New unnamed set based on the theme of bad "Good Guys" and good "Bad Guys" (feedback welcome)

Hello, cardsmiths!

I'm still a newb cardsmith, but I've spent hours poring through your AMAZING tutorials on custom card-building and mechanics and EVERYTHING.  I've been drinking the info in like a thirsty Sorin.  So I've come to a roadblock, and I was looking for some feedback, suggestions, collab ... whatever you're willing to give! 

I had been trying to come up with a new mechanic where I had "color-flavored +1/+1 counters", but I realized that mechanic is just too weird for many reasons. 

So I went back to the drawing board and tried to figure out what I was really wanting the flavor to be, and I realized that I was trying to make an opponent's creatures suffer a detrimental effect if you put +1/+1 counters on THEIR creatures.  That made me think of putting -1/-1 counters on my OWN creatures for a beneficial effect.

And that's just TOO many new counters and mechanics for one set. 

Which brought me to the idea that planeswalker emblems might be better permanents to affect the game-altering mechanic I was looking for.

So, in the flavor of "The Boys" or "Injustice" or "Leverage", I came up with five planeswalkers who used to be good, but their arrogance or pettiness (or some other tragic flaw) has corrupted their goodness.  And there are also five planeswalkers who used to be on the wrong side of things, but who have had some sort of transformative experience to make them use their darkness for good.

I'd love to expand on that idea by making some commons, uncommons, sorceries, instants, etc. that would go with these guys and fit into their stories.  These planeswalkers were all former guildmembers in Ravnica, but they all ended up in a splinter mirror plane of Ravnica which is as yet unnamed.



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