Heroes with a dash of Black **CIRCUIT CHALLENGE**

So recently a challenge has just ended that involved creating a villain that had no black whatsoever.


So that got me thinking, what is it with there being generally very little heroes in Black? With the chart in Villainy, you can see there is very little representation of Black in heroes.

So now that comes to here, what I want you to do is create a character that fits the "Hero" role with Black in their CMC, if you feel like that the card itself doesn't fully display what makes your character "Good", feel free to provide a paragraph-or-two worth of work into it. I sure do love reading.


  • Must have Black in its CMC.
  • Must have the traits of a "Hero", if you can't fully show that with the card, write.
  • NO Unset cards.
  • NO WUBRG cards.
  • Maximum of Three submissions.
  • Only one of those submissions can be an old card (Month+).


Out of 6: Balance (This is self-explanatory, is it OP or no?)

Out of 5: Flavor (Does the Mechanics fit with the card?)

Out of 4: Formatting (Does it talk and look organized like an actual MTG card?)

Out of 4: Interesting-ness (Black Heroes are interesting, because of the seemingly clash-y nature between Black and being a Hero, does your character have meat to the backbone of their story?)

Out of 3: Ingenuity (Does it do interesting things with its mechanics?)

You will get extra points assigned to you by how many colors are added:

Mono-Black: 5

Second Color: 4

Third Color: 3

Fourth Color: 2

Additional Help:

Do you find it hard to think up a good Hero character with Black in it? Exactly, that is the point I am making with this challenge, but no worries, I have some extra things that you can read to think up something good.

https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Millennial_King - Surprisingly amazing example on both how you can have good Liches and good Heroes with Black in them.

Toshiro Umezawa from Betrayers of Kamigawa 

Selenia from Weatherlight (Ish, she allowed herself to be struck by Crovax in the end)

Maralen from Morningtide

Frodo Baggins (He decides to use the One Ring while knowing its harmful power in certain circumstances, making him a Black/Green or White/Black character)


Submissions will be closed on April 30th.


If I already followed you, you get an extra Favorite

1st Place: 5 Favorites, a Follow and 1 CP

2nd Place: 4 Favorites, a Follow and 3/4 CP

3rd Place: 3 Favorites, a Follow and 1/2 CP

Honorable Mentions: 1/4 CP


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    Old entry, one of my first cards made.

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    @EnvyReaper May I enter an old card?
  • @shadow123

    Uhm, do you mean me? Because if you do I made sure to update the Rules section
  • @EnvyReaper Sorry! I did mean you! Thanks for catching that :)
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    Old Entry:

    Reha Lonely Hero
  • Remember, you get more points for the less colors you have, try creating a mono-black hero

  • This is an older card that was remade with the Legendary Frame
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    @EnvyReaper Like this or how?

  • Here's my card.
    If you can't tell, he basically kills a guy, gets sad, decides to fight for good, dies, then in the underworld destroys his soul to save a friend, friends get upset and fight harder.Might make this into a set.

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    Here's my mono-black hero:

    Aaron has lost all appreciation for himself and is willing to undergo any pain to avenge his fallen brothers. His goal is wholly selfless and heroic, but he has become aligned with black as he will now allow nothing to stand between him and the eradication of those who wronged him. Aaron no longer sees individual actions as right or wrong, he is fueled by death around him and his own pain in his effort to bring down those who dared wrong him and his own. He strives above all else to gain unstoppable power and repay his enemies at any cost.
  • Now this'll be hard!  :D
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Good, keep going.

    I would recommend that you heavily fix up this card, there are many formatting issues, rarity issues, and general headaches will follow if you try to build something involving this guy.
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    Here's my old card:

       Ennara Solemn Warrior
    Ennara is a traveling hexblade. Her society has a prophecy that, once they leave, hexblades will never return. She believes that the prophecy is false, and intends to see that through. At present, she helps other wandering warriors to protect the kingdom she currently lives in, providing minor spellcraft in addition to aerial mastery.

     Now onto my new cards:

    Netk Prying-Eyes
     As a goblin, Netk is motivated by greed and glory. However, he's found that helping people lets him fulfill both needs, and he puts his skills to good use in order to keep fulfilling them.

