Villainy *Circuit Challenge*



  • antiheros are not nessesarely bad or antagonistic

    villains are either one of those
  • An antihero, while generally good, lacks heroic characteristics (courage, idealism, morality, etc.) but isn't neccesarily bad, while a villain willingly does evil acts for a specific purpose, even if that reason seems noble (a lot of it is about the lengths they go to). An example of an antihero would be Frodo Baggins or the Man With No Name from the Dollars Trilogy, while an example of a villain would be Palpatine or the Joker.

  • This is Oras, the God of Light that Nyra and Vincent are reveling against

    As it is the nature of all the gods in the plane Oras seeks to improve, protect, and expand his domain, his domain is that of light in all it's forms; with this while all the gods have followings he is the only one of the gods that has stablished a society that he rules over, and while many of the people within it are happy he is hiding from them secrets.

    When a soldier dies in combat he brings them back, or so he says, in truth he cant bring back the dead, he controls life but cant create it, he can illuminate what already is and can create many things, but he cant recreate what already is or used to be.
    The people he brings back are souless copies that seek only to follow him and make the people arround them happy, they might look and act like those lost, but they arent perfect copies, and they dont truly feel like the ones you used to know.

    Furthermore as his nature is to protect his domain he has gone to extreme messures to protect the land and the people he governs over, sending squads of angels to slaughter nearby groups that could pose threats and killing and replacing anyone that he sees as problematic in his society.

    He seeks to bring happyness and prosperity to his people, but he does so only from his nature, and he fails to understand the mistake in his methods.
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    Here is my submission:
  • Does it need to be civilised. Can it just be a monster?
  • @KingWatherton - Any kind of Villain is acceptable
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    Nurtea comes from a plane ravaged by a calamity called The Withering. She is now encouraging its spread, viewing it as nature’s cleansing fire of humans and their greed. Mechanically, she can use her activated ability to make a creature lethal and help it die to ramp your mana.

    Elva is a priestess of Serra who deceitfully claims to be Serra reborn. She spreads her lying gospel among the citizens of Benalia as a way to get more followers to the church, even if they are blind to the truth. Mechanically, Elva becomes a Serra angel as long as enough creatures “believe” her lies.

    Izylix is an Izzet Chemister who will stop at nothing to execute the perfect experiment, no matter the chaos it causes. Mechanically, he turns instants and sorceries into dangers to each permanent type (and even himself) symmetrically, representing the wanton destruction he wreaks.
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    This is Autumn
     She's a lonesome bard that seeks out connection, yet she hasnt found anyone in her life that she could truly connect with Her wish for connection and her skill for bardic magic (specially emotional control magic) has led her to come across another individual that wishes to put her skills to use She'd be a sort of minor antagonist working for this individual in the story she'd be a part of, using her music magic to fight against the main characters
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    So I made up a few of these for this contest. The first is the idea of an angel created by a corrupt church. Since white is the color of ultra-authoritarianism, I went with such a theme when creating this creature.

    I also went with a shady prime minister who serves one of the factions in my D&D homebrew campaign. Went with white-blue for this

    But when you want a classic villain that isn't black, you can't go wrong with a dragon.
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    I wanted to make an evil character that wasn't legendary:
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    Harbinger of NatureHarbinger of FireHughe, Harbinger of Order
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  • @Fantastickill7 I've a suspicion that Zatio doesn't fit the conditions of the contest by dint of having a partially black color identity.

  • My first villain is a relative of everyone's favorite mono-blue planeswalker. Raised by Alhammarret as a replacement for Jace after his disappearance.
    forgot to include the link to my card earlier

    My third villain is one who plots the return of natures glory and uses his mastery over plants to keep his opponents bound.
  • For my third entry I give you a white knight who's one goal is to imprison everyone who has even come close to breaking a single law.
  • Entry 2:
    A soldier on Ikoria hellbent on eradicating the monsters from the land, good or bad.
  • Kragix Chaos Doubler

    Not original art, but I loved the idea of a commander centered around a specific number. Basically just a goblin from Lorwyn/Shadowmoor who wants total anarchy among the goblins.
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