportunist (cost) (If an opponent attacks with two or more creatures, you may cast this spell for its opportunist cost and you may cast it as if it had flash.) 

    Aggressor (Whenever this creature attacks, create a red 1/1 goblin creature token with "This creature can't block" tapped and attacking the same target as this creature.)

    Profuse is a keyword that grants bonus effects to spells or permanents if you have five +1/+1 counters among all permanents you control.
  • _______ Speciality (You may only have this card in your deck if your commander is ______)
    Obviously only works in a commander or brawl format.
  • Ostracize N (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player exiles N permanents they control.)

    It's basically Annihilator except it forces exile instead of sacrifice.
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    Rider's hand (When blocked by a creature without flying or rider's hand, it gains +1/+0 and trample.)

    It's a middle ground between flying and not-flying. It's meant to represent cavalry in a world of infantry, cavalry, and air power.
  • Etherealize {cost} (You may cast this spell for its etherealize cost. If you do, it enters the battlefield as an enchantment instead of any other permanent type.)

    Example: (I apologize for the formatting, it was the best I could do.)
    The Eternal Pyre
  • My Mechanics:

    Tangle X- When this creature attacks tap X target non-flying creatures that defending player controls.

    Profess- When you cast a spell this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn

    Burrows- This creature can't be blocked by flying creature and/or creatures that share it's colors

  • Firestarter X {cost}- If you cast this spell for it's firestarter cost, you may copy it X times. Choose new targets.
  • Phew! It’s been a long time since I came on mtgcardsmith and a lot of changes have been made!

    I just made a new mechanic called mystical:

    Mystical (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw half of that many cards, rounded up.)

    This is my example card:
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    [Basic Land Type]Shape </i>(Whenever this creature attacks and isn't blocked, tap target [Basic land type] Defending player controls.)</i>
  • Aftershock - You may exile this spell as it resolves. If you do, (effect)

    Breaching Infinity
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    My homebrew mechanic, Ready! It works similar to Monstrosity or Adapt. 

    Ready: {m}. (If this creature is not readied, it becomes readied. Readied creatures have vigilance. A creature that's readied untaps at the beginning of your end step.)

    Here's a link to a demonstration of a card with ready if ya wanna check it out;

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    Slide (When attacking, only cards with Haste or Vigilance can block it and only a second blocker deals damage to it)

    Regrowth (When blocked, double power, when blocking, double toughness)

    Servant (When a Planeswalker owned by you is
    in play, halve this cards power and halve all loyalty/mana costs)

    Support (This Creature cannot attack but, if tapped with another card, it will add its power)

    Luck (If blocking, flip a coin. If heads, the attacker deals no damage)

    Unluck (If blocking, flip a coin. If heads, the attacker deals double damage)

    Corruption (Every time this card attacks, flip a coin. If heads, flip again. If tails, stop. On the second flip, if heads, exile two cards and give the card attacked Corruption)
  • @LoL_NOOB I would consider changing Pacifist to something else... like Supporter or Mob up.... a Pacifist shouldn't support violence
  • @Corwinnn yea that makes sense, I was just thinking it as them giving their strength to allies in a life or death situation, but ill change it.
  • This mechanic has probably been said in another way, but I recently created the mechanic singular.

    Singular (This creature can't be blocked by more than one creature)
  • I made that one. But someone probably made it before me too.
  • Hunger {cost} (If you reveal this card from your hand or library, you may play it for it's hunger cost)
  • Bonds with {creature type}(When this spell enters the battlefield, you may choose a {creature type}.These two creatures are bonded).
  • Feat(This spell costs {1} or one of any color less to cast
    for each legendary creature on the battlefield.)

  • Enlighten N(As long as you have N or more non-land spells in your graveyard, you may put N +1/+1 counters on this creature and it becomes enlightened.)
    Similar to monstrosity.
  • remember a legendary {creature subtype, or just creature in general} (Exile a {subtype} you control. It becomes remembered.)
    Similar to imprint
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  • @joemamajoe Clash is already the name of a real mechanic from the Lorwyn block.
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  • Having two mechanics with similar names will likely get confusing.
  • Crowd's delight-As long as your opponent controls more tapped creatures than you, ******************************
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