    Miriam Mistress of the Dead
    As a child, Miriam was somewhat of a pariah, even before she discovered her abilities. She was shunned for a time after she discovered that she could raise the dead, but she convinced the people in her hometown that her gift could be used to help around town, eventually rejoining society as a useful worker.
  • image Etzz is a travelling healer on a post-apocalyptic world.
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    Oh this should be fun.


    A young man of the Kresnik Empire once studied under the noted mage Beld Yaniv. Though he had a reputation for being a self-serving trickster, his aptitude and moral center made him a favored student of Yaniv. He studied with Yaniv for many years, eventually meeting a fellow mage who would become his wife. It would not last, as his life came crashing down when assassins, sent by a mysterious group of dark mages known as the Amethyst Society, murdered Yaniv and his students. The young mage found himself the only survivor. His wife dead, his life destroyed, and his spark ignited.

    Armed with the knowledge of many worlds, the young mage, taking the pseudonym Barolden Vandroiy, seeks vengeance against the Amethyst Society by infiltrating the society itself, learning its dark techniques, and using those magics against them. Having learned of the Amethyst Society's deep influence in the Kresnik Empire, Barloden now seeks to slay its enigmatic leader and tear the society down, or if that's not possible, take control of the society itself and use its influence to better Kresnik.

    (Sadly I couldn't find the artist. Even with reverse image search. If anyone knows, please tell me.)


    The Knights of Roses are a secretive order in the Elondel Sanctum. They are known among their fellow elves for being dour, grim, and unnerving. Their use of black magic has made them recluses among their kind, but their duty to Elondel remains unshakeable, and stories of their heroic charges against enemies of the elves are well known throughout Elondel.

  • There once was a man named Grevin, his whole life he trained to be the best. By the time he was 16 he was the greatest swordsman the land had ever seen. One day he set out on a quest to protect a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom from a dark threat. On his way to the village he met a woman who offered him water to drink, at first he refused, but when the woman insisted, his thirst got the better of him-for he had drunk nothing all day-he took the vessel of water and drank his fill. After he had drunk more water than he could hold he bade the woman farewell and marched on. When he reached the village he was surprised to find nobody waiting to greet him. Curious he went to the inn at the center of the village and went in. Inside it was dark and had a cold musty feeling of a place long abandoned. Now he was wary and drew his sword. He moved on to the next house and found it the same. Soon he had searched ever house in the village. Then looking up he saw a dark shape in the sky, as the shape drew near he saw that it was a raven. He backed away, for everyone knew that ravens were a sign of bad fortune and evil. Before he had gone two steps, the bird let out a long bone chilling cry and suddenly there were hundreds of the vile things swarming around him crying those high piercing shrieks. Then someone said something unintelligible. And the ravens broke away and vanished into the distance. Looking around Grevin saw who had spoken, it was the woman who had given him water on the road. "You!" He cried shocked. "Who are you, and what is your business here?" He asked once he had found his tongue again. "I am Viressino, Queen of Ravens" She replied in a unperturbed voice. "Are you the reason this village called for help?" Demanded Grevin. "Perhaps" was her reply. "Were are the villagers?" Asked Grevin, "they are close, ready to act if I should wish it." Suddenly a thought created it's way into Grevin head What if, those birds are the villagers? The woman named Viressino looked at him "So, you have figured out what has befallen those vile villagers, what is about to befall you!" She finished her sentence with a yell and suddenly Grevin felt his whole body tense and then fall limp. He forced himself to move, grabbing his sword with hands that felt like jelly, he charged the woman and ran her threw with his blade. Surprised the woman fell on her back staring at her stomach in shocked disbelief. "How...?" she croaked, then fell limp. Exhausted Grevin fell to the ground. Then he jerked back, there was a reddish black mist rising from the woman's dead body, he got up unsteadily and backed away slowly, his foot hit a rock and he fell. Immediately the mist sped toward him. It seeped into his skin like water into cloth. Suddenly he became aware of everything around him. Ravens were perched on the roofs of houses waiting patiently, Why are they here? He thought to himself. "We await your command great master." Said one of the ravens. To shocked at the raven speaking to think he said "Go, leave me." They all few away. From that day on the ravens listened to him and did what he said. At first he was scared, than amazed. But at the first village he visited after this event he found that his eyes were blood red. People ran screaming from his face. So he left and went up to the mountains to live in solitude away from human life forever. But one day a man came up to him and said "Grevin, we need your help." And Grevin sat and listened to all the man said and replied "Alright, when do we leave?"
    And so Grevin took to helping all in need with the help of his raven companions. And his ability to see death.
    Sorry for the super long backstory

    Here's the card.
  • Entry 1:

    As a demon, Sevra is obviously black-aligned. As a lesser demon, various archdemons enjoyed tormenting him, sometimes deriving more fun from it than tormenting good-aligned beings. Eventually, he managed to escape the torment, and being planning revenge. He slowly accumulated power through unknown sources until he was strong enough, then went back to those archdemons to enact vengeance. After doing so, rather than taking their position of power, he left, sick of torment because of his own experiences with it.
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    Solitary means: "Spells and abilities that would affect all or each permanent of any of this permanent's types do not affect this permanent. This includes effects that would affect all permanents."

  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/foland-and-derris-strohn?list=set&set=47261
    This is an old card of mine but it immediately came to mind while I was reading the rules. Foland and Derris Strohn are two brothers, exiled from their home for crimes they did not commit. While they resent the City that wronged them, they do not wish to see it burned to the ground by the dragons that seek its riches. As such they defend it the best they can from the outskirts.
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    My second hero is an old artificer. In his younger years, he studied the dark arts of necromancy in secret. Naturally he ran into some real trouble when his practice of the art was discovered. Now, in his old age he's mastered an art of his own. He can bind souls of the recently departed to a puppet or mannequin to give the dying a second chance at life. Some people think his art is no better than foul necromancy. However, for every ten naysayers, there is one widowed housewife, or a few orphaned children thanking him, with tears in their eyes, for keeping their loved ones with them.
  • Rand al'Thor was a shepherd in a small village, little did he know that he was Lews Therin reborn in the flesh. But when the Dark One sent his minions to destroy him, he left his village and soon found he could channel the male half of the true source. When he discovered this he despaired, because the Dark One had tainted the male half of the true source and whoever used it would slowly go mad. He begins overthrowing the dark friend rulers and uniting the nations against the Dark One. Eventually he becomes so harsh and heartless that he is a terror to all those around him. When he discovers this he breaks, and discovers that making oneself hard inside is not the way to win. He must open his heart to all those around him and love all mankind. In the end he defeats the dark one but must die in the process. But is reborn again in a knew body.

    That was the brief version of 13 books worth of story.
  • The above card is depicting him when he was cold and heartless not caring about anything but destroying the Dark One.

  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/damien-planar-thief
    Dack Fayden? Never heard of him. Damien is the new "greatest thief in the multiverse." His hobbies include fine dining, wine tasting, oh and stealing powerful artifacts from under the noses of the multiverse's most powerful villains. Damien doesn't have any plans for these powerful items other than playing a never ending game of "keep away" with the multiverse's biggest and baddest.
  • Nine more days!
  •      Sqoo-At was a part of a big gang back in Fellhaven, where he helped with robbery, framing, and the occasional assassination. He was one of the best bow-lins there, however, when his title was challenged, he chickened out, making it out of the gang.  Sqoo-At was, of course, wounded after the little fiasco, and went into the Ring of Vitality to die in shame. As he was waiting for a big animal to tear him apart he heard a bush rustle and, curious, went to investigate. It was a human, and suddenly his instincts kicked in.
         Sqoo-At was now hanging by his ankle in a tree, with the human nearby. The human's name was Auros. Auros accounted for his expert thievery skills, and let him go. The human later hired Sqoo-At as a assassin, hunter, and distraction, and they became great friends. 
         However, when the Gate to the Abyss was opened, Auros was drafted into the war, and Sqoo-At never saw him again. He was determined to find him, dead or alive. He was such a friend that he left the Ring, traveled many miles, and accidentally saved the plane, just to find his friend and bury him.

